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  • Possibly. That would explain her shy, hesitant response to his seducing her with the Eye of the Serpent, the red jewel they'd stolen.

  • Due to Britain's strong policy regarding animal violence several scenes involving horses have been cut for the British release of this Schwarzenegger classic. In addition, the sex scene has been altered as well.

    The Extended Version of the movie, which has been released in the US contains old footage, renewed and integrated into the movie. The effort goes to show, because through these new scenes, the film gets much more complexity, especially in the otherwise rather boring ending.

  • Doom hypnotized her with his calm gaze and she was rendered defenseless.

    Expanded: One could go on a limb and use the wizard's first rule: "one believes what s/he wants to believe". His mother wanted desperately to believe that her son will be spared. So Thulsa Doom communicated that with his gaze. Note that he turns his back to assure her and only then he strikes.

  • Yes but only on the US Blu-ray an Extended Cut is featured that differs from the known Extended Version. While the old US DVD is identical to the Extended Cut of the UK Blu-ray, they changed back an alteration between theatrical version and the Extended Cut for the US Blu-ray. In other words, the US Blu-ray features at a certain point an alternative scene of the theatrical version, while the old US DVD and the new UK Blu-ray contain the alternative scene of the Extended Version.

    In addition, the UK Blu-ray shows either the additionally censored UK version of the Extended Cut or the uncensored version, depending on the settings of the Blu-ray player.

  • The Conan chronicles took place in a fictional land called Hyboria, an invention of author Robert E. Howard himself. There are plenty of maps on the web, look in Google Images search & you'll find one. Hyboria itself resembles a strange amalgamation of the continents of Europe, Asia and Africa minus the Mediterranean Sea. Conan's homeland, Cimmeria, seems to be right where Germany exists today. The land that the witch Conan sleeps with speaks of during sex, Zamora, is southeast of Cimmeria.

  • The skeleton was an Atlantean general.

  • In the Making of Conan documentary on the DVD. Ed Pressman stated that he had seen Pumping Iron, the feature length documentary about Arnold's days as a champion body builder and Arnold had become a household name and had thought Conan was the perfect role for Arnold.


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