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Very strange film. Not easy to review!
Maciste_Brother28 January 2003

Is THE BOOGEYMAN a good movie? Not really. Is it a bad movie? Well, not really. Is it a strange movie? Oh, yeah!

THE BOOGEYMAN was most likely green-lighted after the massive success of HALLOWEEN. So obviously, the Ulli Lommel film starring the beautiful Suzanna Love contains many elements that closely resemble the John Carpenter horror film. What's odd, though, is that THE BOOGEYMAN is also an amalgamation of several other horror films, like THE EXORCIST, AMITYVILLE HORROR and slashers in general.

The story is about two kids, Willy and Lacey, who kill their mother's kinky lover, who is abusive to them. This murder happens in front of a mirror and, somehow, the man's soul haunts it. 20 years later, the two kids are now young adults (played by Nicholas and Suzanna Love, real life brother and sister?) and are haunted by that tragic night. Willy hasn't spoken a word since he stabbed the man and Lacey is haunted by kinky, terrifying dreams. Oddly enough, Lacey seems to be more troubled by the murder than Willy. When seeing a psychiatrist, Lacey is suddenly possessed by the dead man's spirit (or evil in general?). And when they visit the house where the murder happened, only Lacey goes there. During this visit, Lacey sees the mirror again and inside the mirror, the "boogeyman" is seen walking towards her. Terrified, Lacey breaks the mirror and basically "releases" the boogeyman's murderous rage (BTW, this is the best scene in the movie. Very effective). Lacey's husband brings the broken mirror to their house (why?!?!) but leaves behind a shard at the house, which becomes "alive" and causes death to those who are living in that house.

Anyone coming in contact with any piece of the mirror is killed (mostly in clunky ways) or, in Lacey's case, becomes possessed and levitates. Why?!?! I dunno. At the end, there's an exorcism of sorts, with a priest coming to the rescue. Why?!?! I dunno.

Nothing makes much sense in THE BOOGEYMAN. For example, why is Willy scared of mirrors when he's the one who killed the man and didn't witness the killing in the mirror like Lacey did? The reason why the murdered man becomes a supernatural killer is murky, or why he haunts the mirror (and not a chair or a bed) and why is Lacey possessed from time to time. Had the film shown that the murdered man had supernatural powers to begin with might have made a bit more sense. Or that the brother and sister's pent-up terror is responsible for his coming back would also have been a bit more interesting. As is, the killer's raison d'être and intentions are unclear, to say the least.

The direction by Ulli Lommel is very peculiar. I can't quite put my finger on it. Is it the way the actors move about? The editing? The action, which always seems to break midway through a scene? The odd camera angles? The unfocused attention to details? The list goes on and on. I don't know if this was intentional (I doubt it) but it's different.

When you combine all of this mishmash of several movies with the very odd direction (which at times is goofy); the good to terrible acting from the cast; and the couple of questionable scenes, like when the boy is attached to the bed (which is probably why this film became a Nasty in the UK), the final product ain't stellar and yet, in the end, it's unique, in its own peculiar way. It's never really scary (most of the action happens in the daytime) and yet the film does have a undeniably creepy feel to it. The overall creepy mood of the film is achieved by the music and the excellent cinematography, which is by far the best thing in THE BOOGEYMAN. They really don't "shoot" films like this anymore.
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Frightening and terrifying story about possession occasioned by eerie mirror
ma-cortes18 July 2008
This is a fairly suspenseful and horrifying story with simple special effects. It starts when through the reflection in a mirror, a little girl witnesses her brother kills their mother's lover . The weird mirror is possessed by strange spirit. Several years later, one time grown-up, this records still haunt her. She(Suzanne Love, director wife who starred many his films) is assisted by therapist Dr. Warren(John Carradine). Then, the mirror is now broken revealing again its ominous powers. Caught in a series of otherwordly events, she becomes inextricably involved in creepy murders .

This spooky movie packs terror, tight pacing, bone-chilling scenes, tension, grisly killings and numerous images have you on the edge of your seat.It's a very average little horror movie and has some cool death scenes. The film emphasizes the bloody, cruel and disgustful killings. The script stretches plausibility to the breakpoint point for a massacre final. Frightening musical score imitating partially to Mike Oldfield's Tubular bells from 'The exorcist'. It's followed by 'Boogeyman 2' continuing the plot, similar footage and new director; Ulli Lommel acted and co-written this follow-up. Furthermore recent version, very different to original : 'Boogeyman, 2005' by Stephen T. Kay with Barry Watson and Emily Deschanel and 'Boogeyman 2,' by Jeff Betancourt with Rene O'Connor and Tobin Bell.

