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Season 1

10 Sep. 1981
Immediately after the Civil War, a union soldier takes his southern belle wife to Montana, planning to open a general store and helping change part the wilderness into a thriving community. He has to battle not only the crooked town boss, a notorious gunfighter but his family that are desperate to return to civilization.
24 Sep. 1981
Mail Order Bride
Doc sends for a mail order bride. And when she arrives the gang learns that she's more experienced than Doc thinks she is. And it's at the wedding that she reveals the truth.
8 Oct. 1981
The Reunion
Elvira's father, a Confederate Colonel who stopped talking to her because she married a Yankee, Sam, comes for a visit. But he's still not talking to her. Sam tries to fix things between them.
19 Nov. 1981
The Railroad
When the railroad is planning to choose between two locations for their line and one of them is Copper Creek. So the town needs to send someone to meet with the railroad to convince them to choose them. And the ones who are chosen are Sam and Tillman. When they get there, the railroad is looking for a respectable town and Tillman says they are; they even have a church which they don't. The railroad decides to pick Copper Creek. But when a representative from the railroad shows up they need to pretend that they are a congregation. The representative tells Sam that the ...
26 Feb. 1982
The Pretty Prisoner
Sam apprehends a female outlaw. Sam has to bring her in for trial. And Elvira is uncomfortable because she's an attractive woman. Later she escapes and when Sam tells them what happened, it's hard for anyone to believe that she outwitted him. Especially since she comes back and says it's because of him.
7 Jun. 1982
Elvira's Old Beau
A man Elvira was engaged to but because he was shot during the war, she met and married Sam instead, has come to town. He tells Sam that he wants her and intends to ask her to go with him. Sam is told by the gang not to do it. But he lets her go anyway. Tillman then tells him that he can spy on them if he wants to through the bear on the wall.
14 Jun. 1982
Sam's Life Is Threatened
Sam learns that a man he arrested escaped and is probably on his way to get him. So he and the others wonder how he will do it. And Frog points out that a woman who just came to town, appears to more familiar with the town for someone who just came. So Sam asks Tillman to go talk to her but what they don't know is that she is the man in disguise.

 Season 1 

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