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Seems Like Max Dugan Returns
vertigo_142 April 2004
I love Neil Simon comedies. The situations are so utterly outrageous, that they're hilarious. Seems Like Old Times is the story of a woman (Hawn) who's ex-husband, Nick,(Chase) is wrongly accused of robbing a bank. Nick keeps popping up at his ex-wife's house to get her to help him out, and in the meantime, she's trying to keep him hidden from her husband (Grodin), who's got an interest in aprehending Nick because he's up for the role of Attorney General.

The story is very similar to Max Dugan Returns, another Simon comedy in which Marsha Mason plays a woman who's estranged father (Jason Robards) shows up at her doorstep one night with a suitcase full of "stolen" money. In need of a place to lay low from the cops, the woman has to hide him from her boyfriend, a detective played by Donald Sutherland. By the way, if you liked Seems Like Old Times, you'd probably enjoy Max Dugan Returns, although it is not filled with as much 'stupid comedy' as the former.

Seems Like Old Times is classic Chevy Chase wit, Goldie Hawn charm, Charles Grodin panic, and comfortable Neil Simon comedy. Plus, it's got a load of other familliar faces like Robert Gillaum as Grodin's best friend and co-worker. T.K. Carter is hilarious as Goldie Hawn's chauffeur/maitre di/whatever else the woman hires him for (you'll understand if and when you have seen the movie). I think my favorite character of all, however, is the sassy housemaid, Aurora. It's a nice little film about outrageously odd occurences.
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FUN movie, great cast, great lines. Remake....
ksf-21 June 2003
Every line is a hilarious pun or joke. Seems to be a remake of Talk of the Town (black and white movie, 1942), which was more of a drama than a comedy. Same plot of "love triangle", based on help from an old flame, up against an adversary running for public office, who is trying to avoid bad press. The hero, wrongly accused, even uses the same hiding places throughout the flick. Yvonne Wilder steals the show as the house-keeper Aurora, who runs a tight ship amid all the confusion of the pack of dogs always running around; She speaks her mind yelling things "under her breath". It isn't any Shakespeare, but its all around fun for all ages, and has a clever screenplay. Charles Grodin is the dour, serious husband who is trying to hold his position as Husband. The chemistry between Chevy Chase and Goldie Hawn is amazing, and you can sense the conflict that the married Goldie Hawn feels as she tries to avoid falling back in love with Chevy Chase. Some great one-liners from Chevy Chase - he seems to be answering his own question half the time, and the jokes are for the benefit of the audience and Chevy himself.
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They don't make comedies like they used to.
ALOE28 March 2001
The late seventies/early eighties may have left us the legacy of disco, and polyester, but it also was a time of some great comedic films, and comedic writers and actors.

I remember seeing movies such as Foul Play, Seems Like Old Times, The Goodbye Girl, Airplane, Arthur, The Main Event, Love at First Bite, The Jerk, etc. as a kid. Then they were funny to me, but now that I get older, they seem even funnier. Maybe it's the nostalgia, in a day and age of 'dark comedy', to be again in an era that was more laid-back and lighthearted. These movies are just good plain fun.

As far as Chevy Chase, and Goldie Hawn are concerned, especially in Foul Play...I would have describe them as cute, (especially together), great fun, fun to watch, great talents, and in this movie pure genius. I would love to see some of the seventies/ eighties comedy icons get together to make one last movie together. With a good script, it would be like It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World would be to the great classic comedians of early film.
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Excellent, excellent, EXCELLENT comedy!
severe_td21 March 2005
While "Airplane!" is widely regarded as the best comedy of 1980, this gem is often overlooked.

This movie has too many hilarious scenes to count, and contains many clever one-liners that will leave you rolling. The humor here isn't always obvious and in-your-face, but it's lurking within nearly every line in every scene.

The wacky set of characters add flair to the well-written storyline. This is one comedy which never gets old or boring, from beginning to end.

Stars Chevy Chase, Goldie Hawn, and Charles Grodin are at their best, while the supporting cast also does an excellent job. This is a well made comedy in all aspects. It is perplexing how this one fell below the radar.

