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Interesting oddity
mwold5 April 2007
This is an interesting and fun little horror movie from the early 80's that probably had a brief run in the drive-ins I would imagine. I won't break down by ridiculous "categories" such as "suspense" or "gore" which I personally find quite hilarious, but in sum, if you like grind-house films of the era, you might enjoy this. It seesaws between very dumb and quite entertaining with a few genuine scares (such as the opening sequence) and a little splash of suspense. It has that cheap, raw 70's feel that try as they might, horror movie makers just can't correctly emulate, and scenes of such utter nonsense that would never slip by editors these days; which is a good thing. Performances are pretty good. For instance, the updated Omen suffered severely by the less than convincing devil-child performance. However, the kids here are totally fine. This is a kooky little movie and I enjoyed every minute of it.
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Kids Slay The Darndest Things
choppyno28 July 2005
An absolute classic of 80's scare flix. This one isn't like any other as it pits pint-size, wild-eyed, psychotic youngsters with an urge to kill against all the grown-ups in town. Bud from JUST ONE OF THE GUYS (80's gold again) plays one of the killer-kids and he's paired up with one of the little girls Jake Blues tries to purchase in the BLUES BROTHERS. There is a third blond boy, but he keeps disappearing from the movie for whatever reason. The violence is hilarious at times and also surprisingly gruesome in spots. The demonic gang of smiling kids, though somehow possessed by extra-planetary means, bear little resemblance to the droid-ish Children of the Damned, who never thought to use pistols, crossbows and shovels to kill those pesky adults. Julie Brown (not Downtown Julie Brown-the other one) shows her rack, like three times, as she dances around in her bedroom. This movie is a rarity that I cannot believe I missed growing up in the 80's. This would have been my absolute favorite movie as a kid if I had seen it. Where is the sequel the ending begs for? This movie is just incredible. Seek it out at all costs.
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Kids do the darndest things!
Coventry21 October 2004
I can't believe I rarely ever see this title mentioned by all you eighties horror freaks and I definitely won't be joining all my fellow reviewers here in saying that 'Bloody Birthday' is awful viewing. On the contrary, I enjoyed it very much and I was pleasantly surprised by the ingeniousness and surprise twists it offers. Don't just refer to this film as being 'another 80's slasher' because the victims here are rather unlikely and so are the killers. We're introduced to three cherubic-looking youngsters who were all born during a solar eclipse. At the moment they were delivered, planet Saturn was blocked by both the sun and the moon and, due to this, the kids are emotionless and seemly without conscience. This really starts to show around their tenth birthday as they go on a merciless killing spree.

Granted, this stuff is incredibility far-fetched and even slightly offensive but, seriously, who cares? Unlike many other horror films from this period, it at least attempts to bring something original and imaginative. For once, the kids' acting is good and the entire film has a creepy atmosphere and grizzly music. The murders sequences are grim and tense, and it's always eerie to see them getting committed by angel-faced kids. I don't know who hired the 3 kids but they did a good job. Especially the girl and the kid with glasses are highly memorable. The bleak images of the heartless trio remind you of classic highlights, such as 'Village of the Damned', 'The Bad Seed' and 'Children of the Damned'. This film is nowhere near as memorable as these milestones but great fun and not one horror lover will regret watching this.

Bloody Birthday was written and directed by Ed Hunt. Not particularly the greatest genius in cinema, but a pleasantly deranged fella who also brought us immensely entertaining cheesefests like 'The Brain' and 'Starship Invasions'. If all this isn't enough to convince you yet, Bloody Birthday has a lot of nudity. And not just any nudity, but a topless dance-act by MTV-VJ Julie Brown. Oh, and keep your eyes open for a completely redundant cameo by Joe Penny, later the star of TV-series 'Jake and the Fatman'. Check it out!!
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Dust this baby off! Fun 80s horror.
capkronos11 April 2003
In Meadowvale, California three babies are born simultaneously during a solar eclipse. Years later, the kids (Billy Jacoby, Elizabeth Hoy and Andy Freeman) turn ten and go on a violent killing spree, offing horny teens, schoolteachers, cops and others. It's a pretty sick/tasteless combo of THE BAD SEED, VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED and Friday THE 13TH, and kind of jarring to see these calculating kiddies shooting, stabbing and strangling their victims (making some look like accidents), stalking people with guns, spying on people having sex, pretending to put poison in birthday cake, keeping a scrapbook with obituary clippings and doing all kinds of other horrible things!

