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Comcast Raises Its Offer For Sky To $34B, Continuing Battle With Fox

  • Deadline
Updated with statement from Fox:

Sending the ball back across the net, Comcast said it was upping its offer for European pay-tv giant Sky, just hours after 21st Century Fox boosted its own bid.

Comcast put forward its new proposal at an implied value of $34 billion, or £26 billion at £14.75 per share.

“Comcast has long admired Sky and believes it is an outstanding company and a great fit with Comcast,” the company said. “Today’s announcement further underscores Comcast’s belief and its commitment to owning Sky.”

Fox issued a terse, one-sentence statement this evening acknowledging the Philadelphia-based company’s bid, which topped its own $32.5 billion offer earlier in the day.

The move escalates a bidding war that’s playing out across continents. Comcast is said to be preparing a counter-attack in its long-running fight with Disney over Fox’s studio and network assets, though many analysts have increasingly argued
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An A-z Beginner’s Guide to ‘Arrested Development’ (Photos)

When Netflix announced Season 5 of “Arrested Development” was right around the corner, a whole bunch of fans just blue themselves. But if you’ve never seen the show, it’s understandable why that joke means nothing to you. “Arrested Development” is one of the biggest cult comedies ever, and because it prides itself on fourth-wall breaking meta commentary and long-running, recurring gags, it’s not quite easy to dive into. But the obsession is real, so if you’re new to the Bluth family or just need a refresher, (Lucille Bluth awkward winking Gif) this A-z guide will have you covered.

A is for “And now the story…”

Arrested Development” is about a dysfunctional group of California socialites who lose everything and can now barely function. The most competent of the sons, Michael Bluth (Jason Bateman), wants nothing to do with any of them, but inevitably finds himself under one
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Doctor Who Season 10 Blu-Ray To Include Tons Of Juicy Extras

There’s been much to enjoy from Doctor Who‘s last few seasons – Peter Capaldi, Michelle Gomez, the odd standout episode here and there – but ultimately, it’s been a bit scattershot in quality. It took a while for the Twelfth Doctor’s era to find itself, which meant it lacked the cohesive quality of David Tennant and Matt Smith’s eras. Seasons 8 and 9 were enjoyable TV, don’t get us wrong, but not up to the expected quality of the show.

With season 10, though, Doctor Who finally got its groove back. It seems that, as this was the final run for both Peter Capaldi and showrunner Steven Moffat, they decided to go all out in making it a year to remember. Due to the erratic scheduling of the Capaldi era – there was no season at all in 2016 – season 10 was hands down the best run of the show in a good long time.
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It Came From The Tube: Blackout (1985)

There’s nothing like a good mystery, and HBO’s Blackout (1985) has a central premise that’s hard to deny: You survive a car crash, but have no memory of who you were before. Until, 7 years later, someone shows up and insinuates that you were a man who murdered his entire family and then fled. Now, could you go about your life, or would you want to know the truth? And if you were a killer, would that impulse return?

HBO’s original programming was still in its infancy, so the film, which debuted on Sunday, July 28th, plays as a barely more graphic version of a network offering, which is fine anyway; Blackout offers enough story and characterization to diminish any desire for extra blood or sleaze.

Once more, to our faux TV Guide:

Blackout (Sunday, check local listings for the 42 of you who have HBO)

Following a horrific car accident,
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The Fifteen Billion Pound Railway review – like Top Gear for train fans

This documentary about the engineering project to complete London’s new underground railway had amazing footage taken by drones flying along tunnels

You might describe it as hole-in-the-fence TV: an invitation to spend an hour watching other people build stuff on a vast construction site. Except, in this case, the hole looks straight down.

The Fifteen Billion Pound Railway: The Final Countdown (BBC2) is billed as “the exclusive inside story of the race to complete London’s new underground railway”. This is, in fact, the second series. The first concentrated on the drilling of deep tunnels – 42km of them – but that work has been largely completed. This series began with the final tunnel breakthrough under central London: a giant boring machine burst through a concrete wall, and, after a few minutes, a man in a hi-vis jacket crawled out from between its teeth. “Welcome to Farringdon!” shouted Linda Miller,
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Hot Rod at 10: looking back at an underappreciated film

Gem Wheeler Aug 15, 2017

2007s' Hot Rod arrives at its tenth birthday - and there's plenty here to celebrate...

