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they couldn't have made it any better if they tried
cutshaw-229 May 2003
I first saw this movie when I was a kid and it horrified me. A few decades have passed and I finally rewatched it and I was amazed. Here's a fun horror flick with instantly likeable characters and a

very creepy story. As hardened of a horror fan as I am, even I was creeped out by some of the scenes in this flick (the kids smiling reflections in the window). Sure it's low budget, but that's what's

great about it. And credit goes to the filmmakers for making a consistantly entertaining film, throwing logic to the wind and not explaining why the kid's hands must be cut off or why they are now indestructable. It just makes for a lot of great scenes (Chopping up kids!!! AMAZING!). Plus, they created tension very well. Hope they give this a special treatment on DVD one day.
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Beware the black fingernails of death....
jshuffield21 April 2005
This B-grade horror flick has some surprising special effects, and a completely predictable twist ending. When a school bus drives into the fog from a nuclear plant leak, the children inside are transformed into black-fingernailed zombies that incinerate anyone they touch, apparently from the inside-out. My fondness for this movie probably stems from the circumstances in which I saw it--I was 12 or 13, alone in front of the TV at my sister's house at around 2 AM,watching a "rated R movie(!)" I had been expressly forbidden to see. I'm not sure whether I was more afraid of the movie or an adult catching me, but either way, it was good fun. I'm looking forward to the day this one is finally released on DVD.
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I can't believe I waited 26 years
duke190724 March 2006
I wanted to see this movie in 1980 when it first came out and couldn't. When I saw that it was coming to DVD I got really excited. I finally watched it last weekend. I couldn't believe that I had waited 26 years to see such a bad movie. The premise is great-a radioactive cloud turns children into zombies, but the acting and directing bring the film down. Towards the end it just becomes silly. There was a little nudity and some gore. The effects are horrible. There wasn't a single scene that was scary. There is a "surprise ending", but any horror fan can see it coming a mile away. Overall the movie is a waste of time. I did chuckle when the pregnant lady lit a cigarette, patted her stomach and said "I'm sorry" to her unborn baby.
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Finally able to put a name to this movie, embedded in my memory.
pennyrile27 October 2006
I saw this when I was five years old--my parents were oddly fine with letting me watch any horror flick I wanted. This has had some long-lasting issues, to say the least.

My memory of the movie is a bit hazy. I've described it to many people over the years, searching for someone who knew the title. Alas, no one ever recognized it. Never thought to search it online (one of those things, I guess) until now. I remembered the poisonous fog, the school bus, and the burning hands of the children. Unfortunately, my memory also included purple hamburger-like patties in the palms of the children's hands--the source of their awesome burning power. Strange what you think you remember.

Back on point, awesome awful nonsensical horror film of the 80's.
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Great movie, Crappy DVD!!!
macabre_madness16 September 2005
After promising fans a remastered widescreen print, and begging the public for anyone who may have an original reel to come forward, Troma Studio's has done it again and made fools of us all. Currently, there are no widescreen versions of this film being distributed, so I assume when someone possessing a copy stood up to help bring this classic back to living rooms around the world, they had no idea their efforts would be so abused. Troma, a company barely surviving off the fame of THE TOXIC AVENGER, is no fan of widescreen formatted DVD's. It would appear the company will say and do anything to get what they want, then leave you high and dry, so to speak. Check out the Troma DVD of the classic Christmas Evil, Troma tracked down the director of that film for an exclusive interview about the new DVD. As seen in the interview, the director is clearly excited that Troma has plans to remaster his film, and release it in a crisp digital widescreen format. This is where you really begin to feel embarrassed for the guy, realizing Troma had got him excited, then released a poor grainy full frame cut that is equivalent to the copies already found in the company of such poor quality films on DVD as The Satanic Rites of Dracula, Snowbeast, Jack the Ripper, Moon of the Wolf, Scream of the Wolf, and so on. As for the film, THE CHILDREN is a classic that I will always love. It may not hold up to the expectations of today's audiences, but for those who loved this film back in the 80's, it still holds up. Just the same, I wish my fingernails would turn black so I could burn up every copy of this DVD.
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Children with Black Fingernails Attack Rural Town!
GroovyDoom28 July 2000
Warning: Spoilers
No, it's not a movie about a Marilyn Manson concert, but an instant campy horror classic called "The Children", a movie that contains a single wacky idea so absurd and outrageous that you are almost entertained for the entire length of the feature. Created for the drive-in/exploitation circuit, "The Children" remains engaging enough until somewhere near its conclusion, where the director seemingly loses the movie's feeble sense of logic and goes strictly for laughs.

