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Anthony Lewis dies: Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist was 85 years old

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Two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist and author Anthony Lewis died Monday, at 85 years old, the Associated Press reports. His passing was confirmed by a spokeswoman for the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, where his wife worked as a chief justice.

For 32 years, Lewis worked as a columnist for the New York Times, championing causes like free speech and human rights. His first Pulitzer was awarded in 1955, for a report that defended a Navy civilian, falsely accused of being a sympathizer for the Communist party. His second win was for a report about the Supreme Court in 1963.

Lewis was also an accomplished author, with his book "Gideon's Trumpet" telling the story of Clarence Earl Gideon, a petty thief who fought for legal representation. The outcome of the case led to the creation of the public defender system in the United States. A movie adaptation of the novel starred Henry Fonda.

He penned his
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Actress Fay Wray Dies at 96

Actress Fay Wray Dies at 96
Fay Wray, the stunning beauty who tamed the legendary beast in King Kong, died Sunday at her Manhattan home; she was 96. According to a close friend, director Rick McKay, Wray passed away quietly, "as if she was going to sleep." Canadian-born but raised in Los Angeles, the diminutive actress (her full name was the exotic Vina Fay Wray) appeared in a number of silent films in the 20s, including Erich Von Stroheim's The Wedding March, which showcased her beauty and brought her larger fame. Other notable films of the era included The Legend of the Condemned opposite Gary Cooper, Josef Von Sternberg's Thunderbolt (the director's first sound film), and The Four Feathers, which introduced her to Merian C. Cooper and Ernest B. Shoedsack, the team that would make King Kong. Though she made a startling 11 films in 1933, Wray will be remembered always and forever as Ann Darrow, an unemployed actress who takes a job in a movie filming on a strange island and finds herself the love object of a giant ape. Mixing sex appeal with vulnerability, and a pair of lungs that wouldn't quit, Wray established herself as the first "scream queen" and the iconic image of her held in Kong's giant fist (in actuality an eight-foot mechanical arm) became one of the most enduring and legendary images in cinema.

Alas, Wray's follow-up films were less than memorable, and she left the screen in 1942 to marry writer Robert Riskin (It Happened One Night). She made a return in the 50s in small roles, usually playing a teen ingenue's mother (as she did in Tammy and the Bachelor), but gave up moviemaking by the end of the decade and appeared sporadically on television through the 60s. Her last appearance was in the 1980 TV movie Gideon's Trumpet opposite Henry Fonda. In 1988 she published her autobiography, On the Other Hand, and was the guest of honor at the 1991 ceremony marking the 60th birthday of the Empire State Building; she wrote, "Each time I arrive in New York and see the skyline and the exquisite beauty of the Empire State Building, my heart beats a little faster. I like that feeling. I really like it!" Wray is survived by three children, including daughter Victoria Riskin. --Prepared by IMDb staff

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