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Venice: David Cronenberg to Receive Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement

Venice: David Cronenberg to Receive Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement
Canadian director David Cronenberg will receive the Golden Lion for lifetime achievement at this year's Venice Film Festival.

“I’ve always loved the Golden Lion of Venice," the filmmaker said Thursday of the announcement. "A lion that flies on golden wings — that’s the essence of art, isn’t it? The essence of cinema. It will be almost unbearably thrilling to receive a Golden Lion of my own.”

Cronenberg's early work mastered the horror and sci-fi genres with films including Scanners, Videodrome and The Fly. His later works often defy genre, but his psychological thrillers A History of Violence and Eastern Promises remain...
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David Cronenberg to preside over Neuchâtel Fantastic Festival Jury

David Cronenberg to preside over Neuchâtel Fantastic Festival Jury
The Fly director will grant the Hr Giger ‘Narcisse’ award for best feature.

Writer-director David Cronenberg will be jury president at the 18th edition of Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival (Nifff), which takes place in Switzerland from July 6-14.

Cronenberg, who started his career in the fantasy genre with titles such as Shivers, Scanners and Videodrome, will present the Hr Giger ‘Narcisse’ award to one of the 16 films in competition, at the closing ceremony on July 14.

Festival-goers will also be able to hear Cronenberg speak as part of a ‘New Worlds Of Fantasy’ literary forum, where there will be a
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March 27th Blu-ray & DVD Releases Include The Robot Chicken Walking Dead Special, Scanners Criterion Collection, The Outer Limits Season 1

The month of March is closing out with a busy week of home entertainment releases, with two of the highlights this week being Scream Factory's stunning Steelbook editions for Assault on Precinct 13 and Prince of Darkness. Scream Factory is also keeping busy with their Collector’s Edition release of Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon and their Blu-ray release of IFC Midnight's I Remember You.

David Cronenberg’s Scanners is also making its way into the Criterion Collection this week, and The City of the Dead is the recipient of another limited edition release as well. Other notable titles coming home on March 27th include The Robot Chicken Walking Dead Special, The Outer Limits Season 1, Hell’s Kitty, Star Time, The Executioners, Mercy Christmas, and Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Assault on Precinct 13 Limited Edition Steelbook (Scream Factory, Blu-ray)

Isolated inside a soon-to-be-closed L.A. police station,
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Panic! At The Disco’s ‘Saturday Night’ Video Goes Full ‘John Wick’

Panic! At The Disco’s ‘Saturday Night’ Video Goes Full ‘John Wick’
Two blood-splattered music videos in one week! Nekrogoblikon’s latest music video, “Dressed as Goblins”, is jam-packed with goblins (well, duh), telekinesis, and exploding heads in an homage to David Cronenberg’s Scanners. Now, Panic! At The Disco’s music video for “Say Amen (Saturday Night)” is an homage to the Keanu Reeves-starrer John Wick! The video, from the upcoming album Pray For The Wicked (June 22), follows the band’s […]
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Heads Explode In Nekrogoblikon’s Splatter-fueled Music Video!

Heads Explode In Nekrogoblikon’s Splatter-fueled Music Video!
Music video director Brandon Dermer has reteamed with Nekrogoblikon to once again to spill even more blood, this time with the help of Metalocalypse‘s Brendon Small! Nekrogoblikon’s latest music video, “Dressed as Goblins”, is jam-packed with goblins (well, duh), telekinesis, and exploding heads in an homage to David Cronenberg’s Scanners. The song appears on Nekrogoblikon’s next album, Welcome […]
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Crypt of Curiosities – The Early Feature Films of David Cronenberg

  • DailyDead
David Cronenberg was my first favorite director. Even before I knew what a director did, or before I’d seen more than a grand total of two of his films, I knew this to be true. Seeing his name above both The Fly and Videodrome was enough for me to realize that there was something special about this one, and every film I’d subsequently watch would only help enforce that, diving me deeper and deeper into nightmare worlds of body transformation and sexual obsession. But as my last Crypt entry discussed, every director has to start somewhere—and with Cronenberg, that “somewhere” is two brief feature films, micro-budget experimental movies that help lay the groundwork for some of the greatest works from one of cinema’s greatest artists.

