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'S.W.A.T.' Recap: Why Do Sovereigns Have Liquid Cyanide?

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'S.W.A.T.' Recap: Why Do Sovereigns Have Liquid Cyanide?
The latest episode of S.W.A.T., titled "Contamination," opens with the team taking down a potential drug ring. Things are bigger than they initially seem when the crate gained from the raid is full of liquid cyanide and there's enough to create a bomb that will level Venice. The man arrested during the raid makes it clear the crate wasn't his and admits there have been three others. Now it's a case of finding the buyers of the cyanide before it's too late.
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Blu-ray Review Round-Up: The Screaming Skull, Contamination .7, The Naked Cage, Demented

Though Scream Factory originally made their name by releasing comprehensive special editions of beloved horror titles and some lesser-known cult films deserving reappraisal, after five years the company is diversifying their output more and more. They struck an exclusive deal to release IFC Midnight titles, they’ve picked up a few films and put them out under the “Scream Factory” imprint, and have even developed and produced their very first original feature, Mark Pavia’s Fender Bender, in 2016. In addition to all of this, Scream Factory has begun releasing smaller and lesser-known catalogue titles, nearly bypassing the special features altogether and just giving some older cult titles their high-def debuts. Included in their latest slate of releases is everything from a John Stamos sci-fi action film (Never Too Young to Die) to an unofficial Troll sequel. Let’s take a look at four of these catalogue titles—The Screaming Skull,
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Drive-In Dust Offs: Zombie (1979)

“The boat can leave now. Tell the crew.” With these words, a horror classic was born. Zombie (1979) was the first Lucio Fulci film that assaulted my eyeballs, And it was the first zombie flick I ever saw. Heady stuff for a quivering ten-year-old, but it proved to be the perfect gateway to the splattery splendors of Italian terror, a door that will forever remain ajar.

Let me be as straightforward as I can: if you’re a fan of Fulci but haven’t caught this yet, you can forget about the surrealism of The Beyond (1981) or the Lovecraftian flourishes of City of the Living Dead (1980). This is Fulci driving a simple narrative right through the hearts of horror lovers everywhere, coming out the back bloodied and unbound, unapologetic in its mission statement to horrify and repulse. Mission accomplished.

Zombie was released in Italy in August of 1979 as Zombi 2, titled
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Shudder’s October Titles to Include 1980s Anthology Series Tales From The Darkside

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Shudder will take viewers to the place that's "not as brightly lit" this Halloween season, as the 1980s anthology series Tales From the Darkside will be available to watch in its entirety on the horror streaming service beginning October 1st:

Press Release: New York, New York – September 26, 2016 – The AMC-backed streaming service, Shudder, is The entertainment destination for everything you need to watch this Halloween season. Whether you’re a hardcore horror fan or simply looking for the scariest films to celebrate this time of year, Shudder has something for everyone in its sweeping library, carefully curated by some of the top horror experts in the world.

As Halloween approaches, Shudder is expanding its database with a variety of new titles including cult favorites, blockbuster hits, and classic thrillers. Additionally, for the first time ever, Shudder will be offering horror TV series to complement its expansive film library.

Premiering October 20th
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Severin Films to Release Zombie Holocaust aka Doctor Butcher M.D. on Blu-ray

Some know it in its original Italian form as Zombi Holocaust (or Zombie Holocaust), while others adore the re-edited Us release known as Doctor Butcher M.D., but with their upcoming two-disc Blu-ray of Marino Girolami’s 1980 horror film, Severin Films aims to please all sides with uncut releases of both versions of the movie.

Featuring over two and a half hours of special features, Severin FilmsZombie Holocaust / Doctor Butcher M.D. Blu-ray hits shelves on July 26th:

Press Release: It sparked riots on 42nd Street, spawned a generation of gorehounds on VHS, and forever set an insane standard for Italian mad doctor/zombie/cannibal carnage worldwide: Ian McCulloch (Zombie), Alexandra Delli Colli (The New York Ripper), Sherry Buchanan (Tentacles) and Donald O’Brien (Emanuelle And The Last Cannibals) star in this blood orgy of gut-munching, eyeball-gouging and face-chopping originally known as Zombie Holocaust, which a notorious American distributor would then re-edit,
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Saturn 3: the 1980s' weirdest sci-fi movie?




A killer robot powered by baby brains. Kirk Douglas wrestling in the nude. Ryan revisits the very weird 80s sci-fi movie, Saturn 3...