Stuntman extraordinaire Rod Kimble is about to face the challenge of his life. If he can jump fifteen buses on his motorbike – that’s one more than Evel Knievel; you can check, online – and raise the $50,000 required for his stepdad Frank’s life-saving surgery, he’ll be acclaimed as a hero. Far more importantly, he’ll also be able to kick Frank’s ass. Rod’s been mocked and bullied by his stepdad for a long time. This is his chance to prove himself as a man, gain Frank’s respect, and win the heart of his next-door neighbour, Denise. There’s only one problem: Rod’s never actually managed to perform a stunt successfully. Ancestors, protect him…

Since its release in 2007, Hot Rod’s gradually attained the well-deserved cult classic status
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35 years ago today: MTV launched

  • Hitfix
35 years ago today: MTV launched
“I want my MTV.” 35 years ago, MTV launched, at 12:01 a.m. Et, with the words “Ladies and gentlemen, rock and roll,” paired with footage of the Apollo 11 moon landing. Three years later, that opening image inspired the statuette handed out at the first VMAs, the MTV moonman. MTV has morphed a lot in the past 35 years, from the line-up of music videos popularizing a whole new element of the music industry that “killed the radio star,” to today’s programming of reality shows and teen-aimed scripted series like Teen Wolf and Awkward. Other notable August 1 happenings in pop culture history: • 1944: Wilson, about President Woodrow Wilson, premiered in New York. It went on to earn five Oscars. • 1960: Aretha Franklin recorded her first non-gospel songs, “Today I Sing The Blues,” “Over The Rainbow,” “Love Is The Only Thing,” and “Right Now” at Columbia Recording Studios in New York City.
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98 Degrees Is All Grown Up - and Back on Tour!

98 Degrees Is All Grown Up - and Back on Tour!
Admit it: if you clicked on this story, you probably know all of the words to "The Hardest Thing." (We've helpfully put the video on the top of this page. You're welcome.) And you probably already know that 98 Degrees has embarked on a new nostalgia-fueled tour that includes Ryan Cabrera, Dream and O-Town. But there are probably a lot of things that you don't know about 98 Degrees. Before the tour's kickoff, singer Jeff Timmons talked with People about the group's fans and families - and what it's really like on the 98 Degrees tour bus. Everything is Different NowA lot has
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'Flaked': How Will Arnett Reinvented Himself

'Flaked': How Will Arnett Reinvented Himself
Will Arnett has a not-altogether-outlandish theory: play a TV character long enough and audiences will find it increasingly difficult to separate you from that fictional construct. "People have this preconceived notion of me," contends the actor, best known as Gob Bluth, the egotistical, moronic magician on Arrested Development. "I'm Gob to them: this thoughtless sociopath who lives this bizarre, ego-driven life. That would be insanity. As I get older, I'm sort of fascinated with the idea of somebody who could construct an entire persona for themselves — one that was really,
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American Idol Season 15 Episode 1 Review: “Auditions No. 1”

The final countdown has officially begun: this night marked the beginning of the end for the mother of all singing competitions, American Idol. (We can all agree that Star Search would be the father, no?) Since I am Still too old to audition (forget for two seconds that I am also still legally tone-deaf), I have settled once again for reviewing each episode right here each week. And if someone wants to rain confetti down upon me as I post my final review in May while a sappy song plays, with a montage of me typing, I won’t stop them.

American Idol Season 15 Episode 1 Review: “Auditions No. 1”
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Today in Movie Culture: Kylo Ren Fandom, Honest 'Die Hard' Trailer and More

Here are a bunch of little bites to satisfy your hunger for holiday movie culture:   Cosplay of the Day: Here's a guy dressed as Kylo Ren balancing atop Bb-8's body and playing "The Final Countdown" on flaming bagpipes. Fandom as peaked (via Geekologie):   Fan Art of the Day: Comic book artist Bengal captures Kylo Ren in motion with this cool print based on Star Wars: The Force Awakens (via Live for Films):   Movie Mashup of the Day: Kylo Ren also makes an appearance in this mashup of Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Raiders of the Lost Ark. Indy/Han shot first:   Movie Tribute of the Day: It's a little late for the holidays, but Honest Trailers makes up for the timing by actually celebrating Die Hard...

