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Nice and cool Trig, Nice and cool!
jennisopretty10 August 2008
It is time that Americans got to have this syndicated! This is the funniest sitcom I have ever seen. Thank goodness for the trips to the UK when I can sit around with my friends and watch it. I am a Rodney fan. My favorite episodes are the Chandelier episode, the Batman and Robin one, and Del and Trig in the bar where he falls down. This is top notch comedy. I recommend it to anyone who wants a good laugh! I want to buy the DVD set of this if I can get it in American format. It's a shame other Americans have not seen this. I have not met one person here in the States that has seen it. All I can say is they are missing out on the world's best sitcom. American sitcoms are boring, British rock! God Bless Hooky Street!
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One of the best
r-panting21 April 2005
This truly is the greatest comedy to hit the screens in the UK. Some of moments of comic genius written by creator John Sullivan are on a completely different level to anything else seen on British TV. Yes, you can talk about Del falling through the bar, and yes you can talk about the blow up sex dolls. They are classic moments, but there are so many hugely funny scenes that are so advanced, it really is amazing how JS thought of them. For example, my personal favourite is in the episode Heroes and Villains when Del Boy and Rodney go to a publican's ball dressed as Batman and Robin - a good idea for a fancy dress party. But then comes a catalogue of comic brilliance. Firstly, (already dressed in their outfits) the van breaks down in the middle of Peckham. DB and R do a runner and scamper through Peckham only to confront a group of muggers. The muggers leave their intended victim convinced it's the real Batman and Robin! Then comes Rodney's wonderful clench fist (ala Robin) before shouting to Del "Let's go" - in my opinion it's the perfect line and one of British comedy's greatest moments. And to top it off, they finally get to the ball only to find the landlord has 24 hours earlier died. Everyone is dressed in their funeral outfits except for our 'caped crusaders' who stand out like a sore thumb.

John Sullivan's achievements of rattling up 25m viewers is fully justified. Not only does he produce perfect comedy, but he couples that with real drama such as the death of Grandad, Cassie's miscarriage, and Rodney's wedding.

We have grown up with the Trotters - and we have died with them in some cases. But the true brilliance of David Jason, Nick Lyndhurst, Buster Merryfield and of course John Sullivan will live on.

Can I give it 11/10?
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"You Know It Makes Sense"
greg-2338 January 2002
"Only Fools and Horses" is definitely one of the funniest shows ever written. David Jason plays Derrick (Del Boy) Trotter, a likable rip-off merchant who runs Trotters Independent Traders. Although Del Boy's cockney speech is riddled with malapropisms (such as saying goodbye with words like "bonjour"), he manages to con the public into buying (stolen) goods they don't really want, pay for services they don't really need, or basically give up large sums of money for whatever doomed enterprise he happens to be peddling that week.

Del Boy's gift of the gab comes in handy whenever he has to placate his gauche brother Rodney (Nicholas Lyndhurst), who, unlike Del Boy, happens to have principles. Rodney allows himself to be talked into the most ridiculous, humiliating situations, thanks to Del Boy's twisted logic and specious arguments.

Grandad is the third member of the team; often the butt of Del Boy's pranks, his cookery skills leave a lot to be desired. He spends most of the time taking care of the flat (filled with all kinds of gaudy junk) and watching two televisions. Grandad was later replaced by Uncle Albert, whose experiences in the Navy have provided him with a limitless store of anecdotes that invariably begin with "During the war..."

Among my favourite episodes are "The Yellow Peril", where Rodney has to paint the grotty kitchen of a Chinese takeaway. "The Russians Are Coming" is (or was) a timely episode where the Trotters spend time in their own nuclear fallout shelter and Del Boy ponders the idea of procreation with mutants. "A Touch of Glass" has the team cleaning 17th Century chandeliers. That episode also proves that the best solution to a problem is to run away from it.

