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Season 1

20 Nov. 1981
Returning from retirement to hunt down a killer!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
27 Nov. 1981
Requiem for a Narc
When an undercover cop, who's the son of an old friend of McClain's, is killed by a drug dealer he was working on. McClain tries to get the man but because of a legal technicality, the man is released. So McClain turns to a female informant known as a black Widow to try and get the man.
4 Dec. 1981
A Time of Peril
There's a rapist at large. McClain and Gates respond to the latest attack. While there McClain encounters a man who is running away so he chases him and knocks him out. Later a TV reporter is covering his arrest and the man cries out that McClain was brutal towards him and she backs him. McClain thinks he's the rapist but has no proof.
11 Dec. 1981
Let the Victims Beware
McClain and his partner try to prosecute x-cons, in witness protection.
18 Dec. 1981
Portrait of a Playmate
The 2 detectives with the help of an (alcoholic) x-cop, hopefully solve the murders of 2 prostitutes.
8 Jan. 1982
To Save the Queen
The detectives try to prevent the murdering of the Deputy Mayor.
15 Jan. 1982
A Matter of Honor
While investigating a man's death. Evidence leads McClain to a family who are friends of his. It seems that the man was having an affair with the daughter. And the family is extremely proud. And the father and son don't have an alibi. McClain doesn't think they're guilty but the Captain decides to turn it to the D.A.
22 Jan. 1982
The Sign of the Beast: Part 1
A crime that has been committed may be drug related.
5 Feb. 1982
What Patric Doesn't Know
Citizens take the law into their own hands.
12 Feb. 1982
Green Light
2 detectives are taken hostage in the police station.
19 Feb. 1982
Use of Deadly Force
McClain checks the accusations of (suspect beatings) by police officers.
6 Mar. 1982
The detectives are tracking down a bank robber.
13 Mar. 1982
From the Mouths of Babes
A robbery witnessed by young child.
20 Mar. 1982
The Last Hero
McClain is taken hostage in a hospital.

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