Some movies aspire to strangeness. Other movies have strangeness thrust upon them.

Saturn 3, released in 1980, was an intensely strange film. But unlike, say, Altered States (also released in 1980) it wasn’t made by a filmmaker with a taste for the oblique or the outre. Unlike Luigi Cozzi’s Contamination (1980 again), Saturn 3 wasn’t a low-budget shocker made in a hurry, but a relatively expensive exercise created by some of the most seasoned filmmakers in the business at that time. (For frame of reference, Saturn 3's budget was broadly the same as Alien’s, released less than one year earlier.)

On the surface, Saturn 3 sounds like a perfectly reasonable recipe for an intense sci-fi horror flick. It’s about a pair
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July 7th Blu-ray & DVD Releases Include Maggie, The Crimson Cult, Robot Jox

The first week of July sees a ton of genre titles headed home on DVD and Blu-ray including a handful of cult classics including Stuart Gordon’s Robot Jox, The Crimson Cult which co-stars Boris Karloff and Christopher Lee, Luigi Cozzi’s Contamination, a pair of 1974 shockers- Deranged and Spasmo- as well as The Killers, which is based on Ernest Hemingway’s chilling tale of the same name and gave the film noir subgenre a boost back in the 1940’s.

For those of you looking for something a little more current, you’ve got Alien Outpost, The Pact 2, Trophy Heads and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s recent zombie film, Maggie, to look forward to as well. As if that wasn’t enough, we also have last year’s Town that Dreaded Sundown remake is also arriving on both DVD and Blu-ray, with the latter being available exclusively at Best Buy on July 7th.
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Blu-ray Review – Contamination (1980)

Contamination, 1980.

Directed by Luigi Cozzi.

Starring Ian McCulloch, Louise Marleau, Marino Masé and Siegfried Rauch.


Pod-like alien spores filled with an explosive acid are brought to Earth after a mission to Mars and distributed through a South American coffee company by alien clones.

Contamination is what you get when you mash together Invasion of the Body Snatchers and Ridley Scott’s Alien, which could be a dream recipe for some but when you consider that it was directed by Italian filmmaker Luigi Cozzi (Starcrash/Hercules) and was part of a succession of Italian knock-offs of Hollywood blockbusters then the shine is considerably duller than what you may have first thought.

Beginning very much like Zombie Flesh Eaters by having a deserted boat afloat in a New York harbour, Contamination stars that film’s lead Ian McCulloch as Ian Hubbard, an astronaut who lead a mission to Mars where his
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New Contamination Blu-ray Brings New Life to an Italian Gem

After directing Star Crash, his glitzy, disco version of Star Wars, Italian director Luigi Cozzi set his sights to cashing in on the success of another space movie - Ridley Scott's mega-hit Alien. The results are 1980's Contamination, a bonkers exploitation film about eggs from outer space that blow people up for some reason.

With a similar set-up as Lucio Fulci's Zombie, a derelict ship approache [Continued ...]
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Round-Up: Five Nights at Freddy’s Film Adaptation In the Works, Contamination (1980) Blu-ray / DVD

You might have seen your birthday party reflected in their gleaming surfaces once upon a time. As they sang, their glazed eyes may have caught your own lively ones, and perhaps you noticed a little life in the pupils of the animatronic animal on stage. In the Five Nights at Freddy's video game, those robotic performers walk and kill at night, and Warner Bros. has taken notice of this creepy premise, as they have acquired the adaptation rights to the popular survival horror game. In our latest round-up, we also take a look at the release information for Arrow Video's Blu-ray / DVD of 1980's Contamination.

Five Nights at Freddy's: The Hollywood Reporter reveals that a Five Nights at Freddy's feature film adaptation is in development at Warner Bros.

Vertigo Entertainment's Roy Lee and KatzSmith Productions' Seth Grahame-Smith (author of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies) and David Katzenberg will produce the movie.
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88 Films go Italian with blu’s of ‘Burial Ground’ & ‘Zombi Holocaust’

One of the most fondly remembered eras in fright-film history is the golden age of Italian gore – a prolific period that brought such directors as Dario Argento, Lamberto Bava and Lucio Fulci to international attention and acclaim. Spawning all number of surreal sub-genres, including black-gloved killer-thrillers and stomach-churning cannibal adventures, this is a time that continues to crib a fresh generation of fascinated fans.

