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Sex & Nudity

  • Two characters talk profanely about their experiences with women.
  • A man talks about the best way to masturbate, by using a cork with a string attached, sticking it up their bottom and then pulling the string gently while masturbating.
  • A man is seen dancing suggestively on a table with a woman.
  • A character fondles a woman's breasts.
  • Two characters are seen embracing. They kiss.

Violence & Gore

  • Depth charges are dropped on the submarine, the crew is seen being thrown around.
  • A character is seen with a headwound, blood running down his face.
  • A character hits another character in the face.
  • A ship is torpedoed. There is the explosion, and flaming people are seen jumping overboard and screaming. They later are left, presumably to drown.
  • A character is wounded and is seen with a large amount of blood on his face.
  • Another character is caught in an explosion from an airplane attack. He is seen screaming and writhing in pain, blood on his face and chest.
  • An airplane attacks the submarine, on two seperate occasions. Gunfire and explosions are seen.
  • There is an air raid, and explosions and gunfire are seen, bombs are dropped. People are seen screaming and running.


  • Around ten uses of 'fuck'. Most of which are used to describe sex
  • "Ass", "Shit", "Piss", "Damn", "Hell", etc are frequent.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • At the party scene, characters are seen smoking cigarettes.
  • Beer is drank.
  • In one scene, lots of characters are seen drunk.
  • One man is passed out on the floor from drinking.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The film has a claustrophobic atmosphere. It features long drawn out scenes which later heightens the intense cat-and-mouse like action sequences

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