John Sullivan was originally going to call this show "Big Brother". But then he decided that people take more notice of long titles. Sullivan also sings the catchy theme song. Each episode of "Only Fools and Horses" is laughter guaranteed.
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Simply the best
markbak764 October 2005
Classic comedy is a term which is often overused but it fits Only Fools & Horses perfectly. In particular series 1-4 are absolutely brilliant. John Sullivan made you fall in love with the characters so that you could laugh and share in their experiences down through the years as if you actually knew them. The creation of Del Boy as a character was inspired and played faultlessly by David Jason. I felt the later episodes and specials were vastly inferior to the earlier ones but were still well worth a watch.

My favourite programme ever ..............

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darkman-118 October 2001
I'm a Yank who loves OFAH. The characters are charming, the dialogue hilarious & there's usually a nice twist at the end. The way writer Sullivan weaves call-backs into the stories is impressive. A must see for any fan of great British sitcoms. Be wary of the post-domesticated years, however. As much as Del & Rodney deserved steady girlfriends, it changed the dynamic of the show for the worse & diminished its off the wall appeal. The longer episodes also diluted the sharp, compact punch of earlier seasons. Start with the "holy Trinity" years (Grandad & Uncle Albert are both great) to appreciate OFAH at its finest. Cushty!
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The Greatest British Sitcom in History!
riddler_1138-319 November 1999
`Only Fools and Horses' is by far the most funniest, original, and well developed British Comedy ever. Myself being a British citizen, I have to say that there is no other funnier show. Derrick "DelBoy" Trotter and his brother Rodney are put together, two of the funniest British actors to ever grace the Television screen. While there were many visual jokes on-screen, there were also many verbal assaults and comments that made this show legendary. Famous mostly for it's Cockney accents and truly original characters, this show was the Best of the Best. Even though it ended sadly in 1991, you can still buy the shows on video and watch them over and over again. They never grow old.

Out of 10.......11/10!
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baza6668 September 2001
I will agree with almost everyone else who has posted a comment, this is probably the best comedy show ever!! Its funny though how there are no Americans commenting on it, I presume its shown in America. Anyway, its great. I didnt really like the first few series much, but once the nineties hit, it became really funny, i have lost count how many times I have watched each episode, but they are still funny. 9/10
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The best? Man, it certainly seems like it!
fibreoptic21 June 2004
Only Fools & Horses has never really been one of my favourites but for over 20 years i have enjoyed it when it has been on television and has gave me many a laugh. My life at the moment isn't actually what you would call sweet so a lot of the time i mope around like a miserable git and laugh at few things. Couple of weeks ago i decided to sit down and watch Only Fools & Horses on UK Gold and you know what? I haven't laughed so much in years! I was laughing so much my sides were splitting which not even top comedies like Fawlty Towers or Red Dwarf could do. Now the episodes i've been watching were the ones from the eighties which are by far the best of the bunch and the last time i seen them i was a kid so i didn't fully appreciate the humour but now i'm in my late twenties it's like ten times more funnier! The episode where Del wins Rodney a holiday and Rodney has to pretend to be 14 is absolutely priceless. That cheered me up no end. I would never ever buy Only Fools & Horses on DVD for the main reason that comedies of this calibre shouldn't be watched over and over again. I'll catch the episodes in another few years time so i can laugh just as hard once again. I never thought that Only Fools & Horses was this good but me uncontrollably laughing proves otherwise. HAHAHA Rodney's expressions when Del does something he doesn't like! Man, you all have to watch this brilliant British comedy. By the way, Trigger ROCKS!!!
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Best British Comedy Ever!!
jjvvvtribe13 May 2011
This is a remarkable body of work and I am so glad that I took the chance and bought it! It started in 1981 and ended in 2003, but unlike American series it didn't drown the watcher and the last three episodes were a year apart! There was even one 3 year gap between 1993 and 1996 and one 5 year gap between 1996 and 2001 before they took up the series again. Never have I seen such continuity in story lines. It is amazing to me that the same actors kept coming back year after year to create this wonderful body of work. It deserved every award and accolade it ever got and those were many.