Keep in mind that this movie is not really aimed at the stupid. If you need to be hit over the head with jokes in order to recognize them, this isn't the movie for you. At the same time, the movie is not pretentious, and the humor is not hidden. If you can appreciate its deadpan tone, you will find it to be hilarious.
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Good old fashioned screwball comedy
Idocamstuf21 September 2002
This movie just gave me a good feeling. The chemestry between Hawn, Grodin, and Chase was great. Chevy Chase like always has some very funny slapstick moments. The movie kind of got unfairly thrown into the Chevy Chase's pile of flops(Under The Rainbow, Modern Problems, Deal Of The Century, ect.), this is som much better than all of those, I even thought it was better than Foul Play. If you like

Chevy Chase or Goldie Hawn, watch this movie.
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"I'm sorry...I have a headache through my entire body."
moonspinner557 April 2001
Some very funny lines in this cute but wobbly screwball comedy from writer Neil Simon, reuniting "Foul Play" stars Goldie Hawn and Chevy Chase as ex-marrieds thrown together again after Chase is forced to rob a bank and seeks refuge with Hawn, who has a new husband. The film is overrun with noise: barking dogs, disco music, and broad characters such as a howling maid and an inept valet. One scene (with Chevy hiding underneath a bed and Charles Grodin stepping on his finger) had the movie audience rolling in the aisles, but that sequence looks pretty desperate when seen on TV (it's just the sort of stunt a situation comedy would use, but there's no laugh-track here). Goldie is pretty and sweet; she's softer here and less politicized than in "Private Benjamin" (which beat this into theaters by about two months). Chevy continually loses character and drifts, but Grodin is funny, frustrated but not irritating, and the supporting players are colorful, despite all the bickering. **1/2 from ****
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nervecrackingly funny
Nefi8 August 1999
This movie is absolutely hilarious! I first saw it a couple of years ago and had my belly aching from laughing by the time it was over. Yesterday it was shown again on TV and it had exactly the same effect on me throughout this second viewing. Playwright Neil Simon, who scripted this film had a real grasp on his prose all through the 70s and 80s, and this film is a delight for everyone familiar with his style of lining up one-liners in such a way that the viewer barely has time to breathe from laughter. All three leads are great. This is real evidence for all those who have doubts about Goldie Hawn's talents, since she is delightful from start to finish and once again proves that she was and still is one of the greatest comediennes Hollywood ever produced. A comedy classic of sorts.
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Goldie and Chevy: That Match Made In Heaven
jberlin117972 May 2003
It is, count'em, 25 years of my loyal fanship to Goldie Hawn and Chevy Chase, through thick and thin. "Foul Play" is their first go-round, and "Seems Like Old Times" is equally as timeless and great.

For the over 1000 times I have watched "Foul Play" and "Seems Like Old Times," I feel warm, giddy, and romantic every time as I look at this beautiful and funny pair. However, in "Seems Like Old Times," they are divorced. Hawn is the pretty but confused lawyer divorced from klutzy, easygoing novelist Chase turned bank-robbing fugitive and currently married to prim D.A. Charles Grodin. In fact, Hawn is so liberal she aids illegal aliens, a kleptomaniacal black chauffer, and faces the ultimate dilemma: Should she take in her ex-husband and come back and have fun with him or should she stay with her humorless current husband. Both men love her. Chase scoots under every bed due to intimidation by Grodin. Grodin does everything to get rid of Chase. Chase still has loving feelings for Hawn. This causes Hawn titilation, even insomnia with Chase hiding out in their house. When the two men finally meet, sparks fly. Not only do they get into a fistfight during dinner, but a court case looms over. Naturally, Grodin prosecutes Chase and Hawn defends him. Hawn wins. Chase kisses Hawn in front of an exasperated Grodin. Then Hawn and Grodin go away. They have car trouble, and Hawn unexpectedly gets to Chase's cabin in a rainstorm. She smiles at him. But that is the ending. Still, despite some flaws, "Seems Like Old Times" is a timeless small movie for those who want to laugh and fall in love. But why did it flop? Was it hard to accept Hawn and Chase as divorced? But the chemistry is still there, whether they get married or split up. Sure there are several romantic screen teams, such as Hanks and Ryan, Powell and Loy, and Hepburn and Tracy, but it is Hawn and Chase who do it for me and, of course, they are not married to each other in real life, but are married in spirit on screen.
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Plot is similar to "The Talk of the Town" with Cary Grant and Jean Arthur...
Doylenf24 April 2009
But nothing else is comparable to that Columbia comedy/romance from 1942 wherein Cary tries to hide out in Jean Arthur's house and she tries to keep Ronald Colman from finding out.