His first feature, Stereo (1969), is something of an independent miracle. Running only a little over an hour, Stereo was made on
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Sci-Fi Weekender 9 Update… More Guests, More Entertainment!

With a hiss of brakes, and a rush of steam, the next phase of SFW9’s launch is engaged. We have lots and lots to tell you, so settle down, grab your beverage of choice, put your feet up, and let’s go!

That’s right folks… Its time to start planning for SFW9, coming to you next March in Wales and we have a little bit of bad news but a massive whole bunch of good news to soften that blow. First things first though: there are only 18, yes 18 rooms left on site for the weekend so if you don’t have your tickets then you better get on that now. So first off here is a little comment from Sfw themselves with a little bad news…

First off, the bad news … As regular SFWers know, sometimes guests have to drop out, and since the last announcement, both Colin Baker
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Scanners: TV Series Based on 1981 Movie in the Works

Scanners might be coming to the small screen. Deadline reports Media Res and Bron Studios are developing the 1981 movie into a TV show.From filmmaker David Cronenberg, the sci-fi horror film "is about an underground network of people born with telekinetic powers living on the fringes of society that are hunted down by the forces that created them."Read More…
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David Cronenberg’s Scanners is heading to the small screen for a TV adaptation

According to Deadline, Michael Ellenberg’s Media Res and Bron Studios have come out successful in a bidding war for the TV rights to David Cronenberg’s classic sci-fi horror Scanners, and are currently developing a small screen adaptation of the movie.

Released in 1981, Scanners revolves around a group of people with telekinetic powers called “scanners”, who are hunted down by ConSec, an organisation who wants to use them for their own nefarious purposes.

The site reports that Ellenberg and Bron plan on attaching a high-end filmmaker and showrunner before taking the package out to premium services.

The rights to Scanners were held by The Weinstein Company’s Dimension Films for many years, during which time there were unsuccessful attempts to develop both a movie reboot and a TV series.
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‘Scanners’ TV Show is Back in Development

  • Slash Film
‘Scanners’ TV Show is Back in Development
Remember Scanners? It’s David Cronenberg‘s 1981 horror shocker featuring a scene where a man’s head explodes, and then you rewind the scene and play it back to watch the explode head in slow motion. Now it looks like the previously rumored but never realized TV series adaptation of the film is back on. Will a head explode every […]

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Scanners TV Show Getting Set to Blow Your Mind

David Cronenberg’s Scanners is a classic in every sense of the word. Its sequels? Not so much. So maybe this property can fare better on the small screen? Deadline is reporting that in a competitive situation, Michael Ellenberg’s Media Res… Continue Reading →

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Scanners TV show in the works

Joseph Baxter Kirsten Howard Sep 28, 2017

David Cronenberg’s explosive 1981 sci-fi horror film Scanners is set to be made into a television series...

The realm of peak television just got a bit of news that’s looking to literally blow minds: Scanners, the esteemed 1981 science fiction horror cult film from director David Cronenberg, is set to be adapted – à la HBO’s Westworld – as a television series.

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A bidding war over the rights to the Scanners property saw Michael Ellenberg of Media Res and Bron Studios emerge victorious, reports Deadline. With prospective studio suitors consisting of Lionsgate, Paramount and Skydance losing out, Ellenberg will put a Scanners television series into development. Serving as executive producer, he's reportedly looking for a high-end filmmaker for the showrunner position.
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David Cronenberg’s ‘Scanners’ Being Turned Into A Television Series

David Cronenberg’s ‘Scanners’ Being Turned Into A Television Series
Scanners,” the 1981 David Cronenberg classic about a group of individuals living with telekinetic powers, is being developed into a television series. According to Deadline, Michael Ellenberg’s Media Res and Bron Studios have won a heated bidding war for the property, securing the film’s rights over Skydance, Lionsgate, and Paramount.