The first few seasons were half hour comedies and are hilarious, but you soon get to know these characters and become emotionally invested in their stories especially when they expand to full hour shows. By season 4 I was not just laughing, but crying. "Only Fools and Horses" succeeded in being both hilarious and extremely endearing. We are so lucky that we get to watch their stories unfold completely without having to wait 22 years. Best of all it answers the big questions and ties it all together by the final episodes. I can't imagine how invested people must have been who waited 22 years to get their answers. I know not everyone will like this series. My husband didn't like "To Hull and Back" and I do admit I didn't care much for "Miami Twice", but even these offerings are worth watching for the comedy and irony. A great show well worth your money and your time. This is indeed the best Brit-com ever made!!!
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As good as it gets!
HollywoodMusic20 July 2006
It is the British who know how to write for television! Only Fools and Horse ranks at the top right along with Fawlty Towers, The Office, Keeping up Appearances etc. etc. It doesn't really get much better than this! Only Fools and Horses sadly never really made it to the TV screens in USA, but I highly recommend everyone to see it out on DVD which has recently been released in USA. David Jason (who also start in the fantastic British crime series: A Touch of Frost) has to be one of the greatest British actors of all time. Del Boy and Rodney no doubt became major icons of UK television during the 1980s and 1990s and they even returned a few times during the past couple of years for occasional specials! Bravo all the time on this one!
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The greatest most uplifting series ever!!
Joelmeldrew25 October 2006
I have been a British telly fan for about ten years.Being American our TV(with very few exceptions)is horrible at best.So I watch mainly UK programs.I have to say that OFAH is television at its absolutes best!!I have only recently discovered this series through DVD release,but I had first heard about it years ago.