Name-value stars Susan Strasberg as a stern teacher and Jose Ferrer as a doctor receive top billing for bit roles; the real star is Lori Lethin (also in THE PREY and RETURN TO HORROR HIGH) as the astrology obsessed teen who catches on. I don't know where they found the child actors at, but they're all very good. You may also want to catch this for comedienne Julie Brown's topless dance scene.

Score: 6 out of 10
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It's gonna be a killer birthday party!!
Milo-Jeeder12 July 2008
'Bloody Birthday' is one of those movies that surprisingly ages well enough to remain watchable nowadays. Not a masterpiece for sure, but still entertaining and surprisingly enough, it doesn't really have a lot of unintentionally funny scenes. I know it's a shocker if we keep in mind that this is a low budget flick from the early 80s about a group of evil children who kill people. But trust me, the movie manages to remain respectable and watchable for the most part.

The story revolves around three children who are born during a a total eclipse. According to astrology, during eclipses, the sun and the moon block Saturn, which controls emotions. As a consequence, the three children who are born that day, eventually become uncaring and evil. Since they don't experience any feelings of remorse whatsoever, these 10-year-old kids gang up against basically everyone who stands in their way, including their own parents and siblings... and kill them! The body count increases day after day and the police authorities believe that there's a psychopath lurking around the place. In the meantime, Debbie, Curtis and Steven, don't hesitate to keep butchering people.

I was expecting some hilariously bad scenes, but the movie proved me wrong. True, it's not exactly what most people would consider a 'serious' horror movie, but if I have to be fair, I'd say that the story is decently executed. One of the most important reasons why one would normally expect laughable situations (like I did), it's because in these kind of movies in which the main villains are children, the young actors tend to be plain awful and they make the whole thing laughable. Let's face it: kids tend to be horrible actors, which is understandable and we can't blame them for that. But to my surprise, the three young actors who played the merciless killers in this film, looked very disturbing and not at all funny. The rest of the actors are also good and if you're a George Clooney fan, you can see his uncle playing a doctor in this movie. Yeah, I know right?... who cares?. Also, Julie Brown, the great actress, singer, comedienne and gay icon, gives a solid performance as the naughty older sister and in case anyone is interested in nudity: she also strips in one of the scenes and she looks great naked. Too bad she didn't have more time on the screen though! Julie is 'absolutely fabulous':P

So basically, this movie is fine if you're in the mood for some modest horror from the 80s. My only objection regarding 'Bloody Birthday' would be the way to justify the children's motives. This is perhaps one of the lowest points of the film. Let's see: if children who were born during an eclipse end up being heartless killers, then how come these three were the only ones who actually murdered people? I'm sure there were other children who had been born the same day... and during other days of total eclipse too, oh well!. Overall, no big deal, it's just a simple observation, that's all. I've seen worse, trust me. Take 'The Children' (1980) for example, in which the precocious killer get their evilness after being turned into zombies by toxic cloud. No, believe me, 'Bloody Birthday' is far more decent and if you enjoy simple slashers, you're going to enjoy this one very much.
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The bad seeds!
Nightman8512 January 2009
Three ten-year-old children born at the same time during a solar eclipse begin to slyly murder anybody that offends them.

While killer kid movies weren't exactly new at the time of this twisted 80's slasher the theme of children as murderers works nicely for this film. Bloody Birthday does deliver some good chills and suspense, while managing to be a competent killer thriller with some strange qualities. It straddles a fine line between cheesy and creepy, but it does remain entertaining throughout with an interesting plot. There's some strong murder scenes, as well as a good bit of nudity to establish this as a solid slasher guilty pleasure.

The cast does a fairly good job. Young stars Elizabeth Hoy and K.C. Martel deliver some menacing performances, while rising star Julie Brown does a striptease before a memorable murder scene. Veteran star Susan Strasberg does well as the teacher and Jose Ferrer has a cameo appearance.

All around this off-beat slasher entry isn't bad, though it's admittedly not flawless, but it is well worth watching for genre fans.

*** out of ****
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Night of the Little Sh!ts.
ElijahCSkuggs26 August 2008
Story about three eclipse (maybe even Indigo, ha) children beginning their love for murder. Oh, and the people who are "hot" on their trail.

