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  • Fame is the brainchild of producer David De Silva. The screenplay was written by Christopher Gore. The success of the movie led to a TV series, Fame (1982) (1982-1987). A remake, Fame (2009), was released in 2009. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Schwabs Drugstore was a famous Hollywood eatery and pharmacy. Legend has it that actress Lana Turner [1921-1995] was discovered there while sitting at the counter. While this is apparently not true (she was discovered by Hollywood Reporter founder Billy Wilkerson at the Top Hat Malt Shop, which was across the street from Hollywood High School), it was a popular hangout for Hollywood-types for years, until it was eventually torn down in 1988. Saying "See you at Schwab's" was a way of saying "I'll see you out there when we've both made it." Edit (Coming Soon)


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