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good gore, stupid victims - what more could you ask for?
Gangsteroctopus1 June 2001
The Vestron Video version of this film appears to be uncut (it's hard to imagine what might be missing). Truly, though, the creepiest part of it is the one woman's so-called "son", Michael, who is OBVIOUSLY not a child but, in fact, some kind of 'little person'. Why the producers of the film decided to cast an actor who is clearly an adult as a child is beyond me, but it certainly ups the "ewwww!" factor in several scenes. Most notably is that following one of the (many) zombie attacks when Michael goes to his mother for comfort and then starts nuzzling her breasts and reaching up her dress. I'm not sure if this would have actually been creepier if the actor had actually been a child, but it is far more disturbing than any of the gore on display. The rest of the film is alright. I actually liked the fact that very little time was wasted on explanations on the source of the zombie-ism (eccentric professor raises the dead and then is eaten by them - "No, stop - I'm your friend!"), that they pretty quickly get down to the business of gut-munching and flesh-ripping. Any normal viewer will either despise or at least feel indifferent toward all of the non-zombie characters; we are aren't in any way asked or persuaded to identify or sympathize with anyone here, so (like all of the 'Friday the 13th' movies and most slasher flicks) you end up hating all of the victims and cheering on the zombies, taking great satisfaction when they get their intestines pulled out or heads cut off. It doesn't help matters that all the living humans behave, almost without exception, in a fashion that can at best be generously called moronic (no offense intended toward any of you morons out there) - which only makes you want to see them all die that much more. One complaint: the video transfer of this film is rather on the darkish side, which makes some of the best scenes (especially those at night) difficult to fully appreciate (most notably the maid's crucifixion/decapitation). There are better zombie movies, definitely, but you can also do a lot worse.
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Peter Bark saved my life.
ericdetrick20022 May 2007
OK, for those who don't know who Peter Bark is, but have seen this film, he is the strange little boy who looks like a man (and actually was an adult too- we hope). Every time I get down and depressed and want to end it all, I put this movie in and I am reminded of how good life is when films like "Burial Ground: Nights of Terror" are available to me. So Peter Bark, if you are out there and are reading this...thank you. Watching you suckle the breast of your on screen mother is absolutely divine...

Come on everyone, together..."Peter Bark, Peter Bark, Peter Bark...!" There are those who will totally get it, and all others can go rent "The Grudge: Part 10". Me, I'm just a "Burial Ground" kind of guy...
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This is what zombie movies are all about
stepflan23 February 2008
Burial Ground is one of the sleaziest, goriest, and weirdest movies I have ever seen. And I love it! The reason why it all works is because of the crazy and trippy atmosphere around it all. The music (If you can call it that) fits perfectly and the zombie makeup is one of the best I've ever seen. The story makes no sense whatsoever, but that's the way I like it. The movie doesn't spend much time fooling around. It gets right to the point, which is the blood and gore.

Also the movie has one of the most spaced out characters in the history of cinema. I'm talking about the young boy named Michael. Only he's not actually played by a little boy. He's actually played by an adult who looks like a ghost.

If you like Italian zombie movies than this is your wet dream. I highly recommend this to anyone interested exploitation.
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Peter Bark is the everyman hero...
leagueofstruggle29 April 2004
A movie of such bombastic ineptitude it's not unlike watching Sam Raimi try to direct a movie while at the same time being gang beaten by a group with electric cattle prods until he's stupid. And even then that's probably giving Bianchi more credit than he deserves for this film. Burial Ground also goes down as the only living dead movie where the zombies are more intelligent than the protagonists although Nightmare City by Umberto Lenzi comes close. Certain considerations must be given to Bianchi on this film however. He doesn't flub the living dead film formula like the modern counterpart directors that try ineffectively to make living dead films these days. He is confident enough in the makeup FX to film the zombies in broad daylight. In this case the DVD reissue that cleaned the film up didn't do the movie any favors as the previously murky VHS release partially masked some of the more pathetic zombie FX. The plot falls on its face in most cases and could be a case example of choices a protagonist in a horror film should never make. The characters just continually make so many wrong choices you may find yourself rooting for the zombies. Then again if the characters made the right choices the movie would have been over in twenty-five minutes. Of course all these horrible choices have consequences in that characters do drop like flies throughout the film and meet one messy end after the other. The death scenes are creative and Bianchi at least stretched his imagination a little to give some interesting deaths to the characters in the film, ludicrous as some of them may be. As usual for standard B-movie fare the dubbing is weak at best, an insult to eardrum at worst. Dialogue suffers a similar fate, in this case it just stretches between illogical, silly, or plain sleazy. The dubbing doesn't help the representation of the characters' intelligence either.