Bloody Birthday, a pretty mediocre title for the film, was a nice lil surprise. I was in no way expecting a film that dealt with blood-thirsty psychopath kids. And I may say it's also one of the best flicks I've seen with kids as the villains. By the end of the movie I seriously wanted these kids to die in horrible fashion.

It's a really solid 80s horror flick, but how these kids are getting away with all this mayhem and murder is just something that you can't not think about. Even the slightest bit of investigation would easily uncover these lil sh!ts as the murderers. But there seems to be only a couple police in town, well by the end, only one, and he seemed like a dimwit, so I suppose they could have gotten away with it. Haha, yeah, and I'm a Chinese jet-pilot.

Nevertheless, this movie delivered some evilass kids who were more than entertaining, a lot of premarital sex and a decent amount of boobage. No kiddin! If you're put off by the less than stellar title, dash it from your mind and give this flick a shot. It's a very recommendable and underrated 80s horror flick.
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Someone cancel the babysitter!!
anxietyresister7 November 2004
Talk about controversial story lines, this is THE GOOD SON taken to the next level! The plot concerns a murderous trio of triplets (two boys and a girl) who suddenly develop homicidal tendencies on their 11th (bloody) birthday and decide to try out their newfound murdering tendencies on their sleepy little town. Everybody thinks they're little angels, so the only people who can bring them down are a college student and her younger brother, who know the psychotic threesome's true nature. But our two heroes have just been added to the hit-list..

It doesn't have the best acting in the world and the movie print seems more than a bit fuzzy, but overall this is an effective little low-budget horror with effective moments of suspense and even a dash of gore. The novelty of having children as the villains helps the plot through its slower spots, and the movie makes good use of the weapons the kids have at their disposal, be they rat-poison smeared onto the icing of a cake or arrows shot into the peephole of a sister's bedroom. Some may find the premise of these youngsters going around slaughtering at will a little hard to swallow, but for anyone who can suspend disbelief for 90 minutes, this is a fun ride. I give it a 5/10. Watch out for the nice twist at the end..
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Awesome evil kids movie
TheMarwood27 June 2014
Three 10 year old kids who were born during a solar eclipse, become serial killers with no consciences because Saturn was blocked during the eclipse - um, OK, whatever gimmick works to get these kids murdering is fine with me. It's an above average slasher, which doesn't really mean much since most of the subgenre is below average, but it's competently made and feels more like a demented black comedy than a horror flick. The kids do a good job and seem to have a blast being as bad as possible, turning their neighborhood into slasher territory. There are some elements here lifted from Halloween, despite being barely anything like the Carpenter film - especially a tracking shot down a suburban street with our meek lead and her friend, who even gets a quick visit from her cop father - perhaps a misinformed producer decision to cash in on a film that's nothing like the one they're making. There's a quick blink and you miss it appearance from the American Ninja himself, the anti- charismatic Michael Dudikoff. Bloody Birthday isn't especially bloody, but this lunacy is never anything but entertaining.
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A nice creepy little horror film
Ysman19 February 1999
This movie is not the scariest of all time, but it is a great example of a campy eighties horror flick -- low budget, no stars, lots of inventive death scenes, and enough nudity to keep the teenagers in their seats. The premise is interesting and fun and the three evil kids play their parts well. A nice starting point for "Just Say" Julie Brown exposing her talents early in her career. This film won't be seen by many, but for fans of 80's horror it's a must.
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Bad Seed X3
terr7u18 March 1999
Bloody Birthday plays on the assumed innocence of children and shows them as bloodthirsty monsters. Steven (Andy Freeman), Curtis (Billy Jayne;credited as Billy Jacoby), and Debbie (Elizabeth Hoy), were all born on the same day during an eclipse. Besides sharing a birthday, they also share a love of murder (and they're not picky about who they kill either). Young Billy, Elizabeth, and Andy play the parts of these emotionless monsters quite well but they know when to put on the charm too. But they can't go on fooling everyone. This is an overall good horror flick, its not too unrealistic, there are a few good moments of suspense and the kids portrayed the roles well, (the grown-ups are pretty hammy though). I'd say its well worth seeing, (I own a copy myself).
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Creepy slasher - Hard to imagine kids would murder!
UniqueParticle28 August 2019
It starts off cute and then you realize the main characters are more evil then average snot nose kids. They'll shoot, spy on several people, obliterate someone, and use deadly arrows; this is unlike most horror! It's great how it keeps the viewer intrigued some oldies are difficult to focus on.
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"Just because you all have the same birthday doesn't mean that you're special"
Backlash00717 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers

Bloody Birthday is a curious little horror film from the year I was born. It's not the greatest film, but it still packs a punch. The punch here comes from three mischievous 10 year olds who go on a killing spree for no apparent reason other than that they were all born during a solar eclipse. So it has shades of Village of the Damned but these kids aren't the cold, detached kind. They take sheer pleasure in the mayhem they create. And that is the shocking part. Watching these children gun people down and then get away with everything using their innocent looks is the best part of the film. A real love-to-hate relationship is formed and you can't wait for the little b*stards to get what's coming to them. At least I couldn't. The worst part of the film comes from the lazy plot devices the writer/director relies on. The house that our heroes become trapped in has bulletproof windows so they cannot escape. How do we know this? Because some random kid runs up to the house and throws a football at the glass. It's incredibly dumb and there are a few instances of this. Regardless of these, watching the child actors is still fun. Billy Jacoby, Elizabeth Hoy, and Andy Freeman all give great performances as the unholy trio. Sometimes they are creepily adult-like. So if you've exhausted all of you're rental choices, dust this one off of your local video store shelf.
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the Best of The Worst
peliculajunkie5 October 2004
Warning: Spoilers
Bloody Birthday is one of the best psychological thriller/suspense films from the 80s. The title alone is quite misleading though since the body count and gore (blood) pale in comparison to other slasher films. It's theme is similar to the Bad Seed and Godsend, in which a child, or in this case three children born during a solar eclipse end up being ruthless murderers. Billy Jacoby is Curtis the leader of the pack, but at times the little blonde haired girl Debbie seems to give all the orders ( Blues Brothers."How much for the little girl ?") while the other kid Steven (Beyond Witch Mountain) just swings a bat like he's trying to hit a home run. SPOILER WARNING: I saw this film when I was young and the scene that disturbed me the most was the main character (KC from Amittyville who teases his sister with fake Spiders, E.T.) gets locked inside of an old fridge in the junkyard. This part was simply terrifying to me and later the theme ended up in an episode of the TV show Punky Brewster. Debbie's sister is played by Julie Brown (the homecoming queen has got a gun) and Timmy's big sister Joyce looks like Joanie from Happy Days (she was in a ton of old 70s shows like Charlie's Angels,Different Strokes,and Dukes Of Hazard). If you blink you may miss Jose Ferrer's bit part and Susan Strasberg plays the school teacher who...well, let's just say this is a great scene in the film. The child killer theme can be seen in films like The Pit, The Children, Devil Times Five,Sailor Who Fell From The Sea With Grace, Paper Boy, Milo, Good Son, the Child, and Children Of The Corn. Bloody Birthday is just a messed up little film that is beginning to gain a cult following.
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If you're going to put "Blood" in the title, you should probably put some in the movie too
happyendingrocks23 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
The set-up for this monumentally useless slasher-lite drivel centers around three children who are born in the same hospital during an eclipse, a serendipitous occurrence which results in them growing up without a conscience. As their tenth birthdays approach, the trio of youngsters apparently spontaneously decide to go on a killing spree, whittling down parents, siblings, teachers, and random canoodling teens in a variety of unimaginative and unimpressive ways.

The clumsy staging of the murders is signaled from the opening scene, when two amorous dimwits meet their ends after climbing into an open grave to have sex (the lass is modest, and while she has no reservations about getting down in a cemetery, she feels exposed out in the open, thus the novel change of scenery). This silly intro sets the stage for the 85 minutes of tedious and ludicrous shenanigans which unfold while we watch the malevolent moppets go about their brutal business without any of the clueless adults in the film ever becoming suspicious. The parental ignorance might be believable if the killer kids exercised any tact, but when they repeatedly smash one of the fathers in the head with a baseball bat and his wife readily accepts their explanation that his (gruesome, one would imagine) injuries occurred when he fell down a flight of four stairs, the plot begins to spiral into absurdity.

Despite the sanguinary bounty advertised in the title, Bloody Birthday may well be the most tepid offering of the era. Only a single arrow to the eye gag even registers a blip on the gore meter, and the majority of the paltry homicidal handiwork occurs off-screen. The overall presentation is so tame and pedestrian that the film is more on par with the After School Specials which were being cranked out at this time, so if your looking for a hidden gem in the '80s slasher canon you most assuredly aren't going to find one here.

