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City of Industry

Harvey Keitel takes center stage as a double-crossed crook goes for blood after a major jewel heist turns sour — and bloody. Timothy Hutton and Stephen Dorff are in on the split for one late- ’90s crime caper that’s not a stylistic hijack of Quentin Tarantino. Directed by John Irvin.

City of Industry


Kl Studio Classics

1997 / Color / 1:85 widescreen / 97 min. / Street Date October 3, 2017 / available through Kino Lorber / 29.95

Starring: Harvey Keitel, Stephen Dorff, Timothy Hutton, Famke Janssen, Wade Dominguez, Michael Jai White, Lucy Alexis Liu, Reno Wilson, Dana Barron, Tamara Clatterbuck, Elliott Gould.

Cinematography: Thomas Burstyn

Film Editor: Mark Conte

Special Effects: Joe Lombardi

Original Music: Stephen Endelman

Written by Ken Solarz

Produced by Evzen Kolar, Ken Solarz

Directed by John Irvin

Director John Irvin earned his right to crow early on with TV’s ‘Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy and the excellent action film about mercenaries The Dogs of War.
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Joburg: ‘Mandela’s Gun’ Depicts Untold Chapter in South African Icon’s Life

Joburg: ‘Mandela’s Gun’ Depicts Untold Chapter in South African Icon’s Life
Johannesburg — The first edition of the Joburg Film Festival will open Oct. 28 with the world premiere of “Mandela's Gun,” a long-awaited portrait of an untold chapter in the life of the South African icon.

Directed by John Irvin, pic is a documentary-thriller hybrid that tells the story of the pistol Ethiopian emperor Haile Selassie gave Nelson Mandela as the young freedom-fighter decided to take up arms in the South African liberation struggle.

Producer Moroba Nkawe says the long process of bringing the story to the screen mirrors the remarkable, pan-African trip Mandela himself took in 1962.

“The film has…grown tremendously from the time we began filming,” she says. “As we uncovered more information through research, the story grew and…led us to film across the African continent, as we tried to bring to life this amazing, untold journey.”

She adds, “We’re extremely delighted to have the film finally ready for the public…
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Star Trek Deep Space 9's top 25(ish) stories

Sven Harvey Oct 16, 2017

The hugely ambitious Star Trek: Deep Space Nine has no shortage of classic episodes. And you'll find a few Klingons here too...

Spoilers lie ahead for Star Trek: Deep Space 9

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Overlapping with both Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Voyager, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine's seven seasons had some very high points, It also had some very low ones that strayed a bit too far from the core of Star Trek for some fans, yet gave the show a unique texture that some savour.

If you only ever watch 25 stories from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, these are they, at least in my opinion – the only rule being that multi-part episodes count as one story (but great big multi-season Dominion flavoured arcs don't!)

With the 50th anniversary of Star Trek as a whole this year,
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Antony Gibbs, Editor of ‘Dune,’ ‘Fiddler on the Roof,’ Dies at 90

Antony Gibbs, a British-born film editor who cut dozens of pictures, including such ’60s classics as “Tom Jones” as well as “Fiddler on the Roof,” “Rollerball,” “Dune” and “Ronin,” died February 26. He was 90.

The Guild of British Film and Television Editors reported his death on Facebook.

Gibbs was nominated for four of the American Cinema Editors’ Eddie Awards, including for “Tom Jones” in 1964 and “Fiddler on the Roof” in 1972. He won Eddies in 1998 for his work on John Frankenheimer’s TNT miniseries “George Wallace,” starring Gary Sinise, and in 2002 for his editing of Mark Rydell’s TNT TV movie “James Dean,” starring James Franco (a film for which he also picked up an Emmy nomination). Also in 2002, he received an Ace career achievement award.

The Ace said of Gibbs in 2002: “With ‘Reindeer Games’ he continued his successful collaboration with John Frankenheimer, but his friend director Mark Rydell allowed Tony to
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Frederick Forsyth’s Novel ‘Whispering Wind’ in the Works as Movie

Frederick Forsyth’s novella “Whispering Wind” is in development as a movie at Seattle-based Friends of Film, Variety has learned exclusively.

The love story, published in 2001, centers on a frontiersman and a Cheyenne Indian woman after the Battle of Little Big Horn. The protagonist’s 19th century survival skills are put to the test when she’s pursued by men armed with modern technology.

The story is a departure from Forsyth’s better-known thrillers such as “Day of the Jackal,” “The Odessa File,” “The Fourth Protocol” and “The Dogs of War.”

Seattle-based producer Robert Stern has purchased the film rights to produce and will adapt the screenplay as well. Friends of Film distributes foreign films in select U.S. markets along with developing novel-based properties, including “Dreams of My Russian Summers” by Andrei Makine.