The graphic violence is excessive in almost every case, a plus for those seeking grue and crimson splashes. The best actor in the film by far is Peter Bark who is a twenty (thirty?) something that plays the role of a ten-year-old boy. This was due to child labor laws in Italy at the time and Peter Bark shines in his role of the Oedipal boy, Michael. It adds so many levels of sleaziness to the film Bianchi is to be applauded for tackling this difficult social issue. The climax of the film is a guaranteed disappointment as the film feels more like it either just ran out of budget and closed shop or Bianchi just ran out of ideas. The ending is not unlike reading a book only to find out someone ripped out the last ten or fifteen pages, it ends that abruptly. The pacing of the film up to the end is decent, being that the characters are one step above an amoeba on the evolutionary scale we aren't bothered by such things as characterization or advancement of personality. From the moment the dead rise it's just a series of encounters where the protagonists make horrible judgment calls and pay the price for it. If anything the breakneck pace of the film keeps a person entertained rather than bogging down. Seriously, if the characters are not fornicating they are battling the living dead. It at least keeps the action, one way or another, flowing. If you enjoy the Italian living dead genre Burial Ground will not disappoint, others are probably better turned away.
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best movie ever!
tanachke7 July 2006
this is definitely my favorite zombie movie! it's really unfortunate that it is so hard to find and it goes by so many different names. i rented it first as "zombie 3", but i purchased it under the title "burial ground", i believe that it also goes by it's original Italian title "le notti del terrore" (the night of terror). if you are a fan of b-horror movies and zombie flicks (romero included) this movie is definitely worth the work to track down and own! i love you peter bark! i don't know what else to say about this movie other than OWN IT, and i think it is absurd that i have to type exactly 10 lines in order for my comment to be posted.
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One of my favorite zombie movies!
Kastore25 September 2002
Wow! This movie is awesome. I love it. "Burial Ground" is over an hour of the best non-stop zombie action I've ever seen. There's a brief attack at the very beginning on some professor, a few obligatory sex scenes in which we meet the main characters, and then before you know it, the zombies are attacking in full force. No explanation is given for the zombies, but none is needed. This movie is all about the gore effects. The zombies are very cool-looking, and I especially liked the repeated skull-crushing effect done to them. These zombies are tough too, able to throw knives, use a battering ram, and even operate power tools. I'd sure hate to go up against a horde of the undead with that level of technical ability. Fortunately, unlike many other characters in zombie movies, the good guys here aren't stupid. They know to go for the head and do so every time.

The whole subplot of the Oedipal son played by a midget is a bit creepy and ends very gruesomely, but I didn't let that distract me from the real focus. "Burial Ground" obviously borrows from "Zombi", even having the same make-up/effects artists from the Fulci classic. However, I must say I liked "Burial Ground" more than "Zombi". Faster pacing (I barely noticed the 90 minute run time), more zombie for your buck, and creepier setting in the abandoned mansion and nearby abbey. 9/10
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A scary zombie movie
Magnus Wersen26 November 2001
'The Nights Of Terror' (which is its real English name) is one of the more forgotten Italian Zombie-flicks that they were churning out like madmen in the early eighties. The story is simple but effective, three couples is arriving at a remote villa where a Professor Ayres is going to announce something which have to do with the way we are looking at death. However, as we could see before the credits the good professor is dead and the dead is rising from an old Etruscan cemetery just outside the villa. Apart from some brief sex-scenes when the couples arrive at the house, the whole movie is a long chase between the zombies and their potential victims. What makes this movie worth watching is the fact that it's trying to be a real horror-movie witch creaking doors, old cemeteries and a fair bit of suspense. In fact, most of the movie almost feels like Blind Dead-movie (especially as the zombies use various tools to kill their victims). The zombie make-up by Gino De Rossi and Rosario Prestopino is impressing; instead of the tired Savini-blue-in-the-face make-up the zombies look genuinely scary.

