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John Trevor: [addressing a room full of recruits] Now what you've just seen is a re-enactment of a successful interdiction operation that took place six years ago. Interdiction and protective reaction; those will be your areas of duty. This unit which you're all so hot to become members of, came about because of the events that occurred in the early sixties. It is the only effective means of combating political assassination by the interception and the destruction of the assassin himself.

John Trevor: [he continues] Now, you men have been carefully selected for this program. Because of a high level performance in the battlefield, and your high level performance in physical endurance. But as your training progresses, you will gradually reach a point of acceptance where you will begin to surpass everything that you have ever done before. You will reach goals that you never dreamed possible. And to accomplish this, you will be given vitamins to increase your stamina, chemical injections to expand your mental capabilities, injections to assist you in both physical and mental control. You will be programed to respond instantaneously to any given stimulus. You will become a reflex but highly directed unit of force. You will be taught how to use everyday objects as weapons. Everything - from a toenail clipping to a briefcase. Control, control will be emphasised throughout your training. Control, control is the key. When you're finished here, you'll be assigned to safeguard specific individuals and institutions and because of your training here you will be set apart from other security agencies and military establishments. In other words, you will operate independently. I am your commanding officer, you will refer to me only as "Mister Trevor".

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