“With over 70 million books in print and numerous successful films to his credit over the past 30 years,
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Review: "Ghost Story" (1981) Starring Fred Astaire, Melvyn Douglas, John Houseman And Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.; UK And U.S.Blu-ray Special Editions

  • CinemaRetro
UK release from Second Sight.

By Tim Greaves

A quartet of ageing gentlemen friends (Fred Astaire, John Houseman, Douglas Fairbanks Jr and Melvyn Douglas) meet up on a weekly basis in the snow sprinkled town of Milburn, New England in order to exchange scary stories. Self-dubbed ‘The Chowder Society’, they challenge one another to come up with something truly unsettling. Good natured entertainment takes a sinister turn when a dastardly secret that has lain dormant for more than 50 years rears its terrifying head. Drawn helplessly from sweat-sodden nightmares into a living nightmare more frightening and deadly than anything conjured up in their yarning sessions, the comrades’ collective fate falls to the hands of a seemingly unstoppable entity hell bent on revenge. But revenge for what? What could the friends have possibly done all those years ago that was so terrible?

Now wait just a moment... Fred Astaire made a horror movie?
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Seven Anti-James Bond Movies You Haven’t Seen

The Bond franchise which has been with us so long, has become so deeply entrenched in popular culture, that we often forget what it was that first distinguished the Bonds a half-century ago. Skyfall might be one of the best of the Bonds, and even, arguably, one of the best big-budget big-action flicks to come along in quite a while, but it’s not alone. The annual box office is – and has been, for quite some time – dominated by big, action-packed blockbusters of one sort of another. The Bonds aren’t even the only action-driven spy flicks (Mr. James Bond, I’d like you to meet Mr. Jason Bourne and Mr. Ethan Hunt).

That’s not to take anything away from the superb entertainment Skyfall is, or the sentimentally treasured place the Bonds hold. It’s only to say that where there was once just the one, there are now many.
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Twilight Time 4th Anniversary Promotion Through April 3

  • CinemaRetro
Twilight Time is celebrating its 4th anniversary with a major promotion that sees some of their limited edition titles reduced in price through April 3. These are the titles on sale.

Group 1

Retail price point: $24.95


Pal Joey

Bite The Bullet

Bell, Book, And Candle

Bye Bye Birdie

In Like Flint

Major Dundee

The Blue Max

Crimes And Misdemeanors

Used Cars

Thunderbirds Are Go / Thunderbird 6

Group 2

Retail price point: $19.95


Roots Of Heaven

Swamp Water

Demetrius And The Gladiators


The Wayward Bus

Cover Girl

High Time

The Sound And The Fury

The Rains Of Ranchipur

Bonjour Tristesse

Beloved Infidel

Lost Horizon

The Blue Lagoon

Experiment In Terror

Nicholas And Alexandra

Pony Soldier

The Song Of Bernadette


The Only Game In Town

Love Is A Many Splendored Thing

Sleepless In Seattle

The Disappearance

Sexy Beast

Drums Along The Mohawk

Alamo Bay

The Other


Jane Eyre


The Way We Were
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These Are the Movies Expiring From Netflix on November 1

  • Vulture
These Are the Movies Expiring From Netflix on November 1
There’s a lot of exciting new fare arriving on Netflix this month, but alas, it’s like they always say: Netflix giveth, and Netflix taketh away. Here’s the list of movies that will disappear from the streaming librarynet on November 1. If you’ve been putting off watching Apocalypse Now all these years, now's your chance:101 Dalmatians (1996) American Psycho (2000) Apocalypse Now (1979) Apocalypse Now Redux (2001) Balibo (2009) The Big Chill (1983) Blown Away (1992) Bob the Builder (1999-2012) Breezy (1973) Brighton Beach Memoirs (1986) Broadcast News (1987) The Buddy Holly Story (1978) Bullet Proof Monk (2003) Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969) Candyman (1992) Caveman (1981) Cheech & Chong’s Next Movie (1980) Cloak & Dagger (1984) The Conqueror Worm (1968) The Dogs of War (1980) Elvis ’56 (1987) The Escape Artist (1982) Footloose (1984) For a Few Dollars More (1965) Fire in Babylon (2010) The Good, the Bad
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Blu-ray Release: The Dogs of War

Blu-ray Release Date: Sept. 9, 2014

Price: Blu-ray $29.99

Studio: Twilight Time

Christopher Walken goes to the gun--a helluvan gun--in The Dogs of War

The 1980 action-filled war thriller film The Dogs of War is based upon the 1974 novel of the same name by Frederick Forsyth.

Directed by John Irvin, the film stars Christopher Walken (Seven Psychopaths) and Tom Berenger (The Big Chill) as part of a small, international unit of mercenary soldiers privately hired to depose President Kimba of a fictional “Republic of Zangaro”, in Africa, so that a British tycoon can gain mining access to a huge platinum deposit.