Due to the non-efforts of a couple of plant workers, a cloud of yellow radioactive gas escapes from a nuclear power plant and floats across a roadway, engulfing a school bus with about six kids on it. The gas has somehow changed the children of the small town into evil zombies with black fingernails, and whoever is unfortunate enough to be touched by the children is in for a nasty surprise: their hands yield the ability to flash-fry their victims alive in about sixty seconds, leaving behind a corpse that looks like it's been on the barbecue for a few hours. Eventually, the solution is discovered: gunshots do not affect the zombie children, but if their hands are cut off, they're done for.

The sheriff of Ravensback, who would win all sorts of least-competent awards in the field of law enforcement, begins a half-hearted attempt to locate the kids, but unfortunately nobody connects the missing children with the fact that a trail of charred corpses is being left behind. In fact, most of the adults in this movie are incompetent at being anything, especially good parents. Along with the lamebrain sheriff, there is a young policeman who is messing around with somebody's jailbait daughter. Gale Garnett, who had a 60s-era pop radio hit with "We'll Sing In The Sunshine", stars here as one of the unsuspecting parents who becomes the default heroine of our story, but even she lapses into some unmotherly behavior by smoking a cigarette while she's pregnant (approximately eleven months pregnant by the look of it), apologizing to her unborn child as she puffs. Her husband is a mostly unsympathetic creep who yells at her when she's in moments of panic and refuses to give her vital information, such as "don't let the kids touch you or you'll get burned up real good." The sheriff deputizes two alcoholic rednecks when he needs a roadblock set up, interrupting their sale of poached game birds to the local general store operator, Molly. One of the children belongs to a lesbian couple made up of a bitchy "doctor" with a bad attitude and a freaked-out blind lady who is mostly stoned on painkillers all the time. Ditto for the "ultra-mod" couple who smoke grass by the pool, are into nude sunbathing, and don't really know or care where their darling daughter is. They're visited by a gay caricature of a guy who listens to disco music booming on his car stereo (and has a prehistoric cellular phone!).

In fact, the whole subtext of "The Children" could be read as a neo-conservative parable where non-traditional families are shown as gross caricatures who deserve to be fried to a crisp by their children. The problem with that theory is that everyone who isn't on the "liberal" side of the equation is portrayed as a yokel and a fool.

Whatever it is, it's bizarre and tasteless fun. Filmmakers could never get away with something like this in today's climate, especially since the entire concept of this film is that kids have been turned into monsters, and the only way to get rid of them is to hack them to pieces.
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lazarillo10 May 2004
This is one of those movies that is like an idiot step-child--it's totally moronic but still strangely hard to dislike. When so many horror movies are so transparently and unimaginatively exploitative, it's refreshing to see a movie so ludicrous and completely off-the-wall that god only knows WHAT it's trying to exploit. Is it trying to prey on every parent's fear that their lovable moppets will turn into radioactive zombies? Is it trying to make an environmental statement about how nuclear waste will turn children's fingernails black and make them kill every adult they touch? Is it trying to impress the gorehounds with its incredible special effects (i.e. dry ice and black fingernail polish)? Someone ought to put this movie, "The Carrier" (1987), and "The Pit" (1982)all on a single DVD compilation and call it "WHAT THE HELL?!..." or something like that. I'd definitely buy it.
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Childhood Classic
dream-warrior200126 November 2002
I remember watching this movie with my mom and dad late one night on TBS, and I remember how scary it was for me then. That was back in the mid-80's though, today I think somewhat differently. I rented the movie again a few years ago just to jog my memory of it, because all I really remembered was was it was about some kids who can burn people with their hands. Now that I've rewatched it I can judge as an adult. The movie is a good one for people, like me, who love B horror movies. The premise is laughable, who ever heard of toxic gas creating zombie children who can fry people with their hands and be basically invincible to any weapon? There are obviously a lot of unconceivable premises in this movie, but that's what makes it so good. The children can't be destroyed unless their hands are cut off! Too funny. The weirdest part was the pregnant woman who gave birth after her 2 sons have been killed, and she and the father act as if nothing happened. Anyway, I wouldn't tell anyone to stray from this movie, it is a classic and lots of people are willing to pay big bucks for it just because they remember it as a classic horror movie they liked. The friendship I have now, who is also my best friend, came about over this movie. We were talking about horror movies at work during Halloween, and I brought up this movie and she started talking about how much she liked it when she saw it at the drive-in with her family but for years could not remember the title until shined the light on it for her. This movie has a lot of fans out there, and if you haven't seen it and you see it in the video store, rent it. It's one you won't forget!
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I got this in a used store for only $3
moviecollector15 December 2004
On Monday, I checked out this used video/cd/video game store.

