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3/10 **/5 ~ Beloved Bug Bites Bottom.
Doctor_Mabuse5 April 2004
This third and last theatrical sequel to the classic Walt Disney Production The Love Bug (1969) brought the enormously successful franchise about a magical Volkswagen to a screeching halt. Herbie deserved a better send-off.

There's just no love left in the poor little disrespected cash-car. Filmed on the cheap in Mexico, this entry has none of the quality and charm of its original and trashes all that was good about the preceding sequels. Vincent McEveety, the weakest of Disney's three main directors during this period, was assigned the project after having done a fair job with Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo, but makes no effort to elevate the project above the level of its poor script.

The frenetic, maudlin result is one of the worst Disney films. Talented comic performers Harvey Korman, Cloris Leachman and Charles Martin Smith are wasted on unfunny material. Only the clever stunt and effects work save this mechanical destruction derby from oblivion.

The Love Bug was eventually revived for a brief TV series and made-for-TV movie, but Disney was flogging a dead V-Dub.
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last Herbie movie and rightfully so!
pablo macanudo18 October 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I think the makers of the Herbie franchise must have gone bananas when they conceived this pile of garbage. Every character was reprehensible except the mousy doctor. Herbie goes out of his way to help a street thug while his new owners scam an old woman and her undeserving niece. Had the movie ended with Herbie being dumped into the ocean by the maniacal captain this movie would have had some redeeming quality. My kids actually asked me to take this move off because it was completely lacking in any entertainment quality. Disney should have followed this movie up with HERBIE GOES TO THE CRUSHER. The only saving grace this movie had was Harvey Korman as the insane captain of the ocean liner. Sorry I subjected my family to this sad ending to an otherwise fun and endearing movie series.
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Cutting room floor could have been deeper
Bill Jones24 December 2004
Warning: Spoilers
Yanking a few scenes from this Herbie would have been smart. Rework the "walk the plank" into some other way to get the bug to it's destination. There are some very comical parts in this movie. Leachman and Martin Smith put character into the movie. The rest were along for the ride and you knew it. The villains were more smart and ruthless in this episode than others. However there were some real stupid moves that disagreed with this notion. The scene with the plane and the heavy gold disk was an insult to everyone's intelligence. Great care should be used to leave magic and mystery where expected (Herbie and Coincidence)but not go beyond the laws of physics in other parts of the production. Large gold objects rolling around inside a small aircraft will destroy it very quickly. Not much racing in this one either. I find my kids watch the other Herbie movies and this sits on the shelf
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A journey too far
Stefan Kahrs1 April 2002
Easily the weakest of the series, this is a film the Herbie franchise could have done without. Having a child as the nominal lead in an essentially adult role is a surprisingly common motif in children's movies; surprisingly, because more often than not it fails to work and it certainly fails here. Eight-year old taxi drivers? I think not, not even in Mexico. Our Paco is more annoying than lovable and I found myself rooting for the villains instead.

Clearly the writers are to blame for the mess - the cast is actually quite good, e.g. you cannot ask for much better villains than John Vernon, Alex Rocco and Richard Jaeckel, but they were fighting a loosing battle against a rotten script.

