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Sex & Nudity

  • Several women are seen topless, breasts exposed.
  • A woman's crotch is shown briefly.
  • Several women are raped throughout the film by the monsters.
  • During the carnival scene, several women are seen wearing skimpy bikinis.

Violence & Gore

  • When people are killed by the monsters, it's very bloody and gorey with lots of visceral spray.
  • It's also moderately bloody when the monsters are shot.
  • Several dead dogs are shown with their bodies having been torn open and organs ripped out.
  • Johnny Eagle gets into a fight with the owners of the company.
  • A monster attacks a woman who is driving a truck, causing it to drive off a bridge and explode.
  • Many graphic deaths happen during the big carnival scene.Among them, a man has his head torn off, another man has his chest ripped open, exposing his ribcage.
  • The monsters are stabbed and beaten multiple times.
  • At the end, a woman who was raped by one of the monsters is shown to have gotten pregnant. The offspring graphic rips itself out of her belly in a very bloody display.


  • Somewhat heavy, with only a few f-words.
  • A man uses his ventriloquist dummy to make a couple very bad sexual innuendos ("Hey honey, wanna see my woodpecker?").

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Some weed is smoked.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The gore and rape scenes may make many people very uncomfortable.
  • A woman is impregnated from a monster raping her.
  • Animal lovers may be saddened by the sight of the many graphically-killed dogs.
  • The monster birth scene at the end is very disturbing with the baby ripping it's way out of her belly.

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