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Round-Up: Sundance 2016’s Midnight Shorts, Double Take’s Free Unotld, MST3K Livestream, Holiday Horror Sweaters, Voices From The Grave

Sundance Institute has revealed over 70 short films to premiere at Sundance 2016 Film Festival, which begins on January 21st. Also: details on Double Take's free Ultimate Night of the Living Dead comic, the Mystery Science Theater 3000 livestream, Fright Rags' holiday horror sweaters, and Voices from the Grave release details.

Sundance 2016's Midnight Shorts: Press Release: "Park City, Ut — Sundance Institute announced today its full lineup of 72 short films that will leave a lasting impact on audiences long after the lights go up at their screenings at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival, January 21-31 in Park City, Salt Lake City, Sundance and Ogden, Utah. Among the short films the Festival has shown in recent years are World of Tomorrow, Whiplash, The Tsunami and the Cherry Blossom and Fishing Without Nets. This year’s short film lineup will include both a Midnight and a New Frontier section, tying into the Festival’s other programmatic strands.
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Strictly Come Dancing 2015: week 10 – as it happened

Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman watched the seven remaining couples show off their ballroom and Latin routines. Did anyone need to boost their scores with a quickstepathon?

8.00pm GMT

So that’s it for another week! Thank you all for joining in, I’ll be back for next week’s Quarter Finals, which has a musical feem. So that’s nice. Have a brilliant week, and I’ll see you next Saturday! Keeeeep dancing!

7.58pm GMT

So that’s the end of Peter’s Strictly journey! He makes a heartfelt speech and spreads some love around. Obviously he has plenty more to say, but Tess cuts him off and sends them off to do their final dance to Simple Minds’ ‘Don’t You Forget About Me’. This could be Peter’s anthem for life.

7.55pm GMT

So who will the judges choose? All of them pretend this is really tough decision,
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Jessa (Duggar) Seewald Counts Down Baby's Arrival: '7 Days Till #BabySeewald's Due Date!'

Jessa (Duggar) Seewald Counts Down Baby's Arrival: '7 Days Till #BabySeewald's Due Date!'
The final countdown to Jessa (Duggar) Seewald's baby begins!

The reality star, 22, took to Instagram on Monday to share a sweet picture of her and husband Ben Seewald, 20, standing outside with Jessa's hand resting on her baby belly.

"7 days till #BabySeewald's due date!" Jessa wrote.

7 days till #BabySeewald's due date! @ben_seewald

A photo posted by Jessa Seewald (@jessaseewald) on Oct 26, 2015 at 2:50pm Pdt

The former 19 Kids and Counting star's first child is due Nov. 1, which also happens to be her and Ben's first wedding anniversary.

Last week, the expectant couple released a series of glowing snapshots from a
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'For Prim' - One More 'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2' Trailer

A creature as unquenchable as the sun. Lionsgate has debuted one more trailer for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2, with the film only a few more months away from opening. This trailer is helping build the anticipation for the grand finale even further as it's a look back "For Prim" and comes with another new poster featuring Katniss with an actual Mockingjay on her shoulder. Oh boy. The grand finale features Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss, Liam Hemsworth as Gale, Sam Claflin as Finnick, Josh Hutcherson as Peeta, Natalie Dormer as Cressida, Donald Sutherland as President Snow, and many others. The final countdown is on, and Lionsgate is making sure Katniss goes out with a bang, not a whimper. Ready? The new "For Prim" trailer for Francis Lawrence's Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2, via YouTube: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 is once again directed by Francis Lawrence
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7 TV shows you must watch this week: Downton Abbey, Doctor Who, Daniel Radcliffe's The Gamechangers

From the premiere of Daniel Radcliffe's Grand Theft Auto drama to the much anticipated return of Downton Abbey, here are Digital Spy's top TV picks over the next seven days.