The best asset of the film is Harvey Korman who shows the right spirit, and is given the freedom to act out his madcap humour. Neither his routines nor his character fit very well into the story, but the story is so weak one does not care.
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adios Herbie
Baldach3 June 2002
This was the last Herbie movie to my knowledge. If it wasn't the last, it was defintely the worst. What else do you call a movie when a Mexican child calls Herbie "ocho" ( he adds up Herbie famous number "53" and gets eight). Then this Mexican child does a horrible paint job and starts using Herbie to run a taxi service. In my humble opinion the only reason to watch this film is to see what sort cellouiod trash Disney was putting out before Michael Eisner took over.
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Infantile and Moronic Spanish version of Herbie the LoveBug
BigWhiskers20 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Low Bottom Feeder final sequel to the Herbie the Love Bug series, the Spanish version albeit. This was playing on Turner Classic Movies channel yesterday and I still can't figure out how it got on there in the first place. Certainly not a classic but the exact opposite -total bomb. Even the title is stupid,the car goes bananas in every movie it's in however there is a scene in which Herbie is covered in bananas but it takes place near the end of the movie and lasts about 5 minutes. The plot involves a very irritating young Mexican boy ,bumbling crooks, a desperate pathetic Helen Roper type love starved slut played by Cloris Leachman and her niece, a goofy ships captain and two young typical guys who want to race the car. The young Mexican boy befriends Herbie who by the way never gets called Herbie except for one time in the beginning of the movie. The cars number is 53 so of course in Spanish 53 always means 5+3 ,stupid. Now we have the very irritating boy yelling ocho(Spanish for 8 at least 200 times in the movie). Come on ocho , ocho ocho. Good god I wanted to sew his lips shut. They race around the world on cruise ships and through ghetto South America , with Cloris Leachman trying to get into Harvey Korman's pants in these stupid subplot scenes which have nothing to do with the main plot of the movie and this is a Disney flick?. It gets even worse, why do some people think the bull fighting scene is funny etc, it's very stupid with the car holding a cape in its hood and driving around backwards with the bull chasing it ,meanwhile the people inside yell and scream and the kid yells toro ocho toro ocho ,, how can i keep watching. The kid also plays taxi driver and becomes the race car driver too , oh sure yeah ,disney was on something for this movie- most kids i watched it with when i was young were probably bored. In the end , a very bad irritating finale to the series. Harvey Korman is wasted in a role so beneath him its sick, he is like a stupid Captain Stubing love boat style with the worst most unfunny dialog(the writers should have been shot for the preschool humor), the rest of the cast chews scenery and the stupid horny Cloris Leachman overacting every time she looks Kormans way as if she thinks Korman would want anything to do with her gross come-ons. I've never liked her in anything shes been in, shes a terrible actress, how she won awards who knows.

After the final scene ,we get treated to a very syrupy irritating ending song about friendship complete with a Spanish word thrown in every few verses like i bet you a banana mañana ,charro, amigo etc. Is this Spanglish? Oh and did i mention the above bananas are also sold by the kid to passersby, yeah id like to buy bananas that were touching a smelly rusty car and the fact they drove 600 miles in the hot sun with the bananas on the outside of the car. these little sub-scenes added no doubt to amuse small children and annoy parents. I wouldn't recommend this movie to anyone unless you want to turn your kids into numb minded dregs. Of course this may keep your 3 y/o amused for ten minutes while you run to the video store to shoot the owners for carrying this movie.
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Poor Herbie
AaronCapenBanner7 December 2013
Vincent McEveety directed this fourth entry that sees Pete(played by Stephen W. Burns) and D.J.(played by Charles Martin Smith) gain temporary possession of Herbie from Jim Douglas, and have plans to enter it in a Rio De Janeiro car race, but need financial backing, so enlist two women(played by Cloris Leachman & Elyssa Davalos) to help out, but get sidetracked by a crazy ship captain(played by Harvey Korman) who dumps Herbie into the sea(!) and then is rescued by an orphaned pickpocket, and pursued by a smuggling syndicate. Awful film is utterly unfunny, contrived, and pointless, not to mention stupid. Forgettable sequel, best forgotten, though a brief TV series followed.
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A Twist of Fate
Tbone11736728 May 2005
Warning: Spoilers
The fourth Herbie took a twist of fate. No racing, no Dean Jones, and no quality movie. I thought there should have been a story where Douglas and Applegate continue on their racing quest to a country like Germany or Italy. These writers probably thought that the "racing" idea was too tiring to be used anymore. I did read on some site that Dean Jones did read the actual script for the "Bananas" movie. He said no because of the story's new twist itself. I can't blame him for that. Even if he was in that storyline, the movie might have been a bit better but still the worse. If the movie was about racing again, then Jones returns but probably not as good as Monte Carlo. Instead, new story with new characters that made no sense. Therefore, this is where the movie went wrong. This is also where the movie had the twist of fate.
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theninja29 July 2003
I love Herbie - it's hard not to. However I can recognise how the four movies gradually get worse. This was the worst one. Now I'm not saying it was terrible, and I don't agree with a comment above that says "make the kids watch something else", but it was a disappointing effort.

The Love Bug is by far the best, closely followed by Herbie Rides Again. Herbie Goes To Monte Carlo is OK, but Bananas is not very good at all. If you're not a fan of Herbie movies, you won't like this.

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One Good Joke
LindaY14 June 2004
The only good joke in this movie is the inside one: when Cloris Leachman's character sends Herbie for help, Harvey Korman turns to her and says, "It's a car, lady, not Lassie!" Leachman was part of the cast of LASSIE in 1957-1958, playing the original Ruth Martin. One wonders if the joke was specifically inserted with her in mind.