Of course it's not without faults, the dubbing is terrible and the dialogue is laughable. Who can ever forget Professor Ayres' line when the zombies are attacking him (No! I'm your friend!), or the weird Michael (Mama, this cloth smells of death). To summarize it, this movie is like a Lucio Fulci movie with an Amando De Ossorio script and Jess Franco characters.
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Apocalyptic Horror Vol. 1: The Profecy Of The Black Spider
Tromafreak5 August 2008
This is the one. This is the one that puts them all to shame. Fulci, Romero, no one has ever made living-dead cinema seem so dark, gritty, and down right apocalyptic as Andrea Bianchi. Obviously less expensive than anything from those other guys, Burial Ground is certainly no more complicated than anything else from the genre, three giddy couples and a depressed man-child are vacationing in an old mansion in Italy. They couldn't have picked a better location. Little Michael, the man-child is in love with his mother, and he seems a bit jealous of his step-father, I'm not exactly sure what they intended with this little sub-plot but all I know is that incest is hilarious, regardless of what genre it's thrown into, and being completely random makes it all the better. I'm just glad little Michael is a character in a movie and not someone I have to deal with on a regular basis.

Enough about Man-children and incest, there's much more fun to be had. The first twenty minutes of this epic mostly involves the giddy couples spouting ridiculous dialogue, flirting with each other, and frolicking about with not a care in the world, until it happens, the dead are coming back to life, and unfortunately, for some reason, there are a dozen or so rotted corpses buried in the garden. As bad as the English voice-overs are, they do a great job at sounding terrified once the madness begins. Probably more powerful than it was meant to be, Burial Ground gives you the strong impression that these dozens of zombies, some of which resemble the Toxic Avenger, just might take over the world after they're done with these guys. Burial Ground is a prime example of grainy, bad film quality unintentionally enhancing the horror quality. Some scenes, you cant even make out what's going on. Although the sci-fi-ish sound effects are out of place, it adds an apocalyptic feel that makes things seem even more hopeless and dismal. Some how, the unintentional humor doesn't overshadow any of this. Calling Burial Ground creepy would be an insult, nightmarish would be a good start.

The darkness of this masterpiece goes far beneath the dark, grainy quality of the film, even when they show a sunny day, all I see in this film is darkness, things just seemed doomed from the very beginning, and that, exploitation fans, is the makings for true horror. Burial Ground is best Italian gore has to offer, better than The Beyond, even better than Beyond the Darkness, Burial Ground has no equal. The only thing I can recommend more than this, is this on VHS, the film quality is even worse, the sky looks almost pink. VHS really brings out "that look" that the DVD format has ruined. Plenty of Gore, nudity, incest-humor, Burial Ground is the measuring stick of any horror sub-genre it may represent. Aside from the profecy being mis-spelled, the ending leaves quite an impression. Don't talk to me about no damn Evil Dead. Burial Ground has them all beat. That one wasn't that great anyway. 10/10
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One of the worst, most entertaining movies ever made!
signalelectric10 December 2010
To properly critique this film I will attempt to rate some of it's key elements individually.

Entertainment Value: 10/10 This is a very entertaining movie that moves at a fast pace. The best part is that the zombies are twice as clever as the living. The undead concoct plans to outwit the living, similar to tapping on the left shoulder then standing behind the right one.

