Body Heat (1981) Poster


William Hurt: Ned Racine



  • Matty : [to Ned]  You aren't too smart, are you? I like that in a man.

    Ned : What else do you like? Lazy? Ugly? Horny? I got 'em all.

    Matty : You don't look lazy.

  • Ned : Maybe you shouldn't dress like that.

    Matty : This is a blouse and a skirt. I don't know what you're talking about.

    Ned : You shouldn't wear that body.

  • Ned : You can stand here with me if you want but you'll have to agree not to talk about the heat.

    Matty : I'm a married woman.

    Ned : Meaning what?

    Matty : Meaning I'm not looking for company.

    Ned : Then you should have said I'm a happily married woman.

  • Ned : I need someone to take care of me, someone to rub my tired muscles, smooth out my sheets.

    Matty : Get married.

    Ned : I just need it for tonight.

  • Ned : How's the cop business, Oscar?

    Oscar : Real good. Always starts hopping in weather like this. When it gets this hot, people try to kill each other.

  • Ned : Can I buy you a drink?

    Matty : I told you. I've got a husband.

    Ned : I'll buy him one too.

    Matty : He's out of town.

    Ned : My favorite kind. We'll drink to him.

    Matty : Only comes up on weekends.

    Ned : I'm liking him better all the time.

  • Matty : Would you get me a paper towel or something? Dip it in some cold water.

    Ned : Right away. I'll even wipe if off for you.

    Matty : You don't want to lick it?

  • Matty : What are you doing in Pine Haven?

    Ned : I'm no yokel, I was all the way to Miami once.

  • Ned : Sometimes the shit comes down so heavy I feel like I should wear a hat.

  • Ned : Hey lady, ya wanna fuck?

    Mary Ann : Gee, I don't know. Maybe. This sure is a friendly town.

  • Matty : My temperature runs a couple of degrees high, around a hundred. I don't mind. It's the engine or something.

    Ned : Maybe you need a tune up.

    Matty : Don't tell me. You have just the right tool.

  • Ned : You better take me up on this quick. In about 45 minutes, I'm going to give up and go away.

  • Ned : I like this place; it's got a nice feel.

    Matty : You were on top.

    Ned : So it could use a better mattress. See to it, will you?

    Matty : Yes, sir.

  • Peter : Assistant County Prosecutor is not the end of the line for me.

    Ned : No, no. Someday, Deputy County Prosecutor.

  • Edmund Walker : The guy came to us with a business proposition. We're always looking for opportunities, if the conditions are right. We're willing to take an occasional risk, if the downside isn't too steep. But this guy hadn't done his homework, he didn't know the bottom line. That's how I knew he was full of shit. You've got to know the bottom line. That's all that really counts. He didn't have the goods, this guy. He was like a lot of guys you run into - they want to get rich, they want to do it quick, they want to be there with one score. But they're not willing to do what's necessary. Do you know what I mean?

    Ned : I'm not sure. You mean, lay the groundwork? Earn it?

    Edmund Walker : No. I mean do what's necessary. Whatever's necessary.

  • Peter : I think I've underestimated you, Ned. I don't know why it took me so long. You've started using your incompetence as a weapon.

    Ned : My defense was evolving. You guys got scared.

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