Poor Herbie went through as many owners as Lassie, too. This one is particularly lackluster, although the child lead is cute. The two young men who now apparently own Herbie don't even have enough screen presence to overshadow a small boy. On the other hand, Leachman and Korman must have needed the bucks.
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why did the old Herbie series had to end badly
mervclan28 December 2010
Okay I have something to say I am a big fan of Herbie I love the jokes and the tricks in the first film The love bug my favorite Disney movie and my favorite Herbie movie is the best in the series Herbie rides again was okay it was not that bad Herbie goes to Monte Carlo was pretty good it was not that bad of kids movie but this one I don't think so it did not make sense like in the first film Jim buys Herbie and Herbie Win so many races for Jim in the 2nd one Herbie try ed to save the old firehouse from Mr Hawk in 3rd film Jim returns to Herbie's life and takes him to Monte Carlo and where he feels in love with someone but this one is weak and the worst in the series it does not even light up to the first film because the characters in this one have no development and the hole plot was a big huge miss and hole movie with bananas was stupid I mean Herbie is race car and he should of had his normal paint job he only had it for about 20 mims or so and he was called Herbie once so the hole movie itself suck so if you are a big fan of the first three Herbie films like I am you are not going to not like this one but The love bug 97 TV movie put Herbie back up to his wheelies and Herbie fully loaded as well so I give this movie a 4 out of 10 because it does not light up the first film This movie is probably great for kids but if you want to see this movie to see how the adventure continued but don't count on it being a 5 stars in your book.
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i just don't get it
FloweryUnderscoreGuy23 March 2007
this movie is point-less, taste-less and most importantly Herbie-less! that's right his name is only spoken once in the entire film and his original paint job is only seen for half an hour of the movie. the movie just isn't as original or lovable as the others. and don't fall for it the way i did i ran around the internet for 13 hours(no wait i think it was 14) looking for a review that says this movie was a success but it is not a success it's barley even a Herbie movie

what it is is a waste of time and money

my advice:

don't fall for this movie,skip this one, go right to Herbie:fully loaded
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Herbie headed for the scrap heap...
matt-8117 July 1999
The formerly jaunty little bug is dragged out for another run, this time a very feeble attempt at a franchise cash-in. It appears that the suits at Disney knew Herbie was due for the parts yard, and spent as little as possible to churn this out, hoping to make a quick buck off the few people who would see it on name recognition alone. Make the kids watch something else.
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A great movie once you get used to it
jre-526 November 2005
Personally I don't know why so many people dislike this movie. I'm 27 and don't usually like fairytale type stories much anymore, but I find Herbie goes Bananas to be a lot of fun and usually very enjoyable. Some things about it are rather ridiculous, like a kid driver and other items, but after all, it's a fantasy movie just like all the other Herbie films for that matter. Some parts don't exactly fit together or make sense, like how Herbie knows where Paco is when he's left behind in the jungle, why Herbie would be let up into the Pannama Canal, and other things. But if you just forget about the parts that wouldn't work in real life and enjoy the story and events that take place it's a lot of fun. Of the now 5 main Herbie movies, The Love Bug, Herbie Rides Again, Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo, Herbie Goes Bananas, and Herbie Fully Loaded, this isn't my favorite one, but it's not my least favorite either. Personally my favorite is probably Herbie goes to Monte Carlo, and my least favorite is definitely Herbie Fully Loaded.

I admit that when I first saw it there were plenty of things that didn't seem right, but after seeing it a few times and getting used to it I got to really liking it. Some things I found to be a bit unpleasant, confusing and sort of mixed up. I didn't like it that Herbie rusts in the water and nearly drowns, but after all this isn't the first time Herbie is damaged and later fixed. Sometimes it's confusing all the different items going on at once. I do think it could have been better with perhaps a few less characters. There are plenty of things that could have been better, I wouldn't argue with that at all, and it is considerably different from the other movies. But after watching it a few times and getting the feel for it I learned to really like it. I think it just takes some getting used to, the more I watch it the more I enjoy it. One of the only things that I never like is the rude, selfish and annoying behavior of the pirate like Captain Blythe.

Many parts I find to be very funny, especially the scene that the movie is named after, where Herbie is throwing Banana's at the crooks near the end. Maybe it's just my opinion, but I find this to be hilarious. However I don't think the movie title should have been named after this.