Read More:David Cronenberg: Why He’s Considering Retiring From Filmmaking

The Weinstein Company-owned Dimension Films was the property’s previous owner for nearly a decade. The studio tried to adapt “Scanners” into a television series back in 2011 with Alexandre Aja (“The Hills Have Eyes”) signed on to executive produce and potentially direct the pilot. Dimension had plans to remake the property as a film before landing on a TV adaptation and even hired David Goyer to write the script. Neither the film or the series ever got made, but now the latter is being developed under a new studio.
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David Cronenberg’s ‘Scanners’ the Next to Get a TV Series!

David Cronenberg’s ‘Scanners’ the Next to Get a TV Series!
Heads will explode on the small screen. Back in 2011, we first heard rumblings of a television series adaptation of David Cronenberg’s Scanners, which at one point had Alexandre Aja (High Tension, The Hills Have Eyes) attached to direct. At the time, Dimension Films was developing the series, but all has been quiet on that […]
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‘Scanners’: Media Res & Bron Studios To Adapt David Cronenberg Film As TV Series

Exclusive: In a competitive situation, Michael Ellenberg’s Media Res and Bron Studios have acquired the rights to David Cronenberg’s classic 1981 sci-fi thriller feature Scanners to develop as a TV series. Ellenberg and Bron landed the rights in a bidding war, with multiple film and television studios, including Lionsgate, Paramount and Skydance, vying for the title. Written and directed by Cronenberg, Scanners is about an underground network of people born with…
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Exclusive interview with American Made’s William Mark McCullough

Tai Freligh interviews actor William Mark McCullough from American Made

A native of Savannah, Georgia, William Mark McCullough has brought his brand of intense, violent and unpredictable characters to numerous films and TV shows. He had a supporting lead role opposite Nicolas Cage, John Cusack and Adrian Grenier in the crime thriller, Southern Fury and also appears in The Birth Of A Nation, which won top honors at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival. Mark has recurring roles in Underground on Wgn America and on the second season of PBS’s Mercy Street. In addition to acting, Mark is also a filmmaker. He has written, directed and produced several projects through his production company, Fort Argyle Films. We asked him about his roles in American Made and Logan Lucky.

Tell me about your audition for American Made.

I initially auditioned by tape for quite a few different characters in the film. I had callbacks for two characters.
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‘Eastern Promises’: David Cronenberg’s Brutal Drama of Family Ties

Looking back on this still-young century makes clear that 2007 was a major time for cinematic happenings — and, on the basis of this retrospective, one we’re not quite through with ten years on. One’s mind might quickly flash to a few big titles that will be represented, but it is the plurality of both festival and theatrical premieres that truly surprises: late works from old masters, debuts from filmmakers who’ve since become some of our most-respected artists, and mid-career turning points that didn’t necessarily announce themselves as such at the time. Join us as an assembled team, many of whom were coming of age that year, takes on their favorites.

In remembering David Cronenberg’s Eastern Promises, one scene immediately comes to mind: Viggo Mortensen fighting two fully clothed men in a bathhouse while completely nude. Cronenberg, never one to shy away from showing the human body,
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Drive-In Dust Offs: Of Unknown Origin (1983)

Man versus Nature, Man versus Beast, Man versus Food; all mythical in status to varying degrees and most represented on the silver screen. Of Unknown Origin (1983) tackles the middle myth with a tongue firmly planted in its giant rat infested cheek and is an obsessive tour through a domestic hellscape.

Released in November by Warner Brothers, and produced in conjunction with some of that glorious Canadian tax shelter money (you’re welcome, eh), Of Unknown Origin only made back a quarter of its $4 million budget. It didn’t wow the critics either, although Peter Weller (Robocop) was singled out for his wry performance as the put upon vermin victim.

Bart Hughes (Weller) has it all; the perfect wife (Shannon Tweed, in her feature film debut) and son, a high paying job, and a beautiful brownstone in New York. (Read: Montreal. Tax coin. Beauty.) Wife and child head off for a
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