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Interviews: TV Stars Paul Michael Glaser, Tracey Gold, Pat Priest

Chicago – It is always a thrill to revisit the classic TV stars from the past, and there is no better place to do so than at the “Hollywood Celebrities and Memorabilia Show” in Chicago. Paul Michael Glaser (”Starsky and Hutch”), Tracey Gold (”Growing Pains’) and Pat Priest (”The Munsters”) were at the most recent show. got the opportunity to interview these TV icons, and photographer Joe Arce captured their images with Exclusive Portraits.

The “Hollywood Celebrities & Memorabilia Show” is being retooled as “The Hollywood Show,” coming to Chicago in March of 2012. This biannual event is where attendees can meet TV and movie stars, plus get pictures and collect autographs. Click here for details about the show.

Paul Michael Glaser, Detective Dave Starsky on “Starsky and Hutch

Being in one of the most famous cop partnerships in TV history is only one aspect of Paul Michael Glaser. He has
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