Anyways, I think it's a great movie once you get used to it. Some parts could have been better, but I find it to be just as good as the other Herbie movies.
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Cloying at times and pretty much to formula but still lively and quite enjoyable by the series standards
bob the moo17 August 2005
Jim Douglas has long retired and has left his car to Pete Staniczek as long as he collects it from South America. So Pete and engineer Davy Johns collect the car to enter it into a race, but they first have to contend with little pickpocket Paco. Despite the look of the car, they take it on the cruise ship with them when they leave – not knowing that Paco has sneaked onboard as well to escape the wrath of one of his victims who are part of a gang planning to steal Aztec gold.

This was supposedly the final entry in the series but I suppose that the new 2005 film means that it is number 4 of 5 (so far). The characters and locations have all changed but essentially the formula is still the same – physical comedy from Herbie, romance from the driver, a crime subplot although no race as such. In this regard it doesn't do anything particularly special or go anywhere other than you expect it to, but it is inoffensive and not annoying or boring. The comedy is so-so, with plenty of Herbie action for kids (apparently they went through over 20 cars making this) and acceptable humour for adults.

The cast are mixed – in some regards they carry the movie but in others they are terrible. The lead cast are mostly poor. Burns shows how enjoyable Jones was because he is totally lacking in charisma or screen presence. Smith does his best to impersonate the usual engineer sidekick (Knotts) by mugging and pulling faces but it never gets past the stage of impersonation to become his own work. Davalos is terribly dull, although her wooden, uninspired delivery does quite compliment Burns. Garay (the third, would you believe) is OK but if you hate "cute kids" in movies then you'll hate his squeaky little performance; however I suppose it is quite cool that the car gets to act opposite an orphan – very like Chaplin. Thank goodness for the support cast then, because they do a lot of the work that the lead actors fail to do; not saying that they are that good but at least they are lively and interesting. Korman overacts with little material to work with but he is very funny at times. Leachman is a lot more by-the-numbers and not as interesting. The criminal gang don't have much to do but the faces will be interesting for adults – Jaeckel and Rocco for example.

Overall, this is a fairly obvious entry in the series but it is still enjoyable. The overuse of the kid will put many adults off because it brings out some horrible, cloying sentiment but mostly the film is lively and quite enjoyable. Children will enjoy it and adults will be able to watch it without feeling bored.
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This film really is scrap - 22%
Benjamin Cox5 April 2012
You're not supposed to dislike Herbie films. They're from a more innocent era, a time when cars having a soul didn't seem such a far-fetched idea because of the amount of acid you were dropping. Hating Herbie films is like hating a six-year-old for not being able to do algebra. But I had my fears that Herbie films would run out of gas in subsequent films but this one, this wretchedly boring addition to the series, is running on fumes. Devoid of any of the charm, humour and speed of any of the previous three films, it's a tragic way to close a series that had, at least, been fun up till now.

Herbie's new owner this time is square-jawed American Pete (Stephen W Burns) and his mechanic buddy DJ (Charles Martin Smith) who inherit the car in Mexico. After befriending streetwise pickpocket Paco (Joaquin Garay, III), they decide to head to Rio De Janeiro to participate in the Brazilian Grand Prix. Boarding a cruise-liner to Rio, they meet eccentric Aunt Louise (Cloris Leachman) who intends to match up Pete with her shy and bookish (but incredibly good-looking) niece Melissa (Elyssa Davalos) while keeping her eye firmly on Captain Blythe (Harvey Korman). Amid all this, Paco is being hunted by a couple of villains from Mexico (John Vernon & Alex Rocco) who are after some lost Inca treasure and pretty soon, Herbie decides to intervene in the only way he knows how...

Given that the plot is hopelessly muddled (we don't even find out how they get on in Brazil by the time the film ends!), "Herbie Goes Bananas" is a prime example of what happens when a film has only a couple of decent ideas behind it but runs out of steam very quickly and struggles to fill out its running time. Very little ever seems to happen and when it does, it's so mind-numbingly dull that it never recovers your full attention. Herbie himself lacks the personality of previous movies, being little more than a car that does tricks such as the scarcely-believable matador scene. Combine that with possibly the most annoying kid I think I've ever seen in a film (and I'm included Shortround from "Temple Of Doom") and it's no wonder you're not interested. Throughout most of the film, Herbie's called Ocho and one of the characters is so stupid, he can't work out why. For a film principally about a car with a mind of its own, it's ironic that there is no drive in the movie at all - nothing feels exciting, dynamic or amusing which is something the three earlier films managed at some point. Even the actors looks bored although Korman hams it up somewhat as the caricature naval officer.