Save for a few sequences of gratuitous nudity, the only marginally amusing aspects of Bloody Birthday are the presences of a couple of the decade's semi-icons. Future B-action regular Michael Dudikoff turns up in a couple of scenes to make out with MTV host-to-be Julie Brown and stand in a few funeral assemblies with a blankly morose look on his face. Anyone who actually remembers who Brown is will undoubtedly be delighted to witness the extended strip tease she performs for herself, so if seeing her naked is on your bucket list, this outing admittedly delivers mightily on that front.

The biggest problems here are the prepubescent executioners, who are undoubtedly the least imposing genre villains ever presented. The most vicious of the bunch is a bespectacled sociopath who strongly resembles Skippy from "Family Ties" and even though he seems to possess the inhuman ability to fire a handgun that weighs as much as he does without experiencing any sort of recoil, the goofy grin he displays while he busts his caps offsets any sort of menace his massive weapon conjures up.

It takes no less than three failed murder attempts on the one shrewd classmate who figures out the remorseless bunch is up to no good for our diminutive hero's older sister to finally step up and offer her assistance. This leads us into the film's flaccid climax, where the band of grade-school slayers stalk the interloping duo but merit themselves an epic fail. One of the predators is subdued when a bowl of water is thrown in his face, while Skippy Junior simply runs out of bullets and gets beat up.

Only the lone girl in the crew uses her wiles to escape capture, and her mother (head still firmly inserted into her own backside, evidently) sneaks her away from the scene and flees town with her. The movie's coda reveals that mom and daughter remain at large after changing their names and that the lethal little girl has claimed another victim, thus setting the stage for Bloody Birthday 2, which was fortunately never excreted.

This tripe also loses points for its derivative score, which blatantly lifts music from Friday The 13th in a feeble attempt to give the murders some sort of impact. Good idea, but when the most intense scenes involve a flaxen-haired fifth-grader hiding in cupboards to choke people with a jump rope, screeching violins are a pale substitute for actual shocks.

I don't fault anyone who holds this cheap time-waster in high esteem; after all, I have certainly given pieces of my heart to plenty of atrocious movies. But since the lack of gore nudges Bloody Birthday out of the "Splatter" category and the absence of anything resembling suspense makes even the "Horror" designation a stretch, I'm really not sure how to classify this one. Is "Utter Crap" considered a genre?
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For a cheesy early 80's horror film, not bad!
saint-2122 February 1999
This little shocker was made in 1980, and you can really see it, but! It's not that bad, i will be honest. The film centers around 3 10 year olds, who were born at the horizon of an eclipse. now this has turned them into cold blooded killers, almost from today's headlines. The next door neighbors (older sister and her little brother), catch on to their ways. And we get to see julie brown (from MTV) naked, this is worth the rental alone. We also get to see, strangulations, arrows through eyes and naked people shot, hope i am not ruining the plot. watch for the poster of van halen, getting shot with bulletholes. check it out..... it is an interesting flick.
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Bad Eggs!
TheBlueHairedLawyer31 October 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Bloody Birthday, it cannot be denied, is certainly original. It takes place in a small town where during an eclipse over Saturn, three mothers give birth to two boys and a girl. Timmy, Curtis and Debbie look like normal children, play like normal children... but they're as insidious as the environmental movement as they cause various tragic events in town, from the death of a cop to a comedic yet disturbing incidence of Curtis being a peeping tom. After shooting the maid and locking a little boy in a mini-fridge, only one person gets suspicious, but it proves very difficult to get the townsfolk to listen.

Why do these three little creeps have such violent actions? They were born when Saturn was covered in the eclipse, somehow leaving them lacking in emotion.

Bloody Birthday is by no means perfect in fact. For one thing, the children supposedly have no emotions, yet they show a great level of sadism, they laugh and plan and fear together, they're friends with one another, they sure do love looking at Curtis' sister through the hole in his closet, all implying that they are heavily disturbed but certainly not unemotional.

Bloody Birthday is like Mikey (1992), The Paper Boy (1994), Village of the Damned (1995) and The Bad Seed (1956). It's a typical killer kid movie but goes a little bit beyond so there is a small element of surprise. The soundtrack was okay, the acting not too bad, and I found it hilarious and cheesy. I recommend watching it with that in mind, it is an extremely cheesy but entertaining horror film.
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Bloody Awful!
shes_dead10 February 2008
Bloody Birthday is a totally rubbish slasher movie from beginning to end.