As such, 88 Italian have announced the UK Blu-ray release Zombi Holocaust (1980) and Burial Ground aka Nights of Terror (1981) – a pair of plasma-packed pot-boilers that could only have been dreamt up during the bygone boom in Euro-terror eccentricity.

In Burial Ground, the carcass-crunching action comes thick and fast as veteran director Andrea Bianchi (Strip Nude For Your Killer) evokes the sinister spirit of Lucio Fulci and George Romero. Also known as The Zombie Dead, Bianchi’s bout of bloodstained brilliance has a pack of ghoulish predators entrap
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Classic Goblin Horror Soundtracks Now Available on Vinyl

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Classic Goblin Horror Soundtracks Now Available on Vinyl
For most of you, I expect the band Goblin needs no introduction, since they're responsible for some of the most iconic horror film scores of the '70s and '80s – most notably George Romero's Dawn of the Dead and Dario Argento's Suspiria – but their influence on the world of horror movie music cannot be overstressed. Seattle-based label Light in the Attic – whose eclectic catalog includes everything from vintage R&B, folk and reggae recordings to rare works from Iggy Pop, Roky Erickson and Public Image Limited – is now offering imported vinyl editions of nine Goblin records, representing several chapters of the band's amazing career. LPs available now include the Cinevox issues of the aforementioned Dawn of the Dead (a.k.a. Zombi) and Suspiria, as well as scores to Argento's Tenebrae (not “legally” a Goblin release, but featuring founding trio Claudio Simonetti, Fabio Pignatelli and Massimo Morante), Profondo Rosso and Non Ho Sonno,
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Indie Spotlight

We return with another edition of the Indie Spotlight, highlighting recent independent horror news sent our way. Today’s feature includes details on The Book, which brings together some of the biggest names in Italian horror, a trailer for Dead of the Nite, new releases from Cavity Colors, and much more:

First Details on The Book: “The Book sees the ultimate collaborative Italian horror film unfold before your very eyes. A one off project of unprecedented scale, The Book brings together, for the very first time, the writers, directors, actors, composers and artists behind the finest Italian genre cinema of the past sixty years. This includes the creative forces behind the Giallo movement, Spaghetti Westerns, Eurocrime and more. Each director will be given the opportunity to showcase their own personal vision of Rome, spread across a dozen episodes. Each segment in this feature film will contain a unique blend of macabre thriller,
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Italian Horror Masters Team Up For Anthology Film The Book

If you're a fan of Italian horror films and your list of favorite filmmakers includes names like Ruggero Deodato and Lamberto Bava, then boy, are you in for a treat. Read on for all the details about an exciting upcoming horror anthology called The Book, which will only get funded with Your help!

From the Press Release

The Book sees the ultimate collaborative Italian horror film unfold before your very eyes.

A one-off project of unprecedented scale, The Book brings together, for the very first time, the writers, directors, actors, composers, and artists behind the finest Italian genre cinema of the past sixty years. This includes the creative forces behind the Giallo movement, Spaghetti Westerns, Eurocrime, and more. Each director will be given the opportunity to showcase his own personal vision of Rome, spread across a dozen episodes. Each segment in this feature film will contain a unique blend of macabre thriller,
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Macabro 2013: An Encounter With Lamberto Bava And Luigi Cozzi (Part 1)

Friday, August 30. I'm standing in line at Mexico City's Cineteca Nacional (the Cinematheque) for the definitive highlight of this year's Macabro Film Festival: the homage to legendary Italian filmmakers Luigi Cozzi and Lamberto Bava. It's going to be one unbelievable evening, I mean, aside from Cozzi's conference about giallo there's the screening of his 1980 film Contamination, and of Bava's Macabre. I have already seen one Cozzi film during the festival: Paganini Horror. Real fun. I'm still laughing thanks to its silly dialog. On the contrary, I missed the two Bava movies so far screened (A Blade in the Dark and Demons). Though I don't miss the chance to shake hands with him, once he makes his appearance near the line. He arrived a bit earlier...