In truth, there was no reason to make this movie other than for Disney to flog a dead horse even more and wring the last few dollars out of a dying franchise. Even the weakest sequel up to this point - "Herbie Rides Again" - had one or two moments that were worth watching but this has none. But what could they have done that hadn't been done before? The only thing that's different in this movie is the location, offering the film-makers a whole bunch of dodgy accents and racial stereotypes to plunder in the search for some family-friendly laughs. Alas, they have come back empty-handed. This is the film that ushered Herbie into the pits for the last time (although Disney still put out a couple of half-hearted sequels later and even a TV show) and frankly, this film is very much like its star - out of date, rusty all over and in serious need of scrapping.
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Let's go racing! Or not.
tom-durham17 February 2017
This movie is very out of character with the previous movies.

I found all of the characters unlikable and annoying. They have no depth and they have few positive traits.

For example, Herbie protects a thief from police, and breaks things, causing his new owners to scam an old lady to pay for the damage.

This is the kind of behaviour I'd expect from Alonzo Hawk. What's going on here???

And I haven't even talked about the bad guys.

You know a movie sucks when you are rooting for the bad guys.
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bkoganbing9 October 2010
It was thought the Herbie phenomenon had finally run its course with Herbie Goes Bananas. It turned out only that the franchise just took a quarter century hiatus.

In this film Herbie has been given over to Stephen W. Burns and his mechanic Charles Martin Smith by previous owner whom we all know was Dean Jones. Of course he did it without telling nephew Burns or Smith about Herbie's capabilities. A bit of time with him and they really do believe that he can win the Grand Prix at Rio.

But before that the little bug gets involved with some counterfeiters played by John Vernon, Richard Jaeckel, and Alex Rocco, a little boy who calls him OCHO played by Joaquin Garay, and the pretentious captain of a cruise ship in Harvey Korman who has the best performance in the film. Burns gets himself involved in a shipboard romance with Elyssa Davalos who is accompanied by her chaperon aunt Cloris Leachman. Korman and Leachman get a little something going themselves though what she sees in him is beyond me. Maybe she just likes the uniform.

Herbie Goes Bananas has some nice location cinematography in the Panama Canal, Tijuana, and Guadalajara in Mexico. And it has two good scenes with Herbie walking the plank as per Captain Korman's orders and later on in a corrida facing a bull with Leachman and Korman inside. The rest of the time it moves at a snail's pace, odd for a Volkswagen that's supposed to win Grand Prix events.

By the way little Joaquin Garay calls him Ocho because he adds the five and three painted on Herbie's side and that's eight in Spanish. So why didn't he just call him Cincuenta Y Tres?
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Criminally underrated
bts19847 December 2010
Warning: Spoilers
'Herbie Goes Bananas' is a severely injusticed and misunderstood light-hearted comedy. The major mistake of this film was coming after the 3 older Herbie's films, which sealed its doom from the very start. Had it been made before them and maybe things would have been different, it probably would have been more successful and appreciated. But then we wouldn't have Joaquin Garay III in it. Back when the 1st Herbie film 'The Love Bug' came out (1968), Joaquin Garay III was just coming to our world. Without taking off merit to other kids, I don't know if this movie would have been so good without Joaquin Garay III. He cheers me up so much in this movie.

This film is so unique and feels so different from the previous ones that it's more than just another sequel. I think of it almost as one that doesn't belong to the same "family" of movies.

This movie is a jewel. I dare to say it's worth "gold". They don't make them like this anymore. Now there are a few minor flaws but otherwise there is lots to like: it's delightful, charming, timeless, entertaining, nostalgic and the way the story is told is funny. There are lots of moments of great fun, but really funny humor (classic humor) and absolutely no dirty humor.

Concerning the soundtrack, the only song I find nothing special is "Look at me". Aside that, I adore the cheer song "I found a new friend" and the cheer music with no singing played at the opening credits and other parts.

The locations are a major appeal: beautiful, desirable and exotic destinations like Mexico and Panama, perfect for some unforgettable Summer vacations and even better if it's in a voyage by cruise ship.

Harvey Korman portrays the pirate maniac Captain Blythe - crazy but funny at the same time. The actors who play the bad guys are pretty good either. Stephen W. Burns makes a very convincing Pete Stancheck.

