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Alternate Versions

NBC edited 14 minutes from this film for its 1982 network television premiere.
The network TV version first shown had the elevator murder scene tinted red to disguise the blood.
Unedited international version seen theatrically outside of the U.S. and available on video domestically contains additional erotic footage cut from the U.S. release. While this version is copyrighted to "Warwick Associates", the U.S. release is copyrighted by Filmways Pictures.
In the opening shower sequence, the following changes were made to avoid an X rating in the USA release. Two close-ups of Kate's fingers caressing her pubic hair were replaced with one shot of her caressing her belly, and the other shot being her breast. Two shots of the man raping Kate, showing the two bodies around the waist moving, were cut. A shot of the man's hand covering Kate's own hand over her pubic area was also cut.
In the scene where Kate is brutally slashed to death with a straight razor by Bobbi in the elevator, the scene was also "slashed" to meet with the MPAA's requirements. In the original version, there were 2 extreme close-ups showing the razor slashing Kate on her right cheek and then gashing her neck. These shots were substituted with long shots of the killer assaulting Kate and one quick close up of her neck, immediately followed by another long shot, in order to avoid an X rating.
In the last scene of the film, where Bobbi slashes Liz's throat with a razor, and she awakens, realizing it's only a nightmare, an extreme close-up on Liz's throat that shows the bleeding, gaping wound, was cut to avoid an X rating.
In the scene where where Liz (Nancy Allen) tries to seduce Dr. Elliot (Michael Caine), some of the dialogue was changed to avoid an X rating. The following line was deleted altogether for the R-rated version: Liz: All the time he's talking I can see the bulge in his pants. In the R-rated version, she says "He drops his pants, he forces me down on my stomach, kneels down behind me.", while in the X-rated version, she says "He drops his pants, spreads my legs, kneels down behind me." When Liz strips to her lingerie in front of Elliot, he says to her: "Now why would you want to do a thing like that?" In the X-rated version, Liz replies, "Well, because of the size of that cock in your pants." In the R-rated version, the word "cock" was replaced with the word "bulge".
In the network television version, the following changes are made:
  • A different opening. In this version, the shower scene is much shorter.
  • After a few close ups of Kate's face, it shows the man grabbing her, then it cuts to Kate waking up. We never see her and her husband engage in sex.
  • Kate's murder is almost entirely omitted. After the elevator doors open, the quick shot of Bobby's razor slashing Kate's hand has been cut. It just shows the murderer backing Kate into the elevator. Kate's scream as she is slashed is also missing Then, the entire murder is edited out and it just cuts to Liz talking with her John about stock exchange, after which, all the shots of Liz looking at the dying, blood drenched Kate are omitted entirely except for the close ups of Liz's eyes and hands.
  • Instead of having the razor slash Liz's throat at the end, we just see it pressed against her skin, after which it quickly cuts to Liz awakening from her nightmare.
  • All of the cursing and sexually explicit language was re-dubbed.

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