wow! My jaw dropped in amazement on, when I saw this on the shelf...for only $3. I never got to see this as a kid, & it has been on my 'Must-see' list for a long time now. I have been trying to find it on Ebay as well.

Well, I enjoyed it, its a good fun & cheesy movie. You weren't expecting an Oscar nominated movie were you? Yes, the acting is bad & yes, some of the dialogue is horrendous, but this was such a fun movie.

It has its creepy moments & an alright 'twist' ending, that leaves it open for a sequel? hmmm.

This is worth checking out or owning if you love those bad cheesy films from the 80's, like what I do. For finding a pretty rare & hard to get (go to Ebay & see how much this sells for) for only $3, you can not go wrong. :)
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hammy and creepy fun
disdressed1224 April 2010
i thought this was a fun little horror far as i know,it's an original concept.not the zombies themselves,but how they became zombies.and how they kill their is cheesy and the acting is hammy,but so what.the premise is pretty's genuinely creepy.i especially love the score by Harry Manfredini,although it's very similar to Friday the 13th(which he also scored)and it does become overpowering and a bit distracting at times.the makeup effects are actually pretty good for the time.and if you're paying attention throughout the movie(which i obviously wasn't)the ending won't come as a surprise to you.overall,an enjoyable 90 minutes or so.for me,The Children(1980)is an 8/10
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Don't Hug The Nuclear Kids...
EVOL66620 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
THE CHILDREN is a pretty fun and schlocky 80s cult horror film that has it's moments. Nothing to really write home about, but I have a soft-spot for any film that has kids getting shot and having their hands cut off with ninja swords.

A nuclear plant leak causes a bus full of school kids to turn into nuclear zombies with skin-melting hugging abilities. The kids terrorize the town melting all of the adults, and the local sheriff and one of the parents is out to stop them...

Pretty cheezy for the most part, THE CHILDREN is worth a look to low-budget 80s horror fans. Nothing spectacular, but a few of the violence against the nuclear kids scenes are pretty funny...7/10
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So bad it's good!
It may have seem like a nice day for a group of kids on a school bus going home, but unfortunately there is a leak in a nearby power plant that unleashes a deadly radioactive gas that has pass by the road where the school bus is entering. It has a side effect as it turns the formerly good kids into pale faced atomic zombies that sport black fingernails and are extremely dangerous when they hug adults as they literally fry them, the adults must battle these sinister kiddies and have to find a way to kill them.

Entertaining and somewhat silly low budget horror/Sci-fi flick that's got an interesting plot and some shocks. The acting with some of the special effects are laughable but the movie is a riot, in fact this was one of the highest grossing movies in the summer of 1980! it's kind of a overlooked film that has been discontinued on video for 25 years and has been a hard to find movie in ages until now as the Troma Team company has finally re-issued this movie on DVD.

Also recommended: "The Crazies", "The Toxic Avenger", "Class of Nuke'Em High", " C.H.U.D.", "Night of the Living Dead ( 1968 and 1990)", "Dawn of the Dead ( 1978 and 2004)", " Bloody Birthday", "Children of the Corn", "Sleepaway Camp", " Halloween", " Slugs", " Beware! Children at Play", "It's Alive", "Final Destination", " Battle Royale", " Versus", " Bio-Zombie", " Nightmare City" ( a.k.a. City of the Walking Dead), " Let Sleeping Corpses Lie" and "The Stuff".
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"Am I glad to see you kids."
lost-in-limbo3 March 2013
If there was a horror film that had certain nostalgia, you could say "The Children" was one of those cult films you would hear horror fans talking about and explaining how it was a childhood favourite. For me that wasn't the case, as I just watched for the first time, but I found it to be a surprisingly effective little low-budget feature which saw some of the film crew (lead by music composer Harry Manfredini) to go on to be apart of Sean S. Cunningham's 1980 iconic "Friday the 13th".