Plot: 1/10 Thank goodness there were other zombie films made before this one, otherwise you wouldn't know what the heck was going on! This is basically derivative of all the better done, and known zombie films of the 70's, with some totally bizarre twists thrown in to keep you guessing. The script is very disproportional, and the dialog is awful. Basically, it would be extremely challenging to write another script as horrible as this one ever again.

Production Value: 2/10 This movie has almost no directorial style, and the class equivalent of an 80's porno movie. The gore and makeup is done with very little, or no attention to detail, so it's hard to believe that the same guy that did the make-up effects for Fulci's "Zombie" did the effects for this one. Also, the image looks murky and the camera compositions, undesirable. The crew is seen once, for certain, and the dubbing is sloppy. However, it should be noted that now and then the score is pretty good.

Acting: 0/10 or 10/10 (depending on how you look at it) The acting is completely overdone, and definitely one of the funniest parts of the movie. I found myself gleefully anticipating every line.

So there you have it, a very entertaining, very bad movie. Possibly, one of the most entertaining films I have ever seen. Check it out!
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A lost gore classic.
haildevilman4 January 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Finally. One that ends the way more of them should. NO ONE lives. (To paraphrase Chas. Balun)

This one gets going quickly and NEVER lets up. Despite the plodding pace of the zombies themselves and the less than stellar make-up the tension was a slow rise. Just when you thought relief was in sight, here they come again. A constant rising panic and a 'one by one the all die' body count. A lot of the actors and actresses were porn veterans as well. Probably explains the dry love scenes in the beginning.

And 26 year old Peter Bark playing a mother fixated 12 year old? That's either brilliance or insanity. Either way I loved it. These people were obviously not meant to be role models. Only the owner of the villa ("No, no, I'm your friend.") seemed likable.

No happy ending here, They all die. And gore fans will love every juicy second of it.
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barrymrk5 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This is one of those films you either love or hate. I think it all depends on what mood you watch this in. I love really crappy horror films and this , for me, has got to be one of the worst since the invention of the camera. The thing is I LOVE IT!

It ticks all the right boxes for complete trash - bad acting, lousy music, dodgy make up, no logic whatsoever,poor dubbing etc.

The story (ha ha you're kidding me,right?) has a professor accidentally releasing a hoard of zombies which spend the rest of the film killing off the other bad actors.Quite a serious situation to be in yes? However, no one in this film uses a phone to ring for help, jumps in a car just parked outside or even thinks to outrun the slow moving dead to escape. Fantastically trashy stuff.

This film wasn't made to be a social comment or to have a moral undertone. No. It was made to cater to the gore hounds out there who can overlook most shortcomings in movies as long as the special effects are good. Therein lies a problem. The effects aren't too bad but fall way short of a Romero movie.

