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Vicious Vinyl: The Beyond, Candyman II, & Frizzi 2 Fulci Dropping This Week!

If you haven’t already reduced your bank account to a barren wasteland thanks to Halloween goodies and decorations, then listen up primitive vinyl-heads because there’s some serious releases dropping this week! First up from Death Waltz and Mondo: The Beyond and Frizzi 2 Fulci! MondoCon just ended its’ second year of being one of the greatest conventions in the world with a cavalcade of new illustrated masterworks, special screenings, and beloved scores hitting wax. Most importantly, this was the North American debut of one of horrors most beloved composers, Fabio Frizzi! Master filmmaker Lucio Fulci’s go-to guy for insanely eerie and legendary symphonies, his live set will be released as a double LP. Both of the aforementioned were available for attendees to grab first dips, but these (including variants) will be dropping at a random time tomorrow!

One Way Static is summoning Daniel Robitaille once more for a
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The Top Father's Day Films Ever Made? Here Are Five Dads - Ranging from the Intellectual to the Pathological

'Father of the Bride': Steve Martin and Kimberly Williams. Top Five Father's Day Movies? From giant Gregory Peck to tyrant John Gielgud What would be the Top Five Father's Day movies ever made? Well, there have been countless films about fathers and/or featuring fathers of various sizes, shapes, and inclinations. In terms of quality, these range from the amusing – e.g., the 1950 version of Cheaper by the Dozen; the Oscar-nominated The Grandfather – to the nauseating – e.g., the 1950 version of Father of the Bride; its atrocious sequel, Father's Little Dividend. Although I'm unable to come up with the absolute Top Five Father's Day Movies – or rather, just plain Father Movies – ever made, below are the first five (actually six, including a remake) "quality" patriarch-centered films that come to mind. Now, the fathers portrayed in these films aren't all heroic, loving, and/or saintly paternal figures. Several are
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Three New Stills Drag Us into The World of Phantasmagoria

On tap right now are several new stills from the latest horror anthology on its way entitled Phantasmagoria (no relation to the old school PC game or the Marilyn Manson project of the same name). Check 'em out along with the latest details.

From the Press Release

Take a look at Venantino Venantini (City of the Living Dead, Ladyhawke, Contraband, Seven Deaths in the Cat's Eye) as "GrandPa" in the upcoming sensation of horror from France and Italy, Phantasmagoria, which recently wrapped production.

Cristina Puccinelli (L’Ultimo Weekend), Alberto Cattaneo, Sophie Pâris, and newcomer Maya Dolan star in Phantasmagoria, which follows “three shocking tales of horror that take you beyond fear.”

Co-directed by Mickael Abbate (Creeps), Domiziano Cristopharo (House of Flesh Mannequins, Red Krokodil, Doll Syndrome), and Tiziano Martella (Legio Xiii), Phantasmagoria is a vibrating tribute to William Castle’s cinema but also introduces original visions of fear in three
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Three Exclusive Pics From Upcoming Franco-Italo Horror Phantasmagoria!

As production has wrapped up on the upcoming Franco-Italo horror anthology Phantasmagoria we have been given three exclusive images to share with you. The first is of Italian actor Venantino Venantini, from such films as City of the Living Dead and Seven Deaths in the Cat's Eye. The second is a pair of sexy heels and the third is of newcomer Maya Dolan. I find myself constantly drawn to the third image for some reason. Must be the architecture of that villa in the background. Yeah. Must be. February 24, 2014 - Take a look at Venantino Venantini (City of the Living Dead, Ladyhawke, Contraband, Seven Deaths in the Cat's Eye) as « GrandPa » in the upcoming sensation of horror from France and Italy Phantasmagoria,...

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Soundtrack Legend Fabio Frizzi to perform live on Halloween Thursday October 31st at The Union Chapel, Islington, London N1

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Cinema Retro has received the following press release:

Death Waltz Recording Company and Paint It Black are proud to present Fabio Frizzi live for his first ever UK show to be held at The Union Chapel on October 31st. The perfect setting will play host to Frizzi, accompanied by his 7-piece band and with an additional string section (the F2F Orchestra), for what promises to be a very special evening’s performance and master-class in soundtrack composition. Rather than performing individual tracks from his catalogue, Frizzi will be presenting his works in newly commissioned suites, which he is currently finishing back in Rome with the F2F Orchestra.

Through the superb reissue work of labels like Death Waltz, Italian soundtracks are becoming extremely sought after and essential recordings to own, recognized for their incredible dimensions of sound. From the early 1960s through to the early 1980s, and helped by
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Snitch Review

I have a longstanding respect for and really enjoy Dwayne Johnson, so I went into Snitch expecting not to hate it, 2/5 stars. I know that ain’t much, but it didn’t look particularly substantive, so that was the baseline (though “inspired by” true events, if that’s all that’s said, it often still qualifies as fiction).

Then a funny thing happened, one that in over 2700+ titles hasn’t occurred quite this way before: the stars just kept climbing, step-by-step, hand over fist, as the film progressed. I could actually feel it… “hey this isn’t bad at all”… “you know, this is pretty good”… “whoa, good job”… “that was really well done”… and so on, half-star by half-star until here we are at 4/5. I think I’m as surprised as some of you may be!

Let’s get one thing out of the way at the start: the trailer misleads.
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