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Sex & Nudity

  • A nurse (Dale Kalberg) has her bra ripped off by Kirk Smith (Nicholas Worth) and her bare breasts are exposed.
  • Carol (Paula Warner) is attacked by Kirk, her bare breast 'falls' out of her night dress before Kirk rips it to expose both of her bare breasts.
  • Kirk rips Sue Ellen's (Pamela Bryant) jacket open exposing her bare breasts, her dead body is also seen lying down with her breasts exposed.
  • In a brothel a photo of a naked woman is seen in the background of one scene.
  • Lieutenant Chris McCabe (James Westmoreland) and Dr. Lindsay Gale (Flo Gerrish) are seen having sex, bedsheets cover their bums but Gale's bare breasts are seen.
  • Kirk pulls down his victims dress to expose her bare breasts, she is seen naked as he strangles her, her roommate is also seen bare breasted as she walks into the room.
  • Gale takes her dress off and the camera is palced sideways so one of her naked breasts is seen.
  • Several of the films scenes are set against the backdrop of Los Angeles pron cinemas, one sequence in a brothel and there is a fair amount of dialogue that refers to pornographic situations.

Violence & Gore

  • Kirk Smith (Nicholas Worth) grabs a nurse (Dale Kalberg) by the throat, he punches her around the face and carries her across the room and dumps her on a table, he strangles her then rips her top open and pulls her bra off.
  • Kirk attacks Carol (Paula Warner) in her bedroom, he forces her onto her bed and ties her hands and feet together with rope. Kirk then rips her dress off and drips candle wax over her breasts, nothing graphic is shown and there is just a close-up of Carol's screaming face.
  • Kirk pulls Sue Ellen's (Pamela Bryant) jacket down and strangles her from behind with a stocking, her dead body is seen.
  • Kirk strangles a prostitute (Susanne Severeid) with a stocking.
  • Kirk is attacked by a pimp named Adkins (Stan Haze) holding a flick knife, they fight and struggle before Kirk smashes a bottle over Adkins head and knocks him out.
  • Adkins shoots at McCabe and Hatcher (Ben Frank) who shoot back, Adkins is shot dead, some blood stains on Adkins clothes is seen but nothing else.
  • Kirk forces woman onto a couch and strangles her, her roommate enters the room and she hits Kirk over his head with a lamp. Kirk grabs her and strangles her as well.
  • Kirk grabs Dr. Lindsay Gale (Flo Gerrish) and slaps her around the face several times before tying her to a chair with rope, he forces a rag into her mouth and ties some cloth around her head to hold it in place.
  • McCabe and Kirk have a fight, punches are thrown and the two struggle. McCabe shoots Kirk in the groin area and he goes down, blood is seen on his jeans and blood stains are seen on the floor where he lands. Kirk attacks McCabe again and McCabe throws him through a patio door and repeatedly shoots him in the back, blood is seen on his shirt and he is also seen coughing up blood from his mouth. Kirk falls into a swimming pool and the water starts to turn red with his blood.


  • Frequent use of strong profanity and bad language including racist insults and derogatory terms.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • The pornograhic magazine publisher Sam (Chuck Mitchell) is seen smoking a fat cigar.
  • Kirk Smith (Nicholas Worth) is seen drinking a glass of beer.
  • The film has several slang references to drugs and they're usage, drug injecting kits are seen, a couple of character's are seen to be sniffing coke, bags of white powder are seen and there are a few instances of insruction as to usage.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • There are several scene involving the systematic threatening and murdering of female character's.

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