The Dogs of War title is a phrase from Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar, which uses the line “Cry, ‘Havoc!’, and let slip the dogs of war.” But we didn’t have to tell you that.

The Dogs of War release by Twilight Time represents the film’s Blu-ray debut!

As supplier Twilight
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Comic Book Release List – April 30, 2014

The following is a list of all comic books, graphic novels and specialty items that will be available this week and shipped to comic book stores who have placed orders for them.

Abstract Studios

Rachel Rising #25, $3.99

AC Comics

Crypt Of Horror Volume 21 Tp, $29.95

Alternative Comics

Big Feminist But Comics About Women Gn (not verified by Diamond), $20.00

Mostly Wordless Hc, $18.95

Sugar Booger #2 (Of 3)(not verified by Diamond), $5.95

Altus Press

Doc Savage The New Adventures Volume 7 Phantom Lagoon Sc (not verified by Diamond), $24.95

Amryl Entertainment

Cavewoman Journey #1 (Of 2)(Cover A Rob Durham), $3.75

Cavewoman Journey #1 (Of 2)(Cover B Rob Durham), Ar

Cavewoman Journey #1 (Of 2)(Cover D Budd Root), Ar

Antarctic Press

Last Zombie Zomnibus Tp, $49.99

Arcana Studio

Chambers Gn, $19.95

Archie Comic Publications

Betty And Veronica Double Digest #223, $5.99

Jughead And Archie Double Digest #1, $3.99

Mega Man #36 (Patrick Spaziante Regular Cover), $2.99

Mega Man #36 (Brent McCarthy Trial Of Dr Wily Variant Cover), $2.99

Avatar Press

Absolution Volume 2 Rubicon Tp,
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Viral Video Chart: Christopher Walken, Game of Thrones and cute pets

Watch Walken waltz in, Buscemi step it out with De Blasio, a cat who thinks he is an escapologist and a Disney near-disaster

We've got our dancing shoes on this week and start the list with a wonderful dance compilation featuring Christopher Walken. The much-imitated actor has appeared in more than 100 films and television shows, including The Deer Hunter, Annie Hall, The Dogs of War, The Dead Zone, A View to a Kill, True Romance, Pulp Fiction and Catch Me If You Can, as well as music videos by many recording artists, including Madonna. In 2001 Walken helped to choreograph a video for Fatboy Slim's Weapon of Choice, which won six MTV awards.

Someone who could do with a little Walken magic is New York City mayor Bill de Blasio, who makes his debut at the Inner Circle Show later this month. Luckily he gets some training tips from Steve Buscemi for the charity event,
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Fade Out: ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ Actor Christopher Malcolm Dies

Scottish actor Christopher Malcolm, who was a regular screen presence through the early seventies through the late eighties, and a cast regular on hit British comedy Absolutely Fabulous, died today at the age of 67. His passing was confirmed by his daughter, playwright Morgan Lloyd Malcolm, via Twitter. Today the world lost a beautiful, brilliant man. My dad Christopher Malcolm left peacefully and with dignity. He will always be my hero. X — morgan lloyd malcolm (@mogster) February 15, 2014 In addition to his television and film roles, Malcolm was an accomplished, classically trained Shakespearean actor, beginning his career with the prestigious Royal Shakespeare Company in England. He performed in standards like “Macbeth” and ”Hamlet,” though his push to mainstream audiences came during his appearance as Brad Majors in The Royal Court Theatre’s original run of “The Rocky Horror Show” in 1973. While a number of the stage cast transitioned to Jim Sharman’s big screen adaptation, The Rocky Horror Picture Show
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Ahs: Coven Recap: The Eyes Have It

Ahs: Coven Recap: The Eyes Have It
In this week’s American Horror Story: Coven, Cordelia loses her visions but regains her vision (in grisly fashion, of course), Marie turns a blind eye to a big threat (with disastrous results), Delphine — what’s left of her — refuses to see the error of her ways (at least at first), and we behold a spectacle we never thought we would. What is it? Take a gander at the recap below, and all will become clear…

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Getting A Head | Early on in “Head,” Fiona — chatterbox full of Delphine in tow — shows
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Nelson Mandela's years as guerrilla fighter to be chronicled in new film

Director John Irvin, who dramatised John le Carré's Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, will shed light on mystery of pistol in Mandela's Gun

His dramatisation of John le Carré's espionage thriller Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy starring Alec Guinness remains a British television classic. More than three decades later, director John Irvin is attempting to chronicle another shadowy life story: Nelson Mandela's years as a guerrilla freedom fighter.