Joaquin Garay III is excellent in his overactive performance as cute little Paco and his chemistry with Herbie is perfect. There's something special about this unusual friendship between this lovable but mischievous little boy and the world's most charismatic Volkswagen Beetle. The way how Paco and Herbie communicate with each other is funny and reminds me of "Pete's Dragon" because we can't understand the dragon's language but the boy does and continues talking to him normally as if it's no big deal to understand. The same happens to Herbie and Paco.

Herbie is called "Ocho" by Paco because he doesn't know the car's real name and misunderstands the meaning of the number 53. Apparently he interprets them as separate numbers, possibly because of that line in the middle of the car's hood, which results in one number at each side. What he does is plain and simple: he adds both numbers et voilà!

A very appropriate movie for children, with everything they can wish in a movie and no inappropriate stuff for them. It's a shame that children of this generation do not appreciate this kind of movies so beloved by children of my generation. Despite being very childish, it's also very appropriate for adults, as long they appreciate good old classics and have no qualms with this one in particular.

Title in Portugal: 'As Novas Diabruras de Herbie'.
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The only "Herbie" movie I really like
Atreyu_II7 March 2008
"Herbie Goes Bananas" is way too underrated. Quite honestly, I don't see any reason why so many people dislike it. It's a light-hearted comedy in the old-fashioned Disney style, great fun and cute. It's a harmless movie, without violence or bad stuff. I know I'm in minority, but I consider this a classic.

Despite being one of the sequels, this one can be considered a movie apart. It is original and different from the 3 previous movies. It's not a "rip-off", which is a benefit. Plus, unlike the other movies (which are dated), this one has that timeless, nostalgic feeling. The movie is much better than its cheesy title suggests.

"Herbie Goes Bananas" takes us to exotic locations such as Mexico and Panama, but also to a cruise ship (the "Sun Princess"), a bullfight, Inca ruins, Panama's Canal...

Soundtrack is nice. "I found a new friend" is a very charming and cheerful song and I also like the instrumental musics.

About the characters, I generally like them. My favorite is Paco, along with Herbie. Paco is cute and lovable, but also comical and one of the nicest and smartest movie kids ever. He always keeps his cheery disposition. He is polite, cool, he really likes his car friend (Herbie) and he always says the car looks good (even rusty). He is so much different from the obnoxious Maggie Peyton from "Herbie: Fully Loaded" or even Jim Douglas himself in the beginning of "The Love Bug".

Captain Blythe is *very* surly yet hilarious. Imagine having an explosive captain like that aboard a ship...

Herbie, the lovable VW Beetle, is a charismatic car in the world of cinema, while the VW Beetle itself is a legend in car industry. I love how he's always there for Paco when he needs help and that Paco does the same for Herbie. I just love their friendship.

The bad guys are likable for villains. They always remain calm and delicate without showing signs of aggressiveness.

Joaquin Garay III steals the show. His performance as Paco is just so energetic, so lively and terrific. He must have had great fun making this movie. Other talents include Stephen W. Burns, Charles Martin Smith, Harvey Korman, Cloris Leachman, John Vernon, Richard Jaeckel, Alex Rocco and Vito Scotti.

It's really cute that Paco calls Herbie "Ocho" ("eight" in Spanish) because he believes Herbie's 53 number means 5+3=8. The way Paco and Herbie communicate with each other is so cute. Not less cute is to see Paco acting like a taxi driver (Herbie is disguised as a taxi later) and the painting smiling flowers with the word "taxi" which Paco paints on Herbie. Curiously, Herbie's name is never mentioned in the movie, except one single time by the garage owner.

One of the most hilarious parts of the film is Herbie as a matador. The entire sequence is just so funny! Also, the part when Herbie throws bananas to the bad guys is just hilarious! But there are plenty of other moments as funny as these, of course...

This should definitely be on Top 250.
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I Really Like This One!
HAWKEYE1 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Being an avid fan of the Herbie movies since I was a child, and the very proud adult owner of an immaculately restored 1972 Super Beetle, I consider this film to be one of the BEST in the series! Loads of laughs, loads of fun! The cast is top notch. The effects are superbly done. It is absolutely perfect for family viewing. Great for the kids and still a lot of fun for the adults.

There is a perfect blend of aspects that will "appeal" to the children while not forgetting about the adults who will no doubt have to watch it along with the kids. The adult humor references will safely fly right over the heads of the youthful viewers.

If you like Herbie, and who doesn't?, this is one you'll want to see if you haven't already!

A truly enjoyable film.
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