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6 Jan. 1988
The Interview
Alexis has joined the race for governor as an independent and makes sure Blake doesn't make it to their first TV interview. She didn't count on Krystle stepping in for her husband. Dana reveals to Adam that reason why she can't conceive a child.
13 Jan. 1988
Krystle is digging into Alexis past. Alexis tries to get her children's support but only Adam will help her campaign. Leslie discovers a connection between Sean Rowan and the late Joseph Aynders.
20 Jan. 1988
The Rifle
Steven finally agrees to the Vitron-Oil deal because Adam and Fallon want it. Alexis is considering dropping out of the race, leading Sean to take drastic matters into his own hands.
27 Jan. 1988
The Bracelet
Alexis has been shot at the start of a live debate and has instantly become a heroine in the public eye. Steven is unhappy about Jeff spending so much time with Sammy Jo. Surrogate Karen Atkinson learns her husband never signed their divorce papers.
3 Feb. 1988
The Warning
Denver-Carrington is not biding well under Steven's management. Alexis offers Blake the position of her Lieutenant Governor if he drops from the race. Adam pays off Karen's husband Jesse.
10 Feb. 1988
Adam's Son
Jeff has bought enough stock in Denver-Carrington to buy his way in and reinstate Dex Dexter. This means Jeff has to resign as Blake's campaign manager. Karen gives birth to Adam's child. Dex tells Alexis about Sean's true identity.
2 Mar. 1988
The Scandal
While Blake investigates Sean Rowan, Alexis is being forced to stay home by him. Adam learns he's a Carrington after all, but now Karen wants to keep the baby for herself. Sammy Jo is unsure if a relationship with Jeff is a good idea.
9 Mar. 1988
The Trial
The custody trial concerning Adam's child begins. When Leslie learns Jeff is divorced and living on his own, she decides to move in with him. Steven and Fallon work together to clear their fathers name in Natumbe. Krystle is suffering from mysterious headaches.
16 Mar. 1988
The Proposal
Adam and Dana's marriage is crumbling under pressure of the trial. Meanwhile Alexis and Dex reconcile. Leslie is fired by Alexis. Jeff proposes to Sammy Jo.
30 Mar. 1988
Colorado Roulette
Adam is absolved of suspicion in the kidnapping of his son when Leslie calls him to say that Sean has taken the baby and is holding her captive. Finding the location of the call through a wire tap, Adam and Steven hurry to the desolate mountain cabin. They find Leslie badly beaten, but Sean has already taken off with the baby.
3 Nov. 1988
Broken Krystle
Following Sean's death, Alexis is comforted by Dex's solace and friendship, as the two renew their passionate love for each; Fallon slips out of Jeff's room after Sammy Jo shows up unexpectedly to accept his marriage offer; Blake is devastated by his fear that Krystle's disappearance may by a severe mental disorder.
10 Nov. 1988
A Touch of Sable
Sammy Jo and Jeff are relieved when they discover the body found floating in the lake is not Krystle; Blake's fears increase when Krystle's car is found and the man arrested for stealing it is a convicted murderer; Alexis finds a run in with Sable Colby an unwelcome surprise.
1 Dec. 1988
She's Back
Enjoying his time with Krystle in Dayton, Blake remains perplexed by the case of her memory lapses, fearing they may occur again; Adam puts his plan of taking control of Denver-Carrington into action by hiring Steven's personal assistant to work for him; Sable puts the moves on Dex; Finding out she is suspected in a murder, Krystle demands to see the body.
8 Dec. 1988
Body Trouble
Blake gives Jeff one-third controlling interest in Denve-Carrington, postponing Adam's plans to gain sole control of the company; Blake and Krystle meet with Dr. Hampton to begin tests, while Blake tells her the true reason for her severe headaches.
15 Dec. 1988
Alexis in Blunderland
Suspecting her accountant has worked with Sean to ruin Colbyco, Alexis faces the reality she may lose her empire. Sable uses Hamilton Stone to get back some of the Colbyco dynasty she feels rightfully belongs to her. After agreeing to give Jeff control in overseeing the pipeline for Denver-Carrington, Adam immediately schemes to double cross him.
22 Dec. 1988
Every Picture Tells a Story
Surrounded by those she loves, Krystle resolves to live. Fallon takes the picture of Blake and the dead man to the morgue, unaware she is being watched. Blake and Virginia, pulled together by Krystle's illness, form a close bond. Knowing about the picture, Sable promises Blake she will be an ally when the story breaks.

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