When a school bus drives through a yellow mist of nuclear waste, a group of children of a rural town go missing, unknowingly to the town's folk they find out they have been transformed into zombies that are aching for a hug. But the results are toxic for whoever encounters them. It's up to the town sheriff to these lurking menaces.

Everything about it is low-grade schlock and it plays out generic, from the acting to its direction, slight story (with a "Night of the Living Dead" vibe), adds ghastly make-up FX, dreary photography and even parts of the writing. But simply put its fun; in a daft, but also deranged and kooky manner. Sometimes humorous and at times unintentional, but still there are moments of gusty exploitation (that's zombie kids being mutilated by swords and axes!), suspense (those kiddie cuddle build-ups) and a constant eeriness (the appearances of the kids). Even the narrative throws a sudden shock twist here and there. The cast do feature some names with a likable Gil Rogers, Martin Shaker in a wooden turn, the very flirtatious Joy Glaccum and an amusing Peter Maloney. The forlorn woodland locations help alienate the horror, while Manfredini's music score is overstated, but not without its moments.

Crazy, offbeat, ultra-cheap, but it's hard to resist these killer kids.

"They'll turn up."
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Lots of cheesy fun!
irbear126 December 2004
I remember seeing the previews for this movie on TV when I was a kid back in the 80's. Funny thing is it always stuck with me and I had been wanting to see this movie ever since. Well, I recently went to a film festival of bad movies and The Children was one of them. I was very excited to see it. I was not disappointed. This movie is fast paced, and fun. Don't get me wrong, it is a bad movie, but a good, fun movie. What really helped the movie was the score, which was composed by Harry Manfredini who also scored that little old film Friday the 13th. So, the music helped to build some creepiness and suspense. The fact that the movie is about children who become toxic, zombie, killers makes it enjoyable on that level. Just watching the townsfolk trying to stop the children is a hoot. Rarely in films these days do we see children get dispatched on screen. That is something to enjoy. Not the fact that children are being killed but that it is a testament to how times have changed in movie-making.
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starts out good...
shmucking30 July 2008
I thought the movie started out very promisingly. It had a sinister, understated beginning. But as the film progressed, it didn't follow through. The characters weren't interesting, the movie gets tedious and it didn't have any momentum. That seems to be the problem with a lot of horror films, and it's too bad on this one, because it could've been great. I'd love to see this movie re-made and have it follow through on the creepiness of the beginning. I think I'll buy it on VHS anyway. This was made around the time of all those delightful 80's horror films. Plus, the theater I saw it in had a weird flower smell that somehow fit the movie, and made it more scary.
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Cult-horror classic with soon to be famous horror soundtrack from another horror film
badgirlkane15 October 2002
I saw The Children when I was 6 years old at a drive-in in Mississippi and at the age of six it scared the hell out of me.Watching it twenty-years later it's one of the funniest "I'm trying to be scary horror film"The best part is the soundtrack is the same one used in another horror classic released that same year "Friday the 13th" Watchable but only to those you love pure cheese in their horror films.
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Horrible people dying horribly
BandSAboutMovies12 October 2018
Warning: Spoilers
The best thing that I can say about this movie is that nearly every person in it is a horrible person. There are cops that don't do their jobs well, expectant mothers that smoke and other parents that could care less if their kids have come home yet. Even the nice people in this movie only exist to be snuffed out. This is the blackest of comedies and also the most nihilistic of films.

Jim and Slim, a couple of workers at the Ravensback chemical plant decide to finish work early and head to the bar, neglecting the pressure gauge warnings and allowing a cloud of yellow toxic smoke to escape.

That yellow cloud finds its way to a school bus full of innocent children who are so well behaved that they even sing a song to compliment their bus driver. Soon, Paul, Jenny, Ellen, Tommy and Janet Shore. Suddenly the bus passes through the yellow cloud and the kids get turned into zombie-like monsters with black fingernails.

The townspeople only think the kids have disappeared, so they shut the town down and try and keep out any outsiders until things clear up. Boy, this town...there's Billy the local sheriff, who is in over his head. There's Harry his deputy who only seems to want to get it on with Suzie (and who can blame him, what else is there to do in a small town?). And then there's Molly, who runs the general store and is also the police dispatcher, because that makes sense. She's played by Shannon Bolin, a singer who was once known as The Lady with the Dark Blue Voice in the 1940's.