What you end up with is the most funniest, ridiculous wannabe horror movie of the century.It's hard to imagine that when this was first released in England several years ago over 10 minutes were cut from it. Now we have a full version. I think I love this film because, believe it or not, I find it very inspiring. When you have trash like this you just know you can do better with five pounds and a cheap camcorder. There is hope for us all yet.
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Two words: Accidental Genius
CharlieHearse5 August 1999
This is one of the most brilliantly funny movies in the history of film. It displays humor that is so complex, and it's so unbelievably fall-on-the-floor-until-you-can-no-longer-breathe-and-your- friends-have-to-dial-9-1-1-but-they-can't-because-they can't-breathe-either-and-you-all-end-up-suffocating-funny that it should not be missed. What's almost as funny are some of the other reviews on this site. People actually admitting to being scared by this unintended laugh fest. The soundtrack is the stuff Academy Award-winning scores are made of. I want to turn that kid who played Michael into a cult hero. I know he's no longer living because I think he had that aging disease. I love the 40 year-old man who dubbed Michael's voice with that soprano-mock-child voice. Paper machet zombies always liven up a film that wears it's no-budget aesthetics proudly on it's sleave. What may be the funniest thing of all is that I own this movie(not the rights, just the video, although I could probably afford the rights.) The blurb on the box says that it's about a "group of jet-setters and a mysterious professor that we don't see too much of." Priceless. This is a rare movie to find at rental stores, but if you look hard enough, it may pop up and your searching efforts will not go unrewarded when you find it. You can trust me on this one. To quote the professor at the beginning, "I'm your friend."
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Excellent zombie film-one of the best of its kind!
HumanoidOfFlesh26 May 2003
Warning: Spoilers
"Burial Ground" is perhaps the sickest and sleaziest of Italian zombie gut munchers of the eighties!Andrea Bianchi's film is filled with extreme gore,bad acting and lame music,but the most outrageous thing is the small boy character of one of the elders,as these two,mother(played by beautiful Mariangela Giordano)and son(Peter Bark)have a very unusual relationship together.The boy has a sexual lust for his mother and it results in one of the nastiest death scenes in the history of zombie movies.The gore is extreme with lots of gut munching-for example one victim has her head slowly pulled towards a broken window to have the shards of glass stick into their face.Still my favourite gore scene is near the end-after the young kid Michael is killed,he returns as a zombie and bites off Mariangela Giordano's nipple!The dialogue is extremely funny-like the classic lines "Mother,this cloth smells of death" and "Hey,stop[the zombies],I'm your friend" among others!A must-see for fans of Italian cult cinema.10 out of 10!
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Truly a masterpiece.
kuolematon17 October 2000
This film has all what is needed for a great film. Excellent story or no story at all, lots of gore and of course zombies. This is almost as great as Fulci's films and that is a lot. I can recommend this all of you who like zombies or like to watch splatter movies.
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"Mother, this cloth smells of death!"
Hey_Sweden12 January 2012
Are you tired of explanation in horror films? Here's an Italian zombie flick, full of all of the requisite flesh munching, that never dwells too long on that pesky exposition that might otherwise intrude on all of the fun.

Director Andrea Bianchi ("Strip Nude for Your Killer") dives almost right away into the gory set pieces, as a nosy professor creates trouble for his associates by opening a crypt, unleashing a zombie horde that proves to be very relentless in their efforts to make meals out of our various chump victims.

Now, these zombies are some of the ugliest one may see in this sort of thing, and are pretty damn smart to boot, being able to manipulate weapons and tools. And our fated-to-be-zombie-dinners human characters sometimes don't try very hard to save their worthless butts. You add to that some typically hilarious work by the actors doing the dubbed in English voices, deliciously ridiculous English dialogue ("You're getting a raise from me, all right, but it has nothing to do with money!"), great music (by Elsio Mancuso and Berto Pisano), an attractive bunch of ladies (Karin Well, Antonella Antinori, and Mariangela Giordano), a generous dose of sex, and some very entertaining masks and makeup effects, and it creates an often quite funny and fairly action packed flick worth checking out.

But no review of this movie would be complete without mentioning the reason why it should have a reputation & following: perhaps THE greatest depiction of an Oedipal relationship in the history of cinema, as the extremely memorable Peter Bark (who indeed bears something of a resemblance to director Dario Argento) plays a young man who laments the passing of the days when he could suck on his dear mothers' breast, and gets to relive this experience before the whole sordid story is over.

Slip this into your DVD and/or BD player and be prepared to have some good laughs and thrills, done in that irresistibly wild Italian fashion that always guarantees a good time.

Eight out of 10.
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Zombies with style
smellthecult-com-115 November 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Superb Italian zombie flick. Alright, not a lot happens and what does doesn't make a lot of sense, but surely we expect that from this kind of movie.

The weird young boy, played by the 35 year old jockey(!) is one highlight (his breast feeding and eventual biting off of his own Mother's mammary gland being a particular favourite), but the main stars of the show are the zombie's, which are excellent: Rotting flesh, worms dangling from eyeballs, these look horrid, just as a zombie should. Yeah, you could outrun them without a worry, but they would still terrify you to the very core of your being.

The music is excellent too.

