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Sex & Nudity

  • Two men watch a woman undress. The woman is shown in white, typical 1980's lingerie. It is mentioned that a character went to jail for stealing a jewel from on top of a woman's navel while she slept.
  • there is a lady in a french maid outfit that is very revealing. lot's of cleavage. a card is given to the maid from inspector winship and dr. tart and she then sticks in her cleavage which makes a squeaky noise. lot's of staring. inspector winship and dr. tart ask phillis where she was during the time of her parents murder and she then goes into extreme sensual detail about the new nightgown that she was wearing and how it fit her figure. later, inspector winship and dr. tart, while walking through a secret passage, find a hidden panel with sliding bolts through which they look and watch phillis get undressed. later they come across the maid dead in an elevator and there is a lot more cleavage shown. at the end of the movie, the maid has come back to life and they go past her on their way to their car and dr. tart wiggles the card still stuck in her cleavage and you hear the squeaky noise. as phillis is being taken by the police professor winship makes a comment that might have been meant sexually. he calls her a "coin slot freak."

Violence & Gore

  • gas station explodes, dagger in maids back, dr. tart chokes inspector winship in reanactment. lady morley is strangled at the beginning with a hankerchief, and then lord morley is struck on the back of the head with a piece of pipe. butler strangles with the cords from a cuckoo clock, as well as other comic murder mischief.


  • there is one scene where inspector winship asks the asian cook where he is from. he says something like from "uh seole", and inspector winship asked " what did you call me?"

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • mild

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • mild-medium. it is a goofy murder/ghost comedy.

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