I found the acting to be pretty good considering the genre of movie and its obvious low budget. I don't know what was going on with the cinematography but it looked ghastly. Way too over-saturated. Maybe this is a bad transfer to DVD or maybe it always looked like that, I don't know.

There really are no redeeming qualities to speak of. There are a few deaths but not really gory. I wouldn't bother with it if I was you. The best thing about the DVD was the 15 minute interview with producer Max Rosenberg who was very amusing and honest. He didn't have anything good to say about director Ed Hunt and admits the movie was a failure, but he would like to re-make it as he believes it has a decent plot. However, he died in 2004 so I guess it will be up to someone else to take on that challenge. With the way things have been going in the last few years it wouldn't surprise me, there's at least one re-make per week at the cinema these day. It couldn't be any worse than the original I suppose but I couldn't care less whether it got re-made or not.
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Kid's stuff...(!)
punishmentpark11 May 2016
Warning: Spoilers
A lot of fun, a lot of kills and effectively devious in its simplicity. The main three bad kids are pretty charismatic, considering the low budget side of 'Bloody birthday'. Then, there are some pretty teen girls of the legal age for the more spicy, topless scenes, and we're getting closer to a truly fun horror film from the (in)famous '80s.

The story does not make much sense, with Jupiter being blacked out by the moon when the three killer kids are born, but who really cares? The kills are fun, the cast is pretty enthusiastic and the atmosphere of yet another American smalltown is caught on screen more than well enough.

Yes, if this is the sort of cult horror you seek, you can't be disappointed. 8 out of 10.
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whammy66628 May 2008
This movie is great. 80's sleazy slasher movie about three kids born during an eclipse, so they kill everyone they see. The reason they kill makes practically no sense, but it just adds to the charm of this movie. And dang, these kids are crazy, especially Curtis. If you've seen the movie, you know who I am talking about. That kid's vicous! Although the movie doesn't have much gore, it is entertaining, and for some reason you kind of care about the characters. It also has some nice nudity. Has some decent acting as well, really a decent 80's slasher movie, it's worth a look if you ever get the chance to see it. You'll have nightmares about those darn kids though, I guarantee you!
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Mean little kiddies that kill good little 80's slasher horror flick for cult fans.
blanbrn29 October 2019
1981's "Bloody Birthday" was a fun watch as it's typical 80's of gore, blood, and deaths by an unknown killer as it has eye candy scenes of nudity among horny teens. Set in California strange murders start to happen 10 years after 3 kids who were born at the same time of a moon eclipse took place. And the deaths are brutal hard to believe these little baddies can inflect so much punishment, yet when working together one by one and as a trio it equals painful deaths!

As for the eye candy and the tease loved it when Beverly(Julie Brown) does that strip off dance nude scene as her little sister and the killers watch her undress thru a perverted peep hole(and miss Brown looked so hot and sexy in that red colored bra!).

Check this out if you like the horror slasher genre of 80's movies it features the common blood, gore, and skin that was so common of it's day and time.
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"Beware the Children!"
gwnightscream15 February 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This 1981 horror film stars Lori Lethin, Julie Brown, K.C. Martel, Billy Jayne, Elizabeth Hoy and Andrew Freeman. This takes place in California and begins one night in 1970 with a solar eclipse occurring during 3 births. Ten years later, we meet the children, Curtis (Jayne), Debbie (Hoy) and Steven (Freeman) who not only share the same birthday, but have murderous tendencies. Lethin plays Joyce who becomes targeted by them along with her little brother, Timmy (Martel) when they learn the truth about them. Brown (Clueless) plays Debbie's older sister, Beverly. This isn't a bad film that has similarities with "Village of the Damned" & "Friday the 13th" featuring a decent cast. I'd give this a chance if you enjoy horror/slasher flicks.
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Not the Film I Expected it to Be
gavin69423 October 2012
Lacking consciences because they were born during a solar eclipse, a trio of 10-year-olds embark on an indiscriminate killing spree.

This is such a strange film. Because of the time it was released and the title, I figured it was a slasher film. It is not -- it is a "killer kids" film. That threw me off, expecting something else. But, that being said, it is not a bad movie and the premise is certainly something different.