Even though this was made in 1980, it's both woke and exploitation enough to give zombie Tommy two mommies. One of them, Dr. Joyce, is among the first to be burned alive by one of The Children. Not the last - as the kids all come home, they burn their parents and most of the town alive.

I guess John is our hero and his wife Cathy is pregnant (and pats her stomach and says, "Sorry..." before smoking a cigarette), so he's obviously worried about her. That's when this movie shifts into one that totally lives up to today's theme. Kids get killed left and right with impunity. Roasted in closets, zombified hands chopped off,'s pretty much open season on children. And when The Children die, it sounds like a cat in heat.

After all that, John falls asleep and wakes up to deliver his wife's baby. We get a peaceful scene of the many, many dead bodies with the children all lying there looking peaceful and not dismembered. That's when John noticed that his newborn child has black fingernails.

Director Max Kalmanowicz only has one other credit, the weirdo sex comedy Dreams Come True, where "a young couple masters the supernatural art of astral projection which allows them to travel through dreams, explore their fantasies and make a whole lot of love." Hopefully nobody cuts off a ten year old's hand in that movie.
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"She's Always Lurking Around The House!"...
azathothpwiggins17 September 2018
When two lunkheaded workers decide not to check for problems at the local nuclear power plant, problems occur. A leak causes a cloud of gas to escape, quickly engulfing a school bus full of kids! When the sheriff (Gil Rogers) finds the bus abandoned, he fears for their safety. Unbeknownst to him, the tykes are now deadly, leering little monsters, whose touch turns their adult victims into burnt lasagna! This isn't altogether a bad thing, since most of the adults in this movie are either intolerable hillbillies or cranky, snarky toads. THE CHILDREN is one of the more enjoyable "killer kid" films, featuring several bust-a-gut moments, usually involving a gushy death or samurai sword-wielding sheriff! It's "borrowing" of the entire musical score from FRIDAY THE 13TH only adds to the overall weirdness! Do not miss the wailing, screaming, double shock finale!...
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Beware of bowl cut kids with black fingernails who are just looking for some affection.....
aztrshbyz8 June 2017
Gotta love Troma.

You know you are watching a low budget film when you see a nuclear company sign that has been stenciled and the director decides to sometimes use a tape of dog howls when the children are hurt.

The makeup could have been much better - I think even with the limited budget it could have been done more effectively. It put me in mind of horror makeup of the '60s. In addition, the acting throughout was inconsistent - some of the actors did okay, but the ones who didn't were really bad. The ending was so very predictable, made no sense within the context of the movie and was really a huge disappointment. Plot holes abounded and much was left unexplained. It definitely could have been better written. Finally, I wish the kids had a better mechanism for the way they went about their business - going to the adults instead of making them come to the kids.

So why a 3 instead of a 1? It's not the worst movie I've ever seen, not even in my bottom 50. Although there were problems with plot holes, at least people didn't do stupid, inane things (a problem with a lot of horror movies) and the dialog made some level of sense. Some of the acting was passable. I wouldn't recommend it unless you're looking for an eye roller though.
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Good concept but cheap execution
Johan_Wondering_on_Waves14 January 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Well I liked the concept of kids turning into some kind of zombies by some mysterious cloud. But that happens without any build-up and they go on to kill the annoying adults. And yes since all performers in the movie go without character development I couldn't really be bothered if they lived or died in the end. I'm trying to think if this movie has any redeeming qualities. Well yeah the kids were threatening and instead of actually biting their victims like zombies do, they burn them by touching them. It would have been nice there was some actual cure for it, rather than going for the easy way by chopping their limbs of. It was an original idea but the execution was done in such a cheap way hoping to cash in quickly on the zombie craze.
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Lovely Pre-Reagan Flick Totally Disregarding Family Values
merrywater1 January 2015
A nuclear waste dust cloud encloses a school bus, and the children become radioactive killer zombies. Almost everybody gets wasted.

This picture has got some pretty unbelieving sequences:

In one scene, a pregnant smoking-and-boozing housewife yells to her husband: "Don't kill Janey! She's our only daughter!"

In another scene, the sheriff is shooting kids through a window. Kinda priceless!

The sheriff and one of his co-workers are then trying to stop the kids by cutting their hands off with an axe.