One of my favourite zombie movies.
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Two words, one man: Peter Bark
TomBofthelivingdead19 October 2009
Another zombie classic. Well, it's a classic if you happen to enjoy bad Italian zombie flicks. Me? I can't get enough of 'em. Burial Ground ranks right up there with the best of the worst. Accordingly, Suds & Buds (see my Blood Freak review for clarity) are handy to have around for your viewing pleasure. Don't be surprised if this one creeps you out at some points.... or if you turn it off right around the incest scene (more on that later).

I remember renting Burial Ground when I was, like, 15, except the box was labeled The Gates Of Hell. As any fan of Euro-horror movies knows, these flicks sometimes have half a dozen different titles (or more), depending if you've got the Italian, American, German or Laplander version. But, The Gates Of Hell was also the American title for Lucio Fulci's City Of The Living Dead. The box even had the same art as C.O.T.L.D. Yeah, nothing too relevant to the review, I just thought it was funny. As I started getting more into horror movies and heard about City... and it's U.S. title of Gates..., I thought I'd already seen it. Then, it took me awhile to figure out what I'd actually seen was Burial Ground.

OK, enough with the childhood memories. Almost 20 years later, this is still one of my faves. You hear all the time about these types of movies being plot-less and devoid of character development... welcome to exhibit A! Well, there is an idea behind the movie but, I wouldn't go as far as to call it a plot. Basically, a small group of people (two couples and a newlywed Mom and her, erm, son) are heading to an Italian villa owned by their friend, Professor Ayres. He's been working in a tomb on the property, trying to... I dunno, raise the dead? Well, he succeeds just in time for his guests to arrive and is the first to go. While he's getting munched on, his guests make themselves at home back at the mansion.

By "at home", I mean they start boning (hey, maybe it was a long drive). These scenes feature a little soft-core sex and randy dialogue. My favorite line of the movie is when one of the girls, named Leslie, is playing dress-up for her man and reveals herself to him in a skimpy (and quite fetching) ensemble and asks him if he likes what he sees, to which he responds, "You look just like a little whore but, I like that in a girl". You sweet talker, Betty Crocker! It doesn't take long for the zombies to make their way outta the tomb and towards the mansion. These aren't your average dumb-ass zombies either. They take up weapons, climb walls and even use a battering ram on the door. When a maid reaches out of a window to close the shutters, the zombies pin her hand to the outside wall with what looks like a railroad spike and cut her noggin off with a scythe. So, these are some clever cadavers.

At this point, I'd like to take a moment to tell you about Peter Bark. I suppose anyone very familiar with Burial Ground knows where I'm going with this. Bark plays the role of the son, named Michale. Now, maybe it was the sexual content or child labor laws but, this role was not given to a child. Instead, Bark appears to be a 30 year old with a bone deficiency or something, as he stands about 5 feet tall. The really creepy part is that he looks like a 30 year old. Well, a 30 year old with a obvious problem.

Michale is constantly on his Mom's jock. He gives her new husband the stink-eye something fierce. After surviving a zombie attack, Michale cuddles up to his Mom and starts.... well, he starts hitting on her. Yes friends, The Incest Scene... part 1! I mean, homeboy starts feelin' her up and whatnot. Well Mom, for some reason, freaks out and slaps him (surprised it didn't turn him on, kinky lil' s.o.b.). So he takes off, seemingly forgetting that zombies are lurking about. Michale eventually falls victim to some zombie nastiness, which sets up... Incest Scene part 2! When Mom next sees Michale, such is her relief that she clutches him to her bosom... and offers him a suckle.... which he uses as a opportunity to bite her boob off.

That's pretty much it. Zombies arise, zombies attack, zombies kill everyone in sight. That's the "plot". If someone was to ask you what Burial Ground is about, just repeat those three things... arise, attack, kill. Oh yeah, and Peter F'n Bark! The Good: They don't skimp on the gore here. As usual, it doesn't always make sense (like when a freshly turned zombie has her head bashed in, why does it leak what appears to be gray paint?) but, like, whatever. A couple of the lovely ladies get naked... not Janet, though (seriously, am I the only one that thinks that chick looks a lot like Kate Hudson). The zombies look pretty good. Some are really revolting (rotten flesh,worms hanging outta their grill), while others are kinda ridiculous (you can plainly see the screened over holes at the eyes and mouth that the "actors" see and breathe through). I like the music, very moody.