I enjoyed how frustrating it was for the heroine to know these kids were evil but there was little she could do about it. How do you tell people that 10-year olds are murderous miscreants? No one will believe that.

Elizabeth Hoy, the killer girl, gave up acting while still a child (she apparently is now a hairdresser, happily married with kids of her own). This is too bad for us, as she clearly was the best actor of the three kids and I think there was a promising future for her.
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Angelface Warning: Spoilers
I saw this movie years ago and completely forgot about it, the only thing I remembered was that some kid gets locked in a horrible rusty fridge in a junkyard. Needless to say I eventually rediscovered it

and found that I still loved it, it's my favourite horror to feature killer kids, and I think it more than compensates for what it lacks(its main annoyances for me being lack of blood and gore, and seriously anaemic prose) with a great atmosphere, and eerily effective use of its premise. It has a great and memorably foreboding score. Theme tunes is key with any 80's horror movie worth its salt. A lot of the other bold music themes used in it aren't all that good though. What makes evil children pictures interesting is that the children are often doing incredibly bad and twisted stuff that they're not supposed to, and there's a fascination and revulsion to that. When you take something fundamentally innocent and twist it to the point where it's completely removed from what it's supposed to be, when you have the child that seems so angelic but it's really a facade, it's creepy. And it makes you wonder, does this happen? Can kids really do this? Well as we all know, sadly yes. The image in this film of the kid brandishing a gun might not have meant anything back in 1981, but I find it quite disturbing in its echoes of modern times. I believe that certain elements of this film have never been more relevant or frightening. The acting wasn't all that bad. The girl next door heroine Lori Lethin and K.C.Martel as her cocky little brother were pretty good. I remember him from that scene in Amityville where he gets his fingers crushed by the window. I also thought Melinda Cordell as Debbie's unaware (and perhaps by the end fully aware) mother was very good and moving in a couple of her emotional scenes. And I thought the dearly departed lady who played the teacher did a good job with her small role, of conveying a woman thoroughly p***ed-off with her life! A few of the dramatic scenes were very well done. One little scene I find quite moving is the one right after the second rather jarring funeral. I'm something of a believer in astrology. If the moon can drag entire oceans and create tides, why can't all those grand stars and planets and moons affect living things as well? Doesn't seem all that far out of the realms of possibility to me. Okay, perhaps not this degree! Of the three kids I really liked Elizabeth Hoy as Debbie the best. I found her to be by far the most effectively unnerving. She wasn't necessarily a better actor than the other two but there was something she brought of herself, her persona, with the cold expressions and big crazy hair, that really gave her a sense of otherness that you would expect from a kid that's supposed to have no soul. I found Billy Jayne as the killer nerd with the glasses fairly boring, only ever really scary or interesting when armed with his gun, which he somehow looked good with! He went on to have the most successful career of them all. Oh, and the blonde boy was simply pathetic. He was just a complete nonentity, I don't know what they were thinking when they choose him. We got patricide AND sororicide in the same movie! Even though most of the killings are annoyingly bloodless, to me they're still well done and shocking. The violence seems real, and doesn't go as far as the violence you see now, and that's what makes it powerful, because it seems real. The murder I find most horrifying is when the girl lures her own father to his death. Her reptilian smirk as he is dispatched is truly chilling. What's scarier than your own kid being the one you should be most afraid of? Happy Bloody Birthday...
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Born under a bad sign
movieman_kev14 May 2007
Three kids are born during a solar eclipse and turn into vile murderous little tykes who're above suspicion by everyone, save for Joyce (Lori Lethin) and her younger brother Timmy. That's the story in a nutshell. The acting in this one is tolerable for the most part. Notable for MTV-J Julie Brown (not the 'Downtown' one) showing some skin, and a very early part (albiet small) for Michael Dudikoff. Not a great film by any stretch of the imagination, but in the 'killer kids' sub-genre it's a bit of a guilty pleasure.

Eye Candy: Julie Brown shows T&A (the only film thus far, to claim that honor); Sylvia Wright gets topless

DVD Extras (R1): 16 minute interview with Producer Max Rosenberg (wherein he insults the director AND Canada, great stuff); Biography of Ed Hunt; and trailers for "Kiss of the Taratula", "Don't open the Door", & a red-band one for "Homework" (which features nudity)

My Grade: B-
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