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  • It's briefly discussed in the film but it deals with the paradox of time travel itself. How could they go back and prevent the attack on Pearl Harbor? Because if they had done that, then the attack never happened. If it had never happened they wouldn't have needed to try and stop it. Also rescuing Senator Chapman, they saved him from the fate of being strafed and killed by the Zeroes, however he wound up accidentally blowing himself up as a result. Therefore he never lived to be Roosevelt's running mate as he never made it past that day alive. As far as everyone in 1941 was concerned, his yacht sank and he went missing and only those aboard the Nimitz knew what actually happened. Therefore even if one tries to alter history, the paradox of time travel prevents this from happening. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • No, Japanese mini-subs also attacked Pearl Harbour which would have been more than enough to bring the US into the war. Japan also attacked US territories such as the Philippines, Guam and Wake Island in addition to Pearl Harbour. Also it would only have been the first wave of several airstrikes.

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