The fact that this show has achieved such legendary status in its homeland is no surprise.David Jasons a wonderful actor and Debby is no doubt his masterpiece.I don't believe a show this good will ever come along again.Im just glad it came along once!!The best thing about it is the fact that Derek and Rodney are so different,but they have an unbreakable bond.The show dealt with some serious subjects but never in an abysmal manner.They weathered all sorts of problems but always managed to survive.I truly adore this show as i'm sure millions of others around the world do.All I can say is thank you Mr.John Sulliven for creating a masterpiece that will surely stand the test of time forever!!Besides The Beatles, OFAH is the most important, entertaining,timeless,culturally significant piece of entertainment,to emerge from the British Isles.One of the greatest(perhaps the greatest)body's of work of the 20th century!!
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How a comedy should be!
walfordqueen7 November 2005
Only Fools And Horses is an excellent comedy and I wish we had more of the same calibre. Always well written and directed this show is one of Britains most legendary comedic gems. The acting is also of a very high standard with David Jason and Nicholas Lyndhurst making the script come to life. They pull in good ratings for the BBC but even if they didn't it wouldn't make the show any less than what it is. Pure comedy gold (as a rule) is something that you'd only generally find on the BBC but this is in a different league of it's own. The show focuses on the lives of the two streetwise brothers Del Boy and Rodney whose escapades are always hilarious. It was a shame when the show lost Grandad but Uncle Albert was a good enough replacement.
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Trigger for prime minister
Butterworthp20 January 2003
This show is by far the greatest show in history with out any doubt at all. When it began in 1981 before i was born it was a instant hit but i got to see the videos from thr first couple of years which are good but the best episdoes are from 1985 onwards with the introduction of the bearded uncle albert and his famous quote 'DURING THE WAR'. But the best thing about this show is trigger who is the best tv character of all time even funny than chandler bing from american sitcom friends, he is so stupid it is so funny. In one episode he is talking about his brush which he has used for twenty years and how it is the same brush and then he says that he has changed the head 10 times and 7 new handles CLASSIC.I just hope they still give us the adventures of rodney and del for some time to come.
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He Who Dares Wins
saleemkalhoro24 April 2012
Only Fools and Horses is of best comedy sitcom ever aired.This shows has every thing from quality comedy to romance love, feeling of responsibly,family. this show is very addicting once you watch you are going to feel that you are part of show.This show has been ranked as British top No.1 sitcom ever aired.David Jason performs the role of Delboy perfectly.Rodney Granddad,Uncle Albert,Trigger all are awesome.Its been a long time since the watched the series but the Dialogue still rings in my ears.He Who Dares Wins still Inspire me.I salute John Sullivan for creating this master piece. I hope if they could continue this series with all original characters and we can have all the fun and entertainment
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Simply the best!
naseby2 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
What can you say about OFaH? A bright spot on the telly whenever on, it never failed to shine. There's just too much to mention on situations, favourite episodes/lines/moments etc. Del Boy (the comic genius, David Jason), Rodney (Able Nick Lyndhurst) Grandad (Lennard Pearce) and of course, Albert (Buster Merryfield) gave us the best comedy ever. Ducking and diving, wheeler-dealing Del, not successfully of course had all manner of scrapes. Dipstick 'Rodders' and Grandad and Albert, who replaced the latter in the family on Mr Pearce's demise provided great support. Although the likes of Raquel and Cassandra were the stable ladies at the helm for the duo, they still helped provide great moments - as did tarty Marlene, boastful shady but successful husband, Boycie, dim Trigger, manipulated Denzil and Mike the pub landlord. Mickey 'the fish' Pearce often gave us a chuckle. Dodgy French, overwhelming cocktails, leopard skin beds, rings/jewellery were Del's forte as was his un-worldwise uncultured views. On Rodney trying to discuss the sensitivity of condoms in a magazine advert: Del: "...don't worry, they aren't really THAT size!" Rodney carries on: "I know that! It's not that, it's just, well, there's a 'stigma' attached to this sort of thing." "Nah..." says Del, "That's just a bit silver foil on it!" COSMIC!!!!
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The best comedy ever PERIOD!
sasazg-128 June 2009
Over the years there were many great comedies out there, but Only Fools And Horses tops them all. There are so many things you love about this show its amazing. Every single episode is funny, and when I say funny, it's really understatement. I've watched hundreds of different shows during the last 20 years, and I can honestly say that this show is in the whole new world from the rest of them. It is really amazing that after all these years this show is still funny. It is just original, the cast is unbelievable, Del Boy, Rodney and their friends, their roles, this show will live forever.

Only Fools And Horses is so amazing especially when you see the rest of the cast, not counting DelBoy and Rodney. Boycie, Trigger and the rest of the gang they all make this show the greatest comedy ever written and produced. Well done!
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Fantasticly original and hilarious
SoulAngel726 May 2003
I wasn't born when it began and its only been in the 90s and through repeats of old episodes have I been able to watch the progression of this unique and hilarious comedy show. As a British person I can relate to the humour and characters and there are some real people like this. I adore the show and its wonderful timeless classic humour from Trig and his "alright Dave" to the warm, but annoying Uncle Arthur who somehow completed the show more than poor old Grandad. This story of two brothers really is made so that people can warm and relate to their struggles in life, because we are all looking to make money and be accepted and loved. Del Boy is a chip off the old block with his "one day we'll be millionaires" and then they were!! Del has some bad schemes, legal and illegal mainly, but he has a generous heart and loves his younger brother Rodney, but his terrible French is always a classic in the joke stakes. Rodney is a little dopey, but always a warm and great character who interacts well with the others and finally found love the lovely Cassandra. All the other characters have an immense dose of the right humor from the ever stupid Trig, to the untrustworthy and sly Boycie to the good mate Mike the landlord of the regular pub the Nag's Head.

