Somewhere in Time (1980) Poster

Christopher Reeve: Richard Collier



  • Richard Collier : Please, don't leave. You have no idea how far I've come to be with you.

  • Richard Collier : This is not for a play, Miss Roberts. This is something very personal.

    [shows her the pocketwatch] 

    Laura Roberts : Where did you get that?

    Richard Collier : Well, she gave it to me, ma'am. At the opening of a play I wrote eight years ago at Millfield College.

    Laura Roberts : That watch was very precious to her. She never- never left it out of her possession. It disappeared the night she died.

    Richard Collier : She died that night?

  • [repeated line] 

    Richard Collier : See you around, Arthur.

  • Richard Collier : I owe you an apology. I understand you now. You have nothing but the best motives in mind for her, but so do I.

  • Richard Collier : Arthur, you know in the Hall of History, there's a photograph, a young woman. There's no nameplate.

    Arthur Biehl : Yes, that's Elise McKenna. She was a famous actress in her day. Starred in a play in the hotel theater.

    Richard Collier : I-I'm sorry. Did you say there was a theater here?

    Arthur Biehl : Yes. Down by the lake.

    Richard Collier : Really? When was this play done?

    Arthur Biehl : 1912.

  • Elise McKenna : You will marry me won't you?

    Richard Collier : [Richard coughs and splutters]  Sorry

    Elise McKenna : You won't?

    [she asks rather worriedly] 

    Richard Collier : Sure, I Was just laughing at the way you asked that's all

    Elise McKenna : For one moment there, I thought you had a wife and children back home somewhere

    [she chuckles] 

    Richard Collier : Oh Elise

  • [first lines] 

    [various snippets in crowd chatter] 

    Richard Collier : I got some news. There was an agent in the house tonight, and he said he thinks this play might be good enough for Broadway.

    [cheers from crowd] 

    Richard Collier : Fingers crossed, who knows? Come on, let's all have some cake.

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