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5 Jan. 1982
Old Friends
A vindictive Tyrone forecloses on the Weldon mill after gaining control of the Truro bank. Constance continues her affair with Julio. A defeated and humiliated Claude contemplates suicide over the loss of his business. Old friends Sam and Lane find their tempestuous relationship resuming when they're stranded together in the country.
12 Jan. 1982
Strange Bedfellows
Constance and Julio take their secret relationship to the next level. Field considers having an affair with reporter Sande Swanson. With Titus up for re-election as sheriff, Elmo decides to take the opportunity to expose Titus' corruption and rid Truro of him once and for all by challenging him in the race.
19 Jan. 1982
Constance convinces Field to hire Julio as a political aide. Later, while on a business trip to Tallahassee, Constance arranges for a secret tryst with her new lover. Michael Tyrone befriends Lute-Mae and removes Tony from her life. Lute-Mae is surprised by Tyrone's friendliness, unaware that he has learned the secret of Constance's parentage and plans to use it to his advantage.
2 Feb. 1982
To Catch a Thief
After Constance's jewelry disappears from the Weldon mansion, suspicion falls on Julio. Michael Tyrone escorts Lute-Mae to the racetrack, and she learns that he has earmarked her to manage his new casino resort. Titus has Julio arrested for grand larceny, a move which could expose his affair with Constance. Sam proposes marriage to Lane, but what should be a joyous occasion becomes one of ambivalence when she feels pressured to accept his proposal.
9 Feb. 1982
The Explosion
Skipper pens a series of cautionary editorials against the legalization of gambling in Truro County, inciting the wrath of Titus and Tyrone. Sam and Lane make preparations for their lavish wedding. Elmo refuses to suppress Skipper's editorials, and later an explosion rocks The Clarion offices. Skipper survives the blast, but his injuries leave him blinded.
16 Feb. 1982
Chance of a Lifetime
Skipper learns that his vision loss might not be temporary. The long and complicated romance between Lane and Sam culminates in a beautiful wedding. Titus decides to frame someone for the explosion at The Clarion and shocks the wedding party when he places one of the guests under arrest for the crime.
23 Feb. 1982
Double Exposure
Constance discovers Field's illicit relationship with Sande Swanson and reciprocates by initiating an affair with Michael Tyrone. A protective Eudora takes advantage of Skipper's blindness to keep Alicia away from him. While honeymooning in Nassau, Sam and Lane run into Tyrone. Lane becomes disappointed when Sam's attention is diverted away from her and on to learning more about Tyrone's activities.
2 Mar. 1982
The Dedication
Setting a plan in motion to take over the town, Michael Tyrone donates land for the Truro Arts Center and proposes naming it in honor of Field's late father. Alicia dodges Eudora's security to meet with Skipper. Tyrone continues to manipulate Lute-Mae, Constance and Field. Lane adjusts to a life of wealth and respectability as Sam's wife, as the couple moves into a mansion of their own on Flamingo Road.
16 Mar. 1982
Sins of the Father
Unaware of Michael Tyrone's manipulation, Field uncovers damning evidence of his late father's dealings with Titus, and the information could lead to Titus' downfall. Alicia reassures Skipper that she loves him regardless of his disability. The reason for Tyrone's agenda in Truro is revealed, along with the shocking true identity of Field's lover Sande Swanson.
23 Mar. 1982
No Dice
Field comes to the realization that Sande has just been using him to feed Michael Tyrone information for his blackmail scheme. Sande recognizes that she has real feelings for Field and doesn't want to continue hurting him. Skipper and Alicia decide to escape complications with his family by eloping. Tyrone uses his power to ensure Field's support in an imminent vote to legalize gambling in Truro.
30 Mar. 1982
The High and the Mighty
Forming an alliance to investigate Michael Tyrone's past, Sam and Field fly to Nassau where they encounter voodoo. Lane discovers she's pregnant. A captive Sande gets word to Field that he and Sam are in danger. Tyrone proposes marriage to Lute-Mae. On their way back to Truro, Sam and Field's plane is sabotaged and crashes in the Everglades. Titus suggests that Constance prepare her widow's outfit. Tyrone vows to destroy Titus, the Weldons, and the Carlyles.
13 Apr. 1982
The Bad and the Beautiful
Voodoo priestess Julia arrives in Truro to help Tyrone. Sande escapes and makes her way back to Truro to spoil her brother's schemes. While Tyrone practices voodoo, Sande's car plummets over a cliff. Lute-Mae sees Tyrone for who he really is and is horrified to discover that he and Constance are lovers. Tyrone orders Sande's murder, but first she gives Titus and Claude a vital clue to Tyrone's secret.
20 Apr. 1982
An Eye for an Eye
Field reverses his support of the gambling bill and resigns his senate seat rather than yield to Tyrone's blackmail. Armed with a gun, a deranged Lute-Mae stalks Tyrone as he has another sexual tryst with Constance. Julio continues to pursue a disinterested Constance, who institutes divorce proceedings against Field. Lute-Mae is ready for the sanitarium.
27 Apr. 1982
The Harder They Fall
Julia warns Titus that he's a dead man, unless he can kill Michael Tyrone first. Tyrone explains his vengeance to Eudora. Titus sees dead men hanging from trees. Tyrone declares Constance a tramp and affects her destruction by revealing to her the identity of her mother and father. Lane is terrified by a threat to Sam's life. Claude must answer to Eudora and Constance for lying about Constance's parentage.
4 May 1982
Murder, They Said
Lute-Mae escapes the sanitarium with the sole purpose of killing Tyrone. Constance loads a gun, gives it to Julio, and encourages him to get rid of Tyrone, who stands in the way of their happiness. After additional threats of murder from Sam, Titus, and Claude, someone fires a shot at Tyrone's car. Later, Tyrone lures Titus and vows that his father's spirit will be reborn with Titus's destruction. A dead body and a raging fire are discovered at Tyrone's mansion. Julio, a suspect in the murder, threatens to confess and name Constance as an accomplice unless she marries...

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