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Nicholas Clay: Lancelot



  • Arthur : Move aside! This is the king's road - and the knights you joined arms against were his very own.

    Lancelot : I await the king himself. His knights are in need of training.

    Arthur : I am King. And this

    [draws the sword] 

    Arthur : , is Excalibur, sword of kings from the dawn of time. Who are you? What do you seek?

    Lancelot : I am Lancelot of the Lake, from across the sea. And I have yet to find a king worthy of my sword.

    Arthur : That is a wild boast. You lack a knight's humility!

    Lancelot : Not a boast, sir. But a curse. For I have never met my match in joust or duel.

    Arthur : Move aside!

    Lancelot : I will not. You must retreat, or prove your worth in the test of arms under the eyes of God.

    Arthur : Then may He give me the strength to unhorse you. And send you with one blow, back across the sea.

    Lancelot : Then come across, sir.

  • [Arthur and Lancelot are fighting at their first encounter] 

    Lancelot : Your rage has unbalanced you. You, sir, would fight to the death, against a knight who is not your enemy. Over a stretch of road you could easily ride around.

    Arthur : So be it. To the death!

  • Lancelot : [Lancelot unhorses Arthur, then approaches him still on horseback with his lance held out]  Yield sir, I have the advantage.

    Arthur : [in a fit of absolute rage]  I will not! Fight me from your horse or on foot, but fight me, your avoidance mocks me!

    Lancelot : I sought only not to harm you.

    [knocks Arthur to the ground] 

  • Arthur : Thanks be to God you're alive.

    Lancelot : I, the best Knight in the world bested! This is a great day! For my search is over, my King. Make me your champion.

    Arthur : But your life and lands are far from here.

    Lancelot : I gave up my castle and my lands. This is my domain. Within this metal skin. And I pledge all that I still own. Muscle, bone, blood and the heart that pumps it.

    Arthur : And a great heart it is. Sir Lancelot, you will be my champion.

  • Lancelot : [Fatally wounded]  Arthur. Forgive.

    Arthur : Lancelot.

    Lancelot : My salvation is to die a Knight of the Round Table.

    Arthur : You are that. And much more. You are its greatest Knight. You are what is best in men.

    Lancelot : It is the old wound my King. It has never healed. Guinevere. Is she Queen again?

    Arthur : She is Lancelot.

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