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Sex & Nudity

  • A woman is shown breast feeding her baby. Her breasts and nipples are visible.
  • A young woman and a little boy are seen walking nude down the beach together. Their bare buttocks and the side of the breasts of the woman are seen.
  • Several of the Goddesses discuss how so many women have attracted Zeus and how he has seduced and had sex with them and even tried to seduce the Goddess of the Sea.
  • The Gorgan Medusa is half snake and half woman. We see her breasts and nipples as Perseus and his guards try to kill her. (it's all fake, but it is still nudity).
  • A girl is seen emerging from her bath. She walks nude (Breasts, partial view of her right nipple for about 2 seconds, bare buttocks for a few seconds) through a hallway as two servant girls clothe her wet body.

Violence & Gore

  • Violence in this film is in a fantasy sense, but includes some gore: one monster character has his hand cut off in a fight scene, and another monster is decapitated by a sword. The corpse is shown oozing blood from the neck. A person is shown burnt at the stake, although the actual burning is not shown, just the afterward effect.


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • In the opening scene, a mother and her infant son, both living, are locked into a coffin, which is cast into the sea. When the statue of Thetis' head is on the floor "staring" at the audience might frighten young viewers especially when it opens its eyes.
  • Medusa may scare some younger viewers.

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