Monday - Made in Chelsea: La, E4 at 9pm

After five weeks of squabbling in the sun, the privileged Londoners enjoy one final episode in the Us before heading back to Chelsea. With Binky and Jp's relationship in the balance (savage), Jamie's loyalties being tested (gash) and the wonderfully welcome return of Ollie (yeah, boi!), the finale is bound to be explosive. Please say there'll be a cameo from Spenny too?

Tuesday - The Gamechangers, BBC Two at 9pm

Daniel Radcliffe continues his quest to completely lose the Harry Potter tag by starring in this Social Network-style drama about Grand Theft Auto-makers Rockstar. Bill Paxton and Joe Dempsie also appear in the story surrounding the game's violent influence on kids.
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Longmire's Season 4 Trailer Touts Secrets, Second Chances

Longmire's Season 4 Trailer Touts Secrets, Second Chances
The final countdown to Longmire‘s Sept. 10 Season 4 premiere on Netflix begins now, with the release of the death-defying Western’s full-length trailer, exclusively via TVLine.

VideosLongmire Season 4 Video: Can Walt Be Stopped From Shooting [Spoiler]?

As previously reported, the 10-episode fourth season (which all releases Sept. 10) picks up moments after the Season 3 finale — which suggested that Branch had been shot by his father or vice versa — and finds Walt succumbing to his darker impulses after learning who was behind the murder of his wife.

Press Play above and then hit the comments with your snappy judgments.

Related storiesLongmire Season 4 Video:
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The Bachelorette Season Finale Recap: Which Suitor Did Kaitlyn Choose?

The Bachelorette Season Finale Recap: Which Suitor Did Kaitlyn Choose?
If you watched the two-hour season finale of The Bachelorette — three hours, if you’re still glued to the TV for the requisite After the Final Rose trainwreck — you spent 120 minutes watching Kaitlyn Bristowe weep her way through a decision between Shawn Booth and Nick Viall.

If you’re reading this recap, however, you don’t want to wait any longer to find out which suitor received Kaitlyn’s final rose. (Not intended as a euphemism, but hey, it works!)

So let’s get the big news out of the way: Kaitlyn ultimately chose Shawn as the man with whom
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Alison Brie Crushes Will Arnett in Her Tiny Fist in Lip Sync Battle

  • Vulture
Alison Brie Crushes Will Arnett in Her Tiny Fist in Lip Sync Battle
Lip Sync Battle returns from its hiatus, which means we're back with our post-match analysis, where we overanalyze the merits and demerits of the respective performances. Last night put Will Arnett and Alison Brie against each other in the battle between BoJack Horseman co-stars. If there is one lesson to be learned from this, it's that you live and die by your song choice. And Will Arnett chose to die. Battle 1: Will Arnett's "Who Let the Dogs Out?" vs. Alison Brie's "Shoop" Why Will Arnett did not choose "The Final Countdown" is entirely beyond the scope of reason. Instead he chose the Baha Men's "Who Let the Dogs Out?" — a monumentally obnoxious song that is fun for maybe ten seconds before you realize how unrelenting the chorus is, and that the people who are into it at this very moment are probably at a bachelor party
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Britain's Got Talent: It's grand final time - as it happened

It's here! We can't believe it's come around so quickly, but it's time for the Britain's Got Talent final - and tonight, someone (or some people) will walk away a wee bit richer (and a wee bit nervous about performing for the royal family).

It's promising to be a pretty spectacular talent extravaganza (oh yes), so join us from 7.30pm when the show begins on ITV as we bring you all the action...

22:01Right, though, that's your lot for this series! Do keep leaving your comments in the box below - let us know if you're happy with the result, if you're disappointed, if you're sad that you have no more Bgt this year... we want to know it all. Thanks for joining us!

21:59Jules thanks everyone who voted for Matisse and all the rest of her dogs. Next stop: the Royal Variety. "I'm going to have to buy a corgi,
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