Part of the problem here is the script. Neil Simon is a very fine writer of screen comedies, as everyone knows, but this is not one of his best efforts. It's all overdone--the humor, the situations, the dogs most of all, the whole plot is a lot of fluffy nonsense.

Anybody who thinks this is superior to FOUL PLAY, the previous outing with GOLDIE HAWN and CHEVY CHASE, hasn't got all their marbles. This is so far down the line from that previous comedy that mixed laughs with chills that it's not funny. Neither is the film.

Have to give this one a thumbs down for lack of sparkling wit. Goldie and Chevy and CHARLES GRODIN deserve better than this.
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They don't make comedies like they used to...THANK GOODNESS!!
storytym12 April 2006
I can't believe some posters are waxing nostalgic about this movie.

It stinks.

When Neil Simon is funny, he's pretty funny.

When he's off, it's excruciating to watch, and man is he off on this. I saw it when it first came out, and it seemed hopelessly dated then. I can only imagine what a relic it is now.

Yes, Chevy Chase and Goldie Hawn were good in FOUL PLAY, but that had a great script going for it. This absolutely, positively does not.

The jokes fall flat, the scenarios are strained beyond belief, and it just comes across as a bit of Hollywood hopelessly detached from reality.

In fact, it might just be worse than MODERN PROBLEMS or UNDER THE RAINBOW.

Watch this at your own peril, unless you want to see Exhibit #A in Chevy Chase's unprecedented run at picking awful scripts.
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Fun and funny...
jantoniou12 September 2005
I wouldn't say Neil Simon's comic wit is at full steam in this light-hearted comedy, but there are certainly a plethora of laughs to go around.

Chevy Chase's Nick Gardenia is offishly matter-of-fact funny as only he can be, a writer and journalist (have you noticed Simon's protagonists are nearly always writers?) of ill-repute who somehow once ended up in a Mexican jail for 2 years and is now on the path to recovery when a couple of bank robbers kidnap and use him for a heist. His mug is prominently featured in the robbery photos and then the fun ensues when he goes to his ex-wife's (Hawn's) house to engender her help after being let go by the robbers and being fully on the run from the law.

The movie is mostly fast-paced slapstick farce, a host of retreaded clichés (the dogs, for example), and quick jokes. Charles Grodin is actually quite funny and charming as her straight-arrow District Attorney (soon to be Attorney General) husband, Ira. Given "Midnight Run," I think Grodin should be considered a mint for American glib comedy a la Albert Brooks.

It's pointless to go much deeper into the story as the plot merely drives slapstick scenes one into the next. The story is essentially the sum of its parts.

Goldie Hawn is in full-tilt cutie mode (she really was a doll) but carries the movie very well as a hopeless do-gooder who wants to help everybody, including her ex-husband and every stray dog in 10 surrounding counties. Chevy Chase often gives the impression of making comedy look effortless (think Fletch), but he is REALLY giving into pratfalling a la his SNL days in this one. The supporting cast with Guillaume and others is excellent.

This is completely worth a watch if you catch it as in many ways this movie is superior to the Hawn and Chase hit "Foul Play."
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Here's to "Old Times"...
Mister-62 January 2000
Warning: Spoilers
If you want to see a film where Chevy and Goldie are really on top of their game, this is the one!

"Seems Like Old Times" couldn't miss, really - here is a script by Neil Simon, a solid comedy cast (Gould as the befuddled judge is a stand-out) and a completely engaging feel for what comedic timing is. There are no slow spots, flat jokes or flopped sight gags anywhere throughout and what can one say about Grodin? He's great, the modern day "stone-face" scores yet again!

The lines are endlessly quotable and some are downright classic. My favorite has to be where Goldie has to do some quick thinking to explain to the cops why bank robber/ex-husband Chevy is in the back of her car. When the cops ask her driver (Carter) if he'd seen any of what happened - "No, I came late."