[Read the whole post on]
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Giallo Fever: 'The Killer Must Kill Again' [Nsfw]

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Giallo Fever: 'The Killer Must Kill Again' [Nsfw]
Fans of Italian horror and sci-fi will no doubt recognize the name of director Luigi Cozzi, a genre journeyman who dabbled in just about everything and clearly had fun doing it – including flamboyant space opera like the amazingly bizarre Starcrash, starring the spectacular Caroline Munro and David Hasselhoff shooting laser beams out of his eyes; matinee fantasies like Hercules, with original Hulk Lou Ferrigno battling stop-motion robots; and the splattery Alien cash-in Contamination, which climaxed with a giant one-eyed vacuum cleaner popping off a guy's head. Cozzi is also a long-time colleague of horror legend Dario Argento; he has directed multiple documentaries about Argento's films, and runs the shop Profondo Rosso (Deep Red) in Rome, which was founded by Argento in 1989 and features a museum of props from the director's classics. Like his friend and mentor, Cozzi also ventured into the giallo domain, with the 1975 thriller The Killer Must Kill Again.
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Zombie Flesh Eaters Star Ian McCulloch Talks Meeting Fulci, the Public's Reaction to the Film, and More

With the release of Arrow Video's phenomenal Blu-ray treatment of Lucio Fulci's classic Zombie Flesh Eaters upon us, we chatted with the film's star, Ian McCulloch, about his experiences in the world of Italian horror.

It’s hard to believe Lucio Fulci’s now widely celebrated undead nightmare was once rotting in ‘video nasty’ limbo. Most of you reading this right now probably saw Zombie Flesh Eaters years ago in appallingly muddy VHS quality – as if you didn’t already feel dirty enough for deciding to watch the infamous Italian stomach-churner!

Now, thanks to the excellent folks at Arrow Video, you can see it in an eye-popping Blu-ray presentation with some meaty extras to chew through. That’s right; you can watch a zombie fight a shark in glorious high definition!

To celebrate this historical release, we had the good fortune to sit down with one of the stars of Zombie Flesh Eaters,
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UK Readers - Win Fulci's Classic Zombie Flesh Eaters on Blu-ray!

That's right, folks! It's undoubtedly one of the year's best Blu-ray releases, and to celebrate, you now have the chance to win a brilliant Christmas present courtesy of Arrow Video -- we have two Limited Edition Steelbook versions of Zombie Flesh Eaters to give away!

To be in with a chance of winning one of these fantastic prizes, simply send us an E-mail Here including Your Full Name And Postal Address. We'll take care of the rest.

Please note that this competition is open only to UK readers.

From the Press Release:

Hailing from the now infamous “Video Nasty” era of horror films, Zombie Flesh Eaters became an unstoppable cult hit upon its release in 1979. The film divided opinion across the globe and came up against opposition in many territories for the sheer amount of bloody content and its high gore-factor.

The original cut of Zombie Flesh Eaters was banned in the UK upon release,
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Arrow Video Releasing an Exclusive New Restoration of Lucio Fulci's Zombie Flesh Eaters in December

On Monday, December 3rd, Arrow Video is releasing a newly restored version of Lucio Fulci’s controversial horror masterpiece Zombie Flesh Eaters on Blu-ray, DVD, and Limited Edition Steelbook; and we have the full synopsis and detailed list of special features right here.

From the Press Release:

Painstakingly restored from the original camera negative, Zombie Flesh Eaters stands out as one of famed distributor Arrow Video’s biggest ever (and best looking) restoration projects. These landmark releases will contain a wealth of special features, additional collector’s material, and never-before-seen extras including optional English/Italian opening titles, a UK exclusive introduction to the film from lead actor Ian McCulloch, and a number of brand new featurettes.

Available as a Limited Edition Steelbook (complete with limited edition artwork), Limited Edition Slipbox (with 4 alternate artworks – available exclusively from Arrow Video), and as standard edition Blu-ray and DVD, a complete list of the
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Arrow Video announce awesome Autumn line-up!

Super Bitch aka Blue Movie Blackmail (Arrow Video DVD)

Think Twice Before You Hire Her

Blue movie blackmail and sexual depravity are at the heart of a wicked scam to manipulate rich, perverted men in this softcore pasta crime classic from Massimo Dallamano, cinematographer on A Fistful of Dollars and director of Giallo favourite What Have You Done To Solange? Italian trash cinema icon Ivan Rassimov is a police inspector working undercover to expose a London escort agency where the frequently naked Stephanie Beacham is being filmed in sexually compromising situations with her moneyed clients. These poor chumps will soon be smuggling drugs across international borders for her and her shadowy associates. Wallow in the sleaze and enjoy the depravity of Super Bitch, a film with all the car chases, murder, sex and moral ambiguity a cult movie fan could possibly want.

Special Features:

New widescreen transfer in the
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