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Sex & Nudity

  • There is a girl's locker room scene. A girl is shown from the waist up from behind while showering. Two girls walk around with towels covering them. One girl spends most of the scene with her shirt open revealing her bra, another with no pants on, but a shirt hanging low to cover her her (presumably wearing panties).
  • A girl talks on the phone in her lingerie. She is wearing a bra and matching shorts, with an open robe.
  • On multiple occasions, a girl discusses whether or not she should have sex with her boyfriend.
  • Lots of sexual, terms and references used along with, some nudity, and sexuality is implied in this film.
  • A guy suggests a girl is a lesbian when she rejects his advances.
  • A girl (Vicki) moons the school janitor.
  • A young couple (Kelly and Drew) heavily pet in a locker room; the girl's breasts are seen.
  • It is implied two characters have sex in a van, as from outside, we see the van bouncing and we hear moaning. We then see them inside the van and the girl is presumably naked under a sheet and the boy has his clothes on. They then discuss how the sex was and talk about doing it again.

Violence & Gore

  • A young girl is shown falling backward from a second-story window ledge and crashing onto a large paned window on the ground. Moments later, another large paned window falls and crashes beside her body, wedging a large glass shard into her throat. Blood is shown on and around her.
  • A man on fire is shown escaping from a burning car.
  • The body of a nurse is discovered, having been killed with a shard of glass.
  • A guy forcefully grabs and kisses a girl against her will, resulting in a four-guy fistfight.
  • A girl's throat is sliced with a large shard of glass. Although we don't see the bloody damage until after she falls onto the floor, we do hear the shard ripping into her flesh, as we see her facial expressions.
  • A girl is stabbed repeatedly in the throat with a large shard of glass. The bloody aftermath is shown.
  • Two guys struggle at the steering wheel of a moving van. One guy falls out of the van to safety, as the other guy accidentally drives off a cliff in a fiery explosion.
  • The girl that was killed in the locker room is later shown with her body hanging from a shelf in the janitor's closet, with her bloody throat slit and blood all over her body
  • A girl is chopped repeatedly with an axe offscreen, as we only hear the whacking sounds.
  • A guy is knocked out, bound and gagged.
  • A guy is decapitated with an axe and his head is shown rolling across the floor.
  • A guy tries to kill another guy with an axe. When the axe is knocked out of his hands, a girl retrieves it and hits the first guy on the head with it. He dies moments later, as we see his bloody wound.


  • PG-13 level, the s-word is said 4 times, a**hole is used 2, and the F-word is said 1 time, other mild language is heard.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Smoking and drinking are seen throughout the film. Pot is also used by several characters.
  • A guy smokes pot and drinks alcohol behind the wheel.
  • A guy drinks heavily and becomes intoxicated.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • There is an intense chase scene involving one of the characters that goes on for some time.
  • A scene involving the graphic death of a young child may disturb some.

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