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Sex & Nudity

  • Some woman are seen topless and dancing with some thugs.
  • A woman's breasts are seen as she is assaulted and tortured. We later see her breasts all scarred up and burnt.
  • The most graphic scene of nudity is when a teenage boy is seen naked, tied down and gagged. You see his bare butt, and briefly, his penis.
  • There is a scene with pornographic photos of men on the wall. VERY graphic with many shots of penises.

Violence & Gore

  • A soldier in Vietnam is tied up and then has a machete sliced through his neck in slow motion. You see his face go wild and his head falls over, hanging by a piece of skin on his neck. Blood flows out of the neck stump.
  • A Vietcong soldier is garroted by an american with a metal wire. The wire is seen cutting into his neck. The Vietcong claws at the bloody neck wound and tries to pull the wire out of his throat.
  • Some Vietcong soldiers are shot and blown away by grenades. Most of this is seen from a distance but one soldier is seen is closeup with big bullet wounds in his stomach. Blood is seen spraying out of his stomach as each bullet hits him in slow motion.
  • A Vietcong is lit on fire and runs around before falling into a large puddle of water. All in slow motion. He's then shot in the back with a pistol.
  • A man is beaten badly by a gang of thugs. A chain is wrapped around his neck and he then has a metal spiked weapon stabbed into his back and pulled down his spine. his back is ripped open and blood oozes out of the wound. He is left paralyzed.
  • A man is shot with an M16. He flies through the air into a wall.
  • A thug is knocked out and left in some garbage so that rats can eat his face. The eating is mentioned, but not shown.
  • A dog is killed with an electric carving knife.
  • A mob boss is lowered into a meat grinder. You see his minced remains being pushed through the grate and hear him screaming.
  • A prostitute is beaten, tied down to a bed, and tortured with a soldering iron. This is only partially on screen. You see the man walk over to her, bend down and she starts screaming. We later seen he burned bare chest.
  • A child sex dealer is tied to a floor, covered in gas, and burned alive. Later, his charred corpse is seen.
  • A man is shot with a magnum. Blood splats on the wall behind him. A girl is tied down naked in the room during this scene.
  • An old woman is beaten up and robbed. During this, a thug is shot in the chest with a magnum. we only see him falling down, we dont see the bullet wound or blood spray.
  • A car full of thugs crashes and explodes.
  • A man is shot in the chest by a sniper.
  • A mortally wounded man is taken off of his life support by his best friend to end his misery.
  • There are a few other minor scenes of violence, like punches, etc.


  • some F's, a few racial slurs (the Nword) other common curses. the language isnt overdone or nonstop.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • some characters smoke and drink. there is some talk of drug use.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • this movie is very intense. some of he violence is very brutal and cruel. there are some controversial themes in the movie like child sexual abuse, mercy killing, vigilantism, racism, etc. pretty intense and dark film. not for those easily offended or shocked.

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