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Rather slow, and doesn't really star Jackie Chan.
antiwolf26 May 2002
Jackie Chan is credited as the star of this movie, but he really is not. He is a major supporting actor, but not the star. It's just been packaged to highlight his name. I found the movie slow and rather boring. I enjoy watching Jackie Chan movies, but this one just did not hold my interest. Possibly because the movies he starred in were a lot better than ones where he merely appeared in.
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Not a great kung fu movie, but far from the worst
obloco22 November 2009
I got this movie as part of a three pack, with the other two titles being Snake Crane Secret (which is on at least half of the compilation kung fu DVD's), and Breathing Fire (which as one reviewer here said is "Crap-tastic!"). Bargain Bin.

The blurb on the DVD box incorrectly states Jackie Chan is the taxi driver/hero of the movie. He actually plays one of the thugs, with a bad mole on his face, and is only a supporting actor - which means less screen time, and less of him in the fight sequences. Too bad.

Some of the fights are good, but most are only average for a kung fu flick: better than the Phillipino stuff, but not by much, and definitely not up to the Chinese Movie Village standard. The car chase scenes are almost bad enough to be funny. Almost.

I have to agree with the other comment, for an action movie this is quite slowly paced, and seemed like much longer than 90 minutes.

I wouldn't avoid seeing it, but I'd avoid paying money for it unless you are a Jackie Chan complete-ist - and be ready for Chan to take a back seat, not center stage.
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Rewrites what is possible in the art of filmmaking
brianggg13 December 2017
This movie is good. I mean real good. Holy Lord, if you only see one film this year, make it this one. Now I don't like to blaspheme, but Jesus H Christ how this film did not sweep the 1974 Academy Awards I do not know. I award this film 5 giant face moles out of 5.
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