This is sublime and classic British comedy at its best.There are easily funny and memorable lines and each episode has a great sense of humour. The show never fails to impress and is one of the superb shows of all time. My particular favourite moments are the episode where they pretend to be chandelier cleaners and Uncle Albert unscrews the wrong one and crash goes an expensive chandelier, the episode where Trig and Del are out on the pull and Del eyes 2 females and says "play it cool Trig, play it cool", goes to lean on the previouly complete bar, which has now been lifted and falls down and the expression on Trigs face is priceless and also the time Del stops the lift to make Rodney open up his pent up anger and sadness after the loss of his and Cassandra's baby. Absolutely a wonderful show that can be repeated endlessly and never fail to make me laugh.
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A true British gem in the crown of Great British comedy!
bustdaryhmes22 May 2012
Only Fools & Horses provided both myself and my family with years of incomparable viewing pleasure and entertainment. As a child growing up in England I spent many an evening with my family watching OFAH both on BBC One and on Gold, and despite all the years of repetitive viewing I still find OFAH just as entertaining as the very first time I watched it all those years ago. To say that Only Fools & Horses is timeless is a serious understatement, in my mind it is an all time great! which will never be shelved nor forgotten.

For me Only Fools & Horses is not purely a comedy or a drama but a crucial part of British culture that has provided a backbone to British Family life for the last 30 or so years as Families up and down the United Kingdom continue to enjoy the nations greatest sitcom, together. In my opinion OFAH is one of the few comedies around that can genuinely provide an entire family unit with hours of entertainment without the fear of sexual content/references, bad language or violence, all of which seem to be increasingly finding there ways into so called modern 'comedies' (which are no where near as funny as this old gem!).

I should also commend the late John Sullivan for the incredible story lines and imaginative plots and of course the brilliant actors: Sir David Jason (Del boy), Nicholas Lyndhurst (Rodders) and all the other cast members for their brilliant transformations into some of the most demanding and challenging roles ever to be seen in a sitcom, all delivered with perfection!!

Only Fools & Horses, you win the Gold for pure comedy genius!
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Pure British comedy gold, a 'belter' as Del would say
davideo-215 March 2008
STAR RATING: ***** Saturday Night **** Friday Night *** Friday Morning ** Sunday Night * Monday Morning

Derek 'Del Boy' Trotter (David Jason) is a brash, loud mouthed South London 'wide-boy' who lives in Nelson Mandela House, a council flat or, as he lovingly calls it, 'a lego set built by the council', along with his grand-father and his much younger brother Rodney (Nicolas Lyndhurst) an idealistic, well-meaning young man who has sadly become rather bitter and cynical at being out of work despite having three GCEs and at the immorality and hopelessness of his older brother's frequent get rich quick ideas. Despite his cocky bravado, though, Del does seem genuinely motivated to do well in business so he can provide a better life for him and his family, always trying to stir hope up within his ranks with his frequent, but never kept, promise that 'this time next year we'll be millionaires...'

Although any night of the week I am practically guaranteed to run into an episode on UKTV Gold, having just brought series 1-7 of what is easily one of my favourite sitcoms ever in a sale for £39 (nearly a hundred quid in HMV!) has brought what made it all a success racing back to me. But then, it's a testament to how great it is that it's done so well and that, well, I can tune into an episode any night of the week.

Del is the main character here, the guy the show pretty much revolves around and it's quite clear to see why. Lyndhurst's Rodney is a vital part as Del's fall guy, and grand-dad was always a good character to have around, until Lennard Pearce's death in around 1985 had him replaced by Buster Merryfield as the livelier Uncle Albert. But Del is the guy who really keeps the boat floating, the self assured, wise cracking wide boy with his frequent catch-phrase's, including the afore-mentioned '...we'll be millionaires', as well as trying to stir up more hope by frequently using the SAS's motto 'he who dares wins' and not to mention taking his exaggerated gift of the gab a bit too far by trying to pronounce sentences in languages he doesn't know the first thing about (...'borsch sprung dung technik!!!') But he can also show his darker side with it, often trying to play on Rodney's emotions by using the memory of his dead mother to force him into helping him with his latest zany scheme, telling him 'you know what the last thing your mother said to me on her death-bed?...'