To tell anything else would be spoiler enough. This is a film that has to be experienced first-hand to be truly enjoyed. And if you like sight gags, one-liners and either Goldie Hawn, Chevy Chase or Charles Grodin, look no further for your favorite movie.

Watch "Seems Like Old Times" - you'll have a GREAT time.

Ten stars and a handful of Zagnut bars for this one. And remember - it's never a good idea in court to have a St. Bernard dribble on your briefs.
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Major disappointment
jrs-820 February 2004
"Seems Like Old TImes" is a blown opportunity. You have Goldie Hawn and Chevy Chase in a comedy with a script by the great Neil Simon. How can you miss? Somehow they did.

The film starts out promisingly enough when Chase is forced to rob a bank. He goes on the lam and hides at his ex-wife's house. The ex happens to be married to the district attorney of Los Angeles. Ok. The set up has us interested but unfortunately Simon's script becomes repetitive. Ex hubby gets in trouble and runs to ex-wife. Ex wife tries to bail him out. New hubby gets angry at wife. This same situation is repeated over and over again. It's cute at first but the repetitiveness becomes old very fast.

The acting is fine. Chase and Hawn are wonderful together and prove their chemistry from "Foul Play" was no fluke. Charles Grodin is a master at looking bewildered and flabbergasted. You admire the performances and only wish there were more laughs. For me the funniest moment stars Chase's hand. He is hiding under a bed and Grodin sits down while stepping on Chase's one hand. With the other hand Chase shows us the agony he is in. It's quite inspired and funny in a most uninspired film.
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1980 cusp of the absurd
drystyx2 December 2011
Honestly, if any person watched this today, and could laugh, he or she would be instantly hired for a "laugh track" audience. It defines "dated".

And I hate the word "dated". It's incorrectly used a lot. When a film is set in nineteenth century Tombstone, it is supposed to have characters and events that feel like nineteenth century Tombstone. Remarkably, it is the older Wyatt Earp films that are actually less dated. Not saying they are better, but they are less "dated".

Here, we see the mores of 1980, but only as felt by the "outdated" blue bloods like Neil Simon.

We see here the proof that Simon has always been overrated. He is a modern day "Homer". Homer's works survive not because he was a literary giant. They survive because he was the champion brown noser. The Iliad and Odyssey are complete brown nosing works of powerful rulers.

And that's all Simon is. The seventies gave us the worst ever in movies. But the comedies were usually still good. The mores were changing, and 1980 was the cusp.

Here, Simon has a "blueblood" comedy with upper society folks being white, except for an obvious token black couple, and all the underlings being anything but Anglo-Saxon.

Now this was not only severe discrimination against the usual minorities for obvious reasons, but just as much against the Anglo Saxons who weren't in the upper class. In fact, that group doesn't exist in Simon's world.

In Simon's world, not only are all minorities crooks and con artists, but they are failures if they aren't, except for the obvious token black couple, which is just way too obvious to audiences now.

It was obvious to people then, too, but just not the people who could afford tickets to theaters. They were hideously behind the times.

In fact, the racism of this piece surpasses any racism we see in works of the situational comedies of the forties, fifties, and sixties. And it is worse because Simon and his groupies really believed they were "modern" thinkers.

As for this work, it involves Chevy Chase as a writer who is kidnapped by crooks to rob a bank. Chase is good in good roles, but he can't carry a pitifully written role like this one. His character is boring and not a bit likable. Chevy is likable. And the hope here is that he is likable enough to cover a poor character. Even Cary Grant would have a tough time making us care about this character.

The other characters are just as dull. We're given the "likable" bank robbers. Real funny guys with guns. That was the mind set of the seventies, but only to wackos like Neil Simon's crowd. Not to most people, who were way ahead of them.

This isn't the worst movie ever made. You can sit through it without squirming, but probably not without groaning, or looking at the clock. It is dull.