The strange plot aside, this picture actually improves as the story evolves, getting more and more fascinating.

All in all a decent thriller!
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I wonder if my niece would like black nail polish?
dhainline112 October 2014
Warning: Spoilers
This movie "The Children" is a very good, scary early 1980s movie about innocent kids who get exposed to yellowish smoke from a nuclear power plant and they end up as black finger-nailed zombies who burn people to death when they hug them. It really isn't the fault of the kids what happened! Two nuclear power workers who make Homer Simpson look like a Mensa member release the fumes into the air and it changes these kids into bloodless monsters. The parents seem strangely indifferent about the disappearance of the children. The worst offender is 9-year-old Janet Shore's mother, Dee-Dee who is smoking pot, topless by her swimming pool. Her muscle-bound boyfriend seems as indifferent as Dee-Dee is. Dee-Dee seems excited by her daughter's apparent abduction and never acts like a frantic mother. The young officer who is searching for the children is no better. He wants to make out with young, missing Paul's sister, Susie rather than looking for Paul! Jenny's parents were more sympathetic, though. The stress of having a killer, zombie preteen daughter is getting to them and Cathy, the mother who is very pregnant smokes a cigarette when her nerves are on edge. She is reluctant to kill her daughter and the other children even though she knows her husband and the other, older police officer know they have to do that to defend themselves! This movie has very little blood, but the microwaving of human flesh and screams from the parents are quite jarring!
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Nuclear Kiddies
TheBlueHairedLawyer4 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
This is a classic Troma movie, so bad you can't help but watch it. With soundtrack taken from Friday the 13th and a ton of cheap special effects it makes you at first assume it's not worth the trouble to view. But it's not too bad and not a total waste of time.

It starts out at a chemical factory of some sort; two nimrod employees are thinking more about going to the bar than doing their job. Without noticing, they let loose a cloud of yellow gas that drifts towards an unsuspecting New England town, and this gas has no effect on adults but somehow gives children the ability to nuke people just by touching them. A town sheriff starts searching for a group of the kids that vanished from a bus on the way back from school, and we meet the parents of these kids, including a heavily medicated lesbian couple, a famous model who has a pimp and frequently gets stoned with her husband, and an average couple, a cop and his pregnant wife, both of whom have another kid, named Clarkie. It isn't long before the sheriff discovers the murder victims, some of whom include a guard dog, a kid's teenage sister and the missing bus driver. Soon he teams up with the couple to stop the strange mutant children before it's too late.

Well, one thing can be said for it, at least for the factory they used a real factory and not stock footage the way some horror films do. The acting of the kids wasn't too bad; they pulled off some extremely creepy faces at times, and it's not that bad of a movie. If you want something fun to watch, this is a good one.
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So bad, it's . . bad!
onlythusfar4 February 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Lame rip-off of "Village of the Damned". Acting was lame, special effects were lame, and the obvious "twist" ending was lame. " I can't believe, I watched the whole thing!" A bit of 70's silliness and nudity livened it up a little, for your inner adolescent. I would regard a repeat viewing, as cruel and unnatural punishment. I guess it could be alright to watch with a rowdy group, if you were all hammered. The soundtrack is quite comical. The manner in which they "dispatch" of the children is extremely lame. "The Village of the Damned" is a masterpiece compared to this pathetic drivel. I highly recommend it, as well as, the book on which it was based, "The Midwich Cuckoos", by John Wyndam.
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Terrified me and my sister as, well, children
udar5521 October 2011
A leak at a nuclear plant releases a toxic cloud that poisons all the kids from Ravensback after their school bus drives through it. The kids end up being like zombies with black fingernails and they cause their parents to melt when they touch them. Jeez, talk about your nuclear family! It is up to Sheriff Billy Hart (Gil Rogers) and local dad John Freemont (Martin Shakar) to stop these radioactive little moppets. I saw this as a kid in the early 1980s and it freaked the hell out of me and my sister. It is such a simple premise (NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD KIDS), but the filmmakers pull it off with the creepy kids saying nothing more than "Mommy! Mommy!" or "Daddy! Daddy!" with their arms extended. Also, the method of dispatching them (cutting off their hands) is done really effective and it is rare to see kids the subject of on screen carnage. It is a nice production too, with lots of great rural locations. There are also some really bizarre choices when it comes to the town folk. Harry Manfredini provides a score that sounds exactly like his F13 compositions.
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