Rodney's the character it's easiest to have the most empathy with, an intelligent, conscientious young man who suffers constant embarrassment at his older brother's lack of tact and knowledge, but who somehow always finds the courage to answer him back and stand up for himself. You can sense him wasting all his passion and intelligence away due to his lack of employment history and, unfortunately, a criminal record for smoking cannabis. Both Jason and Lyndhurst sound a lot more posh and elocuted in real life, so it's harder to relate to them as true South Londoners but they play their parts so well you can put it to one side. There's a host of lively supporting character's to choose from too, including Boycie (John Challis), the second hand car salesman, constantly sneering down at what he sees as the inferior Trotters and who Del secretly probably wishes he was like, and Trigger (Roger Lloyd Pack) the blank faced (and blank minded) road sweeper who can't seem to get over the fact that Rodney's name is Rodney and not Dave. He lives in a world of his own but seems to have his own weird logic to things that gets him by in life.

A product of Thatcher-esquire Britain, a time when everyone no doubt needed a good laugh and which John Sullivan delivered perfectly. It probably went on a little too long, and the cracks were definitely showing by the last episode, but the timeless overall result leaves it a classic still. *****
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He ain't heavy, he's my brother.
Howlin Wolf3 June 2007
Two people who wind one another up - it's a staple of situation comedy, from "Red Dwarf" to "Blackadder" to "Only Fools & Horses". It's the sibling rivalry perfectly conveyed by the actors and scripts that makes "Fools" so warm and special, though.

David Jason has inhabited the role written on the page so completely that he is now the true original, and any Cockney wide boys armed with braces and Filofax are just copycats aping their hero. Rodney, played by Nicholas Lyndhurst, is the gawky younger brother used as a stooge by his crafty go-getter relative. The family unit was rounded off by two older house-guests, and longtime series fans can be divided into two camps over whether they prefer Lennard Pierce's Grandad or Merryfield's Uncle Albert. I'm a Buster man myself - probably due to my age and the fact that the brothers were less inhibited about making fun of him more.

These were characters most people from a working class family could relate to, and we shared their own feelings about their numerous setbacks and occasional triumphs. It was truly a joyous moment when they finally got what they had spent years hustling for, and perhaps that's how these larger-than-life tradesmen should best be remembered. Familiarity made it good to see them back in the one-off specials, but deep down they will always be a pair of opportunists who somehow managed to steal our hearts when we weren't quite paying attention, and there's only so many ups and downs a streetwise life can take! Only Fools and Horses will go down in the history books as perhaps the most unpretentious and genuinely affectionate serial of its type that's ever been made.
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"Send Rodney For The Fish!"
ShadeGrenade20 November 2006
Warning: Spoilers
'Only Fools & Horses' has experienced a slight fall from grace in recent years, with its reputation questioned by, amongst others, comedian Arthur Smith, who made unfavourable comparisons with 'The Office'. Repeats have possibly resulted in overfamiliarity breeding contempt, as well as confusion ( the episodes being screened wildly out of sequence ). Its certainly true that the post-1996 Christmas shows weren't up to standard, but all this is to ignore the series at its best. The fact it that 'Only Fools & Horses' is a prime contender for the title of best British sitcom of all time. Brilliantly written and acted throughout.

In 1981, when it started, 'Only Fools' was just another comedy. Each episode was thirty minutes long, the only regulars were Derek 'Del Boy' Trotter, his brother Rodney, and their Grandad. Stories revolved around Del Boy's latest 'get rich quick' scheme which, predictably, would fail badly.

But as it developed, and steadily rose in popularity, it evolved into something else - a comedy soap, if you like. When it was expanded to 45 minute episodes, supporting characters such as 'Trigger', 'Denzil' and 'Boycie' became as much a part of the show as either Del Boy or Rodney. When the latter married Cassandra and the former began a relationship with Raquel, that was when it really hit the button.