This does show what the "blue bloods" of that era actually thought was "the future" and what they thought was "progressive", but rest assured, the 90% who you didn't hear from thought it was backwards. And we've seen a progression since then, which does make this a "dated" piece.
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Same Old Story.
tfrizzell30 October 2003
Seemingly a sequel to "Foul Play", the film-makers here did their best to capitalize once again on the Chevy Chase and Goldie Hawn pairing which was so popular in the aforementioned movie. "Seems Like Old Times" concerns a writer (Chase) who is forced to rob a bank in California for some bad dudes. Now he is on the run and goes to ex-wife Hawn for help. Naturally Hawn is a prosecutor who happens to be married to another attorney (priceless Charles Grodin). Screwy situations and odd coincidences then take place as Hawn tries to hide Chase and help clear his name. Nickel and dime all the way. Not a terrible movie as Chase and Hawn have an odd chemistry that makes watching them somewhat bearable, but once again if you miss this one it will not kill you. 2.5 out of 5 stars.
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Solid Goldie, Solid Chevy, Funny Film
DKosty1236 July 2006
It does seem like old times when you watch this movie. I think this clever script, & the casting are perfect in this film. Goldie & Chevy Chase play off of each other well. Robert Guillame (TV's Benson) is well cast in support of the straight man who along with the rest of the cast are used to hang a good funny film together well. I think there are only a couple of films where Chevy Chase & Goldie Hawn worked together in as good a situation as they did here. Too bad it didn't happen more often as their chemistry in this one is really great.

Now, if only a moose & squirrel showed up in the film & scared old Ira out of his wits, this one can only get funnier. Seems like there are not enough fun times like this film. The technology is now dated in it but most older films have that problem.
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Leonard Maltin's Wrong--This Is A GOOD Movie
Jim-4999 February 2001
Though I agree with Leonard Maltin that after a fast start, Chevy Chase made some bombs, I DISAGREE with him in that I do NOT include "Seems Like Old Times" in that list of bombs as Maltin does. I think this is one of Chevy's best movies and features Chase in his prime. A well, written Neal Simon story.
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A very cute film:
Rick-1351 January 1999
This movie is great. Very funny and the whole cast is very enjoyable but the GREAT Goldie Hawn stands out.
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Funny and Cute
jamie-8118 June 2000
Goldie Hawn and Chevy Chase have great chemistry. I can't decide which of their two films I like best. Foul Play had me rolling on the floor. Seems Like Old Times left me wanting more... It's a shame they only made two films together. Oh well, at least we have Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan.
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Nice romantic comedy
Maziun27 August 2013
This is second movie with Chevy Chase and Goldie Hawn starring together . The first one was made in the 70's and was titled "Foul play" . I regret that I haven't been able to see that one yet.

"Just like old times" was written by Neil Simon – the creator of "The Odd couple". It was made in 1980 so it's more in the style of 70's comedy and even it tries to bring back the spirit of earlier comedy's (from 30's and 40's). Quite successfully. The dialogues are rather witty. You need to pay attention to them or else you can miss a lot of jokes. The movie is rather fast paced . Chevy Chase , Goldie Hawn and Charles Grodin all give good performances. There is a lot of cute dogs here.

"JLOT" is a remake of old movie which used the same story . The huge difference is that old movie was a serious drama while this is a romantic comedy . Or maybe I should say a comedy with some nice love story thrown in.

This is kinda forgotten movie from the 80's.Unrightfully . The 80's was a great time for comedies and some good ones might have been overlooked. Don't miss your chance to watch this one. It's a pleasant one to watch. Nothing spectacular , but enjoyable. I give it 6/10.
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Goldie Hawn and Chevy Chase are once again a fine team in Neil Simon's Seems Like Old Times
tavm31 July 2013
In continuing to review film performances-in chronological order-of "SNL"ers, I'm once again at 1980 with this, this second teaming of Goldie Hawn with that show's first star, Chevy Chase, after previously starring in Foul Play together. This time they're exes with Ms. Hawn a lawyer who defends the downtrodden and Chase a writer who goes to her after being forced to rob a bank. Charles Grodin is Goldie's current hubby who's running for attorney general. Neil Simon wrote this original screenplay as a tribute to the screwball comedies from the '30s and there's plenty of funny zingers courtesy of those three as well as various supporting turns by the likes of Robert Guillaume and Harold Gould as a judge. Oh, and there's lots of dogs to add to the fun. The director is Jay Sandrich who previously helmed such classic sitcoms like "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" and "Soap" of which Guillaume and Gould are veterans of. I'll just now say this was another very funny teaming of Ms. Hawn and Chase and so on that note, I highly recommend Seems Like Old Times.
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Very Funny!!!
Pumpkin_Man9 June 2009
Warning: Spoilers
This movie was extremely funny! Chevy Chase is always hilarious at getting into bad situations, like being forced to rob a bank and becomes a fugitive. Chase stars as a writer named Nick Gardenia, who is the ex-husband of Hawn's character, Glenda Gardenia Parks who has re-married a District Attorney named Ira. Nick desperately needs Glenda's help to hide from the police. She reluctantly hides him at her house, and he is always so close to being caught by her new husband. I love when Glenda and Ira are trying to have dinner with the Governor, and Nick poses as a waiter. Will Nick be able to prove his innocence and still get his ex-wife to love him again? I highly recommend SEEMS LIKE OLD TIMES!!!
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'Mrs. Parks the doggies ran away again!'
mje2k17 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Aurora the housekeeper: Mrs. Parks the doggies ran away again. Glenda the lawyer: I'll just get six more tomorrow.