The Not So Good: All the usual suspects for this type of film. Bad acting, bad dubbing and a plot you could jot down on the back of a pack of matches in about a minute and a half. All the stuff I mentioned in The Good could be, in someone else's opinion, considered Not So Good (shock and disbelief!).
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Gore, Grisly Zombies, Gore, Demented Fun, Gore and... GORE!
Witchfinder-General-66616 September 2008
"Le Notti Del Terrore" (aka. "Burial Ground") of 1981 is a film with a mixed reputation. While some of my fellow Italian Horror fanatics regard it as being among the greatest Italian Zombie gore flicks, others seem to regard it as being completely worthless junk. In my opinion, it is neither. As far as I am concerned, "Burial Ground" does not nearly rank among the greatest Italian Zombie flicks, and yet it is an absolute must-see for my fellow fans of the living dead, mainly because of its extreme gore and its value as one of the most demented Zombie flicks ever made. Director Andrea Bianchi had already proved to be an expert for the sleazy kind of Italian Horror with his delightfully smutty Giallo "Nude Per L'Assassino" ("Strip Nude For Your Killer", 1975), and he also proves that he's a master of extreme gore with this yummy flick.

The storyline is extremely thin, and the existence of the zombies gets even less explanation than in other zombie films. However, the film's nauseating qualities easily make up for what it lacks in plotting. The living dead in this film are, without exaggeration, some the most disgusting Zombies ever in cinema. The makeup department really did an amazing job here - zombies do often look rotten, but these guys are literally in the process of rotting. The zombies have disgusting worms and maggots crawling out of their eye-sockets and other orifices, and the mere look of them is already a delight for every fan of nauseating and disgusting gore. Additionally, the film provides an enormous amount of remarkably nauseating gore, even for Italian Zombie flick standards. The film furthermore includes an extremely irritating little boy who has the face of an adult (and who was actually played by an adult, Peter Bark), and whose looks are not the only strange thing about him... I don't wanna give away more, as I don't want to spoil any of the fun, but I can assure that the fans of the really explicit and demented kind of gore-cinema will have the time of their lives watching "Burial Ground". The film is never even remotely eerie or suspenseful, and the plot is as thin as it gets, but there is no doubt about one thing: this is demented stuff! I recommend "Burial Ground" to all my fellow fans of Italian Horror cinema, especially to those who like their Zombie flicks extremely gory. If you want GORE, then this is for you!
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The Zombie Dead
boofattylumpken17 November 2007
I think that this was a really great "ZOMBIE" movie it is great bloody/gory fun. Yes the "ZOMBIES" were cheesy looking and you can tell that they are wearing mask's but at least the "ZOMBIE" mask's are cool and are not really fake looking like in the movie "THE INCREDIBLY STRANGE CREATURES WHO STOPPED LIVING AND BECAME MIXED UP ZOMBIES" now not only was that a very crappy "ZOMBIE" movie but the "ZOMBIES" mask's were like ten times bigger than there actual actual size head at least this movie tries and is loaded with gore. The scariest thing about this movie was that kid Michael (Peter Bark) he looked like he is thirty or forty years old now that is what I call scary and whats with that relationship with his mother about?
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"I've always been terrified of the dead."
Backlash0075 March 2007
Warning: Spoilers

