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Killer Mike Says 'Big Brother' Star Has the Right to Be Stupid

  • TMZ
[[tmz:video id="0_572jwxvs"]] Killer Mike's take on freedom of speech is simple -- even stupid people have the right to do stupid crap. We got Mike at Lax Tuesday night and asked him for his take on the "Big Brother" controversy. You'll recall, 'Bb' star Paul Abrahamian planned to wear blackface for a stunt to mock a fellow houseguest ... who is black. Mike's adamant -- people have the right to be stupid but not without consequence. In Paul's case,
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It's Ok to Be Attracted to Jamie Dornan When He Plays Total Psychos

  • BuzzSugar
There's a reason Jamie Dornan was selected to play Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey. After small roles in films and on TV (like Once Upon a Time), Dornan scored his breakout part on the Irish crime drama The Fall. If you've watched any of the two seasons on Netflix, you know that he plays Paul Spector, a dedicated family man who happens to get his rocks off by brutalizing young women at night. Christian Grey may have some kinks, but he's no killer. Still, both characters manage to be heart-stoppingly sexy, despite being borderline creepy - full-on creepy, in Paul's case. Here are all the times the characters are both somewhat terrifying and ridiculously hot at the same time. Pro tip: you can tell them apart because Christian is clean-shaven and Paul has a beard.
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Paul Walker's Daughter Meadow Walker Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Porsche—Get the Details

Paul Walker's Daughter Meadow Walker Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Porsche—Get the Details
Meadow Walker is looking for justice in her father's death. Close to two years after Paul Walker passed away in a tragic car crash, his daughter is filing a wrongful death lawsuit against Porsche. According to court documents obtained by E! News, the 16-year-old and her lawyers allege that the Porsche Carrera Gt "lacked safety features...that could have prevented the accident or, at a minimum, allowed Paul Walker to survive the crash." The suit alleges that Porsche knew that the specific car in Paul's case "had a history of instability and control issues." The company, however, reportedly "failed to install its electronic stability control system, which is specifically designed...
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That 'True Detective' gunfight was stunning, but did it make any sense?

  • Hitfix
A review of tonight's "True Detective" coming up just as soon as I'm louche... Of all the celebrated aspects of "True Detective" season 1, the only part to land the show any major Emmys was the celebrated single-take action sequence at the end of "Who Goes There." Short of trying to do a whole episode in what appears to be a single take (which "The X-Files" already did 17 years ago), the only way to top Rust's escape through the projects would be to expand the scope of the action. And that's exactly what we get in the climax of "Down Will Come" (like "Who Goes There," the fourth episode of the season), as a botched raid on the hideout of a man who pawned some of Caspere's jewelry led to a spectacular action set piece involving automatic weapons fire, chases on foot, car and bus, deaths of cops (including Teague Dixon,
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Orphan Black season 3 episode 6 review: Certain Agony Of The Battlefield

In this week's episode, Orphan Black finally says goodbye to a character who long since served their purpose on the show...

This review contains spoilers.

3.6 Certain Agony Of The Battlefield

Sometimes in television, there are characters who outstay their welcome. I don't mean a character who was once liked but no longer is, but rather a character who once served a very good purpose and, having served it, stuck around without really having much to do. They may still be loved by the audience, but it leaves the writers scrambling to find something for them to do to justify their continued existence on the show. For a long time, I've felt like Paul fell into this category. Certainly he was once vital to the plot, serving important purposes in the narrative. But it's felt like for the last year, the writers haven't really known what to do with him; he
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Pope John Paul II on Fast Track to Sainthood

Pope John Paul II on Fast Track to Sainthood
Pope John Paul II has cleared the final obstacle before being made a saint, awaiting just the final approval from Pope Francis and a date for the ceremony that could come as soon as Dec. 8, a Vatican official and news reports said Tuesday. The Ansa news agency reported that a commission of cardinals and bishops met Tuesday to consider John Paul's case and signed off on it. A Vatican official confirmed that the decision had been made some time back and that Tuesday's meeting was essentially a formality. One possible canonization date is Dec. 8, the feast of the Immaculate Conception,
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American Opera Projects Hosts The Music Of Gregory Spears With Paul's Case 5/29

Over the past few years the music of composer Gregory Spears has become more prevalent around the new music and dance circuits. The Romantic and minimalist styles that define the Spears sound has hit critical mass this season with music by the young composer featured at Zankel Hall (American Composers Orchestra), Le Poisson Rouge (Mata Festival), Dance Theatre Workshop, and American Opera Projects (Aop); the latter will present a concert preview of Mr. Spears's upcoming first opera Paul's Case, based on a story by American literary icon Willa Cather.
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