Irvin announced on Friday a drama-documentary that will contain fresh revelations about Mandela's "odyssey" across Africa, his military training and his readiness to kill defenders of South Africa's apartheid regime.

It will also aim to shed light on the mystery of a pistol, said to have been a gift to Mandela from Ethiopian emperor Haile Selassie, which has been missing for half a century.

The film, Mandela's Gun, is a joint UK-South African production and claims to be
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Dobbs To Pen Forsyth's "Kill List" Film

Veteran screenwriter Lem Dobbs ("Dark City," "The Limey," "The Company You Keep") has been hired to pen the script for the film adaptation of Frederick Forsyth's latest thriller novel "The Kill List".

"Snow White and the Hunstman" director Rupert Sanders is still onboard to helm the project which Nick Wechsler, Steve Schwartz and Paula Mae Schwartz ("The Counselor") are set to produce.

The story follows a U.S. Special Forces agent tasked with tracking down a powerful terrorist in a high-stakes cat-and-mouse game.

Forsyth penned such legendary works as "The Day of the Jackal," "The Odessa File" and "The Dogs of War" which all saw film adaptations. 'Kill List' though would mark the first adaptation of a Forsyth novel since 1987's "The Fourth Protocol" starring Michael Caine and a young Pierce Brosnan.

Source: The Los Angeles Times
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Win! Brilliant ‘The Way, Way Back’ Merchandise

The Way, Way Back tells the story of 14-year-old Duncan’s awkward, funny, and sometimes painful summer vacation with his mother, Pam, her overbearing boyfriend, Trent, and his daughter, Steph. Although Duncan has a tough time fitting in and finding his place, he does find an unlikely ally and mentor in Owen, a carefree employee at the local water park where Duncan gets a job. Over the course of the summer, as his mother drifts further away, Duncan—with encouragement from Owen—begins to open up and come into his own.

To celebrate the release on 28th August, we’ve got Three of these stunning merchandise packs to giveaway. Each of them contains a very cool T-Shirt, an even cooler Cooler Bag, Flip-flops, sunglasses and a unique blue straw hat!

To win 1 of these brilliant 3 sets, just tell us the name of Nat Faxon and Jim Rash’s brilliant Clooney-starring movie?
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Rupert Sanders Has The Kill List

Rupert Sanders Has The Kill List
He last made a film where a young woman steps up to become a warrior in Snow White And The Huntsman, and for a possible future project, Rupert Sanders appears ready more combat. He’s attached to make the adaptation of Frederick Forsyth’s The Kill List.“Day Of The Jackal, Odessa File and The Dogs Of War are three of the finest works of modern espionage. It is an incredible privilege to work from Forsyth’s new novel,” Sanders said in a statement picked up by Deadline.“It is a thrilling read and frighteningly accurate. It immerses us in the shadowy worlds of terrorists, spies, private contractors, Us and UK Special Forces. It spans an epic, international world and delves deep into the psychology of its two main characters, the ‘hunter’ a Us Special Forces Tracker and ‘the hunted,’ an extreme fundamentalist terrorist. Forsyth’s depth of research and
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Rupert Sanders will direct ‘The Kill List’

Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders has signed on to direct The Kill List, based on the novel by Frederick Forsyth.

Sanders is a big fan for Forsyth’s work. Here he talks about why he chose The Kill List:

“Day Of The Jackal, Odessa File and The Dogs Of War are three of the finest works of modern espionage. It is an incredible privilege to work from Forsyth’s new novel The Kill List. It is a thrilling read and frighteningly accurate. It immerses us in the shadowy worlds of terrorists, spies, private contractors, Us and UK special forces. It spans an epic, international world and delves deep into the psychology of its two main characters – ‘the hunter’ – a Us Special Forces Tracker and ‘the hunted’ an extreme fundamentalist terrorist. Forsyth’s depth of research and authenticity creates a vivid and frightening story – a nightmare scenario that is all too possible.
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'Snow White and the Huntsman' Rupert Sanders to direct 'The Kill List'

Rupert Sanders has signed on to direct the movie adaptation of Frederick Forsyth's The Kill List.

The bestselling novel tells the story of a Marine, an Israeli special agent, a terrorist and a teen hacker who become embroiled in a complex conspiracy.

According to Deadline, Sanders is to be heavily involved in meetings with possible writers for the screen adaptation, produced by Chockstone Pictures and Nick Wechsler Productions.

The 42-year-old said in a statement: "Day of the Jackal, Odessa File and The Dogs of War are three of the finest works of modern espionage.

"It is an incredible privilege to work from Forsyth's new novel The Kill List. It is a thrilling read and frighteningly accurate. It immerses us in the shadowy worlds of terrorists, spies, private contractors, Us and UK special forces. "

Sanders made his feature directing debut with the fantasy action movie Snow White and the Huntsman.
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