If I had one word to describe Burial Ground: The Nights of Terror, that word would be gratuitous. The film has gratuitous nudity, gratuitous gore, and gratuitous dubbing. In other words: It's an Italian zombie classic. This is one of those films that is utterly enjoyable z-grade trash. But be warned--You have to turn off your brain and throw your zombie rulebook out the window. These ghouls are smarter than your average bear. They disguise themselves as monks, have the catlike ability to scale walls, and have mastered the ninja ability to throw railroad spikes with the accuracy of Michael Dudikoff. Seriously though, the film is a lot of fun. It doesn't seem to take itself too seriously and, thankfully, never gets dull. There are some pretty cool set pieces and the film does have a certain atmosphere to it. The best aspect is the setting. The movie takes place in an Italian mansion that is ripe for the living dead. Also, it features one of the most memorable sequences of Italian cinema: the incestuous, zombie boy-child being breast-fed by his mother. *Shudders* That's creepy stuff. All in all, Burial Ground is an offbeat zombie offering for those of us that can't get enough of the walking dead.
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"Oh Momma"
CMRKeyboadist26 January 2006
I first saw this movie about a year ago and I must admit I really didn't like it. Just recently I watched this movie again to give it another chance and I was glad I did because it turned out to be a pretty enjoyable film.

The movie starts with a scientist somehow resurrecting the dead in a cave underground. The scientist is quickly killed and the zombies start to make it out of their "Burial Ground". After this, a group of people head over to a mansion to I believe go on vacation. It isn't soon after that the dead start to pick each of the people off one by one.

I must admit this movie is rather hilarious almost all the way through. The characters all act like a bunch of idiots and you really don't feel bad when they start dying. The way the zombies looked was fake but still cool nonetheless as they looked like a bunch of rotted monks. The gore was all there so if you are a gore hound you should be pleased. Plenty of gut ripping and head smashing to go around. And the best part (and most controversial) is the mother and her incestuous son. If that doesn't leave you laughing for days I don't know what to say.

Definitely a fun movie with some very bizarre music, gore, bad acting, and bad plot. Highly recommended. 8/10 stars
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Schlocky zombie flick that delivers bucket loads of mobile corpses
fertilecelluloid23 December 2005
Warning: Spoilers
On a technical level, this is pretty inept. The walking dead are often out of focus. Everything is grossly overlit. And the compositions are all over the place.

But...it is also a classic for many reasons. The decision to cast thirty-year-old Peter Bark as the ten-year-old son of Antonella Antinori, is one of strange genius. Bark looks like a jockey and wears his pants so high, he surely must have ruined his testicles forever. In one great scene, he begins to feel his own mother up so he can return to munch on her breast later.

The problem with many zombie films is the zombies don't get enough screen time. That's not the case here. Within ten minutes, the zombies are everywhere, and they remain centrestage for the entire movie. They are rotting, shambling, maggot-ridden creature of the Fulci variety, and they are lots of fun to watch. In one scene, a victim's eye is skewered by broken glass, ala "Zombie", and the constant close-ups of decayed flesh echo the master's best works.

Director Bianchi uses the living dead army well and keeps them busy chasing a party of bad actors. The overlit nature of the photography robs the horror scenes of atmosphere at times, but the simple, electronic soundtrack keeps everything on a strange note.

For fans of schlock, there is plenty to enjoy. The flesh tearing and munching scenes are very graphic and the location -- an old monastery -- is suitably evocative.

Valid in spite of its aesthetic deficiencies.
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...smeels of death...
jeansebastienproulx30 November 2005
Warning: Spoilers
"Burial Ground" has every ingredients a cheap zombie movie needs:and more!First,you have stupids dialogs from beginning to end.Bad actors(but,anyway,how can they be any good with these lines?!)Good atmospheric music,lots of gore scenes,beautiful women,beautiful setting(same castle as in "Malabimba")and as a bonus,we have Michael,the scariest character of all time. You have not to take this movie too seriously,but,if you are a euro-thrash horror fan,you won't be disappointed. The zombies looks like potatoes bags,they seem to "communicate"with each other,they work against the living as a team,and the bunch of humans are so dumb,it's so funny.One of my favorite part,is when this guy goes: "We should let them in.Maybe it's the house they want,not us!"And they all agree!Get the point?Then check it out!
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