I first saw this movie in the early 80's and fell in love with it immediately. This is one of the funniest, most quotable movies of the decade and I think it came out around the time of the equally hysterical and quotable Airplane, also a favorite.

Goldie Hawn is at her best as a lawyer with a heart of gold, Charles Grodin is her husband Ira (Myron, Hyram). Chevy Chase plays a writer who is ambushed into robbing a bank in Carmel California and winds up back in his ex-wife's life, needing her help to clear his name.

As it has been said on IMDb, there are many wonderful quotes and the comedy is wound up and running like a second grade class full of Hershy Kisses. Yvonne Wilder is hysterical as the no nonsense housekeeper who has to get her feet scraped. Harold Gould and Robert Guilleume of Benson fame(forgive the spelling)have memorable cameos as well.

I just finished watching it again after many years and it is still as funny as it was all those years ago. Also, Godspell fans, keep an eye out for David Haskell as a police officer.

I highly recommend this movie. Laugh out loud funny from beginning to end.
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Milk Duds
Hockey Puck1 July 2001
I love every second of this movie. Nick Gardenia is kidnapped by two guys at the beginning of the movie (they make him rob a bank)! The thing that I thought was so funny is that Nick just casually walks in and tells the woman (who works at the bank) that he is robbing the bank. Unfortunately for Nick the hidden camera got a perfect picture of him. That picture is ironically sent to his ex-wife's husband (Ira Parks) who is to send Nick to jail. Glenda, Nicks ex-wife was the first person that Nick wen't to. On the way over to her house Nick got hungry and stops at a Vending Machine for some MILK DUDS. Nick was in and out of Glenda and Ira's house and it seemed like Ira would just miss his chance to catch Nick like when Nick was hiding under the bed that Ira and Glenda were on. One night (in the movie it was on a Tuesday night) the Governor of California came over for dinner at Glenda and Ira Parks house and guess who the chef was. Times up, it was Nick Gardenia. That's when Nick Gardenia and Ira Parks met face to face (they each got the chance to punch each other in the face). Soon after this everybody went to court and the verdict came up NICHOLES GARDENIA IS NOT GUILTY. (maybe next time Ira). I did not understand the ending of Seems Like Old Times. Ira and Glenda try to get away and get stranded at night in the rain. Glenda runs off to find help because Ira got injured. Glenda found Nick in a Cabin. When she smiled at Nick the movie ended instantly. It seemed like the movie had an incomplete ending to me because Ira was still injured in the car. I would have thought that Nick would have helped Glenda and Ira and then everyone would be happy (and that's when I think the movie should have ended). However I would rate this movie 10 out of 10 because it makes me laugh and I like the music in it (oldie ralaxing type). I recommend Seems Like Old Times to anyone! It is a great movie!!
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Chevy Chase, wherefore art thou?
Flinx-222 January 2001
Early Saturday Night Live

National Lampoon's Vacation

Christmas Vacation

Foul Play

Seems Like Old Times

A few examples of why I continue to give Mr. Chase a chance, despite Cops and Robbersons, Vegas Vacation, his television show, and countless other duds.

And, as mentioned in several other posts, Charles Grodin gives an excellent performance as well. (My other favorite of his being Midnight Run)

7.5 out of 10.
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