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Interview with Tales Of Halloween’s Mike Mendez

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To celebrate the October 16th release of the horror anthology Tales of Halloween, Daily Dead spoke to the filmmakers behind the movie to discuss the project, their individual contributions and more.

Mike Mendez is best known as the director of films like The Convent, The Gravedancers, Big Ass Spider! and, most recently, the horror comedy Lavalantula for Syfy. He’s both a producer and a director on Tales of Halloween, contributing the ’80s slasher-inspired “Friday the 31st.”

This project started with you and Axelle Carolyn, right?

Mike Mendez: It’s Axelle’s concept and she’s the one who got the ball rolling. She told a few of us about it, and I brought in Epic Pictures and got it financed. From that point on, it’s been Axelle’s and my burden to bear, for better or worse. A very fun burden to bear.

Was it a case of,
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DVD Review: The Day Time Ended

The Day Time Ended

Stars: Jim Davis, Christopher Mitchum, Dorothy Malone, Marcy Lafferty, Natasha Ryan | Written by Wayne Schmidt, J. Larry Carroll & David Schmoeller | Directed by John ‘Bud’ Carlos

Sometimes you pick the films you’re going to review based entirely on how ridiculous the titles are. It works for a while: you get a few choice so-bad-they’re-good b-movies and the occasional left-field gem, and most of the time the title alone is worth the movie’s inevitable failure to live up to its own hype.

And then you come across a film like The Day Time Ended.

I’d tell you the plot, but I’m really not sure it has one. The opening narration is so badly mixed that I couldn’t tell if it was part of the story or just an old Shatner record played backwards. IMDb relays it thusly: “Aliens visit the solar-powered house of a middle-class family,
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What to Buy This Week: DVD and Blu-ray releases for September 17th

It’s Monday, so we all know what that means! Yes, it’s time for another rundown of DVDs and Blu-ray’s hitting stores online and offline this week. It’s a jam-packed week, with plenty of movies waiting to take you money, so let us breakdown the new releases and highlight what you should – and shouldn’t – be buying from today, September 17th 2012.

Pick Of The Week

Marvel’s Avengers Assemble (DVD/Blu-ray)

When Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson), the director of an international peacekeeping agency known as S.H.I.E.L.D., encounters an unexpected enemy that threatens global safety and security, he finds himself in need of a team to pull the world back from the brink of disaster. Spanning the globe, a daring recruitment effort begins for Earth’s mightiest heroes. Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.), Captain America (Chris Evans), The Incredible Hulk (Mark Ruffalo), Thor (Chris Hemsworth), and two
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This week's new DVD & Blu-ray

Marvel Avengers Assemble

Marvel, Paramount and Disney already know you will buy this. How can you tell? Because none of those well-off companies felt it necessary to stump up even loose change on a decent cover for this release. It arrives looking like something you'd usually see being flogged by some bloke in a shady pub. They could have just had white card with "Avungerz Movie" scrawled in crayon and you'd still buy it. Thing is, they're right.

The Avengers – let's drop that clumsy UK title – is the culmination of years of work and millions of dollars of prepping the audience with heavily advertised and generally very good films introducing Iron Man, Hulk, Thor and Captain America. We didn't stand a chance. With The Avengers we get to see them all brought together, turn on each other and then come together when faced with an incredibly powerful foe.

All of
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88 Films to release ‘The Grindhouse Collection’

88 Films, the new UK DVD label which has already made great in roads into the market with their releases of Full Moon classics such as Tourist Trap, The Pit and the Pendulum and Castle Freak, recently announced the Blu-ray release of the excellent Puppet Master and now they’ve followed that awesome news up with something even cooler – The Grindhouse Collection!

Announced via the companies Facebook page, the first two releases are set to be The Day Time Ended and Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death. According to 88 Films, all titles will be spine numbered and competitively priced with a Rrp of £9.99 and all titles as usual will include original art on the reverse side. Check out the artwork below:

Hopefully 88 Films will follow through with titles from the Full Moon Grindhouse Collection which includes films such as Zombiethon, Auditions, Best of Sex and Violence, Filmgore, Mutant Hunt,
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For Those About to Schlock, the B Movie Celebration Salutes You

If you have a deep rooted love for b-movies and will be in or near Franklin, Indiana this September, there’s a film festival taking place that is just for you. With everything from b-movie classics to world premieres and several top names from the world of B-filmdom in attendance, think of the B Movie Celebration as the Cannes Film Festival for aficionados of fine schlock.

The annual center of all b-Movie fandom celebration is back again September 23rd-25th in Franklin, Indiana. This year, besides a Huge list of classic films being screened, there are also a few world premieres and screenings of some very eagerly anticipated films. There's the world premieres of Fred Olen Ray's "Dino Wolf" [aka "Dire-Wolf"], David A. Prior's "Night Claws", Jim Wynorski's "Camel Spiders", and screenings of other hotly anticipated titles such as "The Millennium Bug", "El Monstro Del Mar", "Rare Exports:
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