Those who claim that the show's humour is intrinsically dated are wrong because the show is essentially about human relationships and that theme will never date. Despite their constant bickering, Del Boy and Rodney are devoted to each other. When gangsters threatened Rodney, Del Boy agreed to take a beating on his behalf. A sitcom about hate is never going to have the longevity of one based on love.

The death of Lennard Pearce in the mid-80's threatened to derail the show, but John Sullivan bravely decided to make Grandad's death into an episode, one that set the scene for the arrival of Uncle Albert, brilliantly played by Buster Merryfield.

As other sitcoms come and go, 'Only Fools' will always be around somewhere. My favourite episode - 'The Jolly Boys' Outing'. Just watching the Trotters and their friends having fun at the seaside is a sheer joy!

A word of warning - if you're thinking of getting your chandelier cleaned, don't call the Trotters, okay?
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What can i say, its Perfect
BritishMovieBuff5 July 2012
Quite simply the best British TV show of all time and one of the best in the history. Written by The late great John Sullivan and featuring the talents of David Jason, Nick Lyndhurst and Buster Merryfield to mention just a few, only fools was always destined for greatness, the lovable and relatable characters, the perfect plot, sublime script it just couldn't fail to win the hearts of the viewers.

It became a steady diet for the British public with almost 25 million people watching the episodes which at the time was half the population of the country, a viewing record that still stands today, it is one of the very few TV shows that could make you laugh uncontrollably one minute then cry your eyes out in the next.

I could go on and on about this masterpiece, talking about my favourite episode (the unlucky winner is, series 6 episode 4), or my favourite feature length special (Heroes and Villains), but I wont, maybe the American readers haven't had the pleasure of watching only fools but please do give it a chance you won't regret it.
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The funniest show ever
psgifford27 April 2007
As good as comedy gets- Whereas the earlier series were good- the show matures- and so do the characterizations. By the time we get Uncle instead of granddad the show is in its full stride (It was sad loss however that brought about the cast change.) I urge all who have not seen this show to give it a chance- you will not be disappointed. The show demonstrates changing views over the last twenty years- It is amazing just how much the world has changed. Do not let the culture differences between British and American Humor worry you- whereas i am admittedly a transplanted Brit here in the States- the show has gained many a fan by my American family, friends and neighbors. In fact my American wife is about as big a fan of the show as you can get.
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Good for the ultimate British comedy fan!
Syl4 January 2006
I was in London over the holidays and I finally got to see this show. At first, I was hesitant about it. I felt it was too dry but I learned to like the humor and relationship between Sir David Jason O.B.E. and Nicholas Lyndhurst as brothers. It was realistic and worth watching again. Buster Merryfield should not be forgotten as the third in this odd trio of characters trying to get ahead in life. I was kind of sad when they finally got there. It seemed that their life before money was far richer and more interesting than when they had little and was struggling like so many of us. You can see why David Jason was knighted and honored for his services to drama. He is a gifted comedian. His fellow cast members, Nicholas Lyndhurst and Buster Merryfield were also perfect to play his brother. I began to really like the show when the three men went away for a weekend and ended up in the worst hotel across the street. The writing is pretty dry so you have to develop a very good taste to watching this show. When there was nothing else on, Only Fools and Horses was worth watching for the laughter, memories, and great cast.
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What can't speak can't lie
studioAT30 December 2010
John Sullivan perfectly captures the life,loves and losses of the Trotter family in this inch perfect sitcom. We find ourselves rooting for the lovable losers Del and Rodney as they try to become millionaires.

Supported by a strong second tier of characters including the snobby Boycie and dim Trigger each episode of this show has magic moments with the chemistry between David Jason and Nicholas Lyndhurst is spot on.

This is by far one of the best comedies ever produced as it has the unique ability to be both funny and touching at the same time. Not all the episodes are classics and the later specials were a mistake but this cannot spoil the fact that John Sullivan regularly creates moments of comedy gold that will live on forever.
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