The film is middling directed by Ulli Lommel, he's a German born actor and director with a long career in both US and Europe and known by his collaboration with Rainer W. Fassbinder and Andy Warhol(who produced him two movies : Blank generation and Cocaine cowboys). In 1988 he changed to Hollywood and directed 'Boogey man', that became in Box office success, grossing millions of dollars worldwide. Later , made 'Olivia, Brainwaves, Devonsville terror' and several movies with little budget, such as 'Black Dahlia and curse of the Zodiac', among them.
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Probably Lommel's best effort...
legendaryunderdog28 September 2007
"The Boogeyman", directed by Ulli Lommel, is quite a unique and strange 'slasher' film if you will. The story of a brother and a sister named Willy and Lacey (who are actually in real life both brother and sister as well ironically) who are traumatized by witnessing a murder that happened during their childhood, Lommel takes us as the viewer all the way to their adulthood for the most part of the film where their past still seems to haunt the both of them. The acting is very campy, although Suzanna Love's screen presence is always nice. John Carradine makes a brief but good performance as Lacey's psychologist, there are some interesting death scenes. Both the beginning and the end of the film are direct homages to two previous horror classics, the beginning is a direct "Halloween" homage and the ending resembles an homage to "The Exorcist". Overall I feel Lommel did a nice job for only working on a shoe-string budget in the first place. I would have to say that by far this is Lommel's best film. 8/10 stars.
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Instantly forgettable video nasty
tomgillespie20026 April 2012
Like many horror films back in the 1980's (and even today), The Boogeyman takes its influence from John Carpenter's landmark in horror, Halloween (1978). While Michael Myers was the physical embodiment of the 'boogeyman' legend (I say legend, but it is more a term given to whatever scares little children at night), Ulli Lommel's shockingly s**t video nasty goes the extra mile and adds a supernatural spin to the story in the shape of a haunted mirror.

The quite effective opening has a young girl and boy spying on their slutty mother as she seduces a man with a stocking on his head. They are spotted, and the man ties the boy to a bed while they have sex in another room. The girl cuts him loose with a large knife, and the boy then uses it to murder the man. Years later, the boy Willy (Nicholas Love) is mute, and the girl, Lacey (Suzanna Love), is psychologically troubled by the events of her childhood. Her psychiatrist Dr. Warren (John Carradine, looking like he's hoping nobody will notice his presence in the film) advises her husband Jake (Ron James) that she should go back to her childhood home to confront her demons. She does, and while there she sees the man wearing the stocking in the bedroom mirror, which she smashes. Jake pieces together the mirror and takes it home, when strange deaths start occurring.

Yes, this is as daft as it sounds. Horror movies have long made killers out of strange things (tomatoes, clowns, a house), but a mirror that influences suicides? Mmm. It's one of the strangest choices for a killer 'bad guy' I've come across in horror since the strangely likable Death Bed: The Bed That Eats (1977). If anything, this at least separates it from other mundane entries into the slasher genre, but the film struggles along trying to juggle a story a sibling connection, psychological torment, and standard stalk-and-slash. There is a half- decent death involving a 'long kiss', but apart from this, it is instantly forgettable.
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Vastly underrated
kerryprez_041 April 2008
Im surprised at the low rating (3.8/10). The movie was obviously done on a limited budget; Nevertheless,they did capture the mood for this classic horror flick. Read previous posts for details. They are fairly accurate. But, to truly appreciate this movie, you much watch it for yourself. The acting is on par with actors in bigger budget horror flicks of that time. It just goes to show you it's all a matter of who you know in the biz and/or how big your pocketbook is. Personally, Im not much into horror, but this one truly peaked my interest. Definitely kept me on the edge of my seat thru a majority of the movie. Some scenes even had me turning away in shock. 8 out of 10 stars from me.
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Creepy and atmospheric
Nixshows15 July 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I was just telling somebody about this not too long ago and they thought I was talking about that horrible new BOOGEYMAN from this year. Anyway I haven't seen this in a couple of years but as soon as I track down a DVD I will.It's nothing like that other one I mentioned.It's better.

From the first scene where a boy and his sister's mother is in a very kinky bondage session with her boyfriend.The boy Will is tied down to the bed only to get free and eventually stab and kill his mother's lover(Boogeyman).This is all witnessed by the mirror which the Boogeyman comes through in spirit.I know it sounds weird but this is actually a creepy,and somewhat scary flick.It has a certain grim atmosphere that reminded me a lot of the original 'Halloween'.The musical score that accompanies it is also good.There's also more than a few deaths,some gory.I think one of the reasons it might not be that known is because of the weird factor.But that doesn't change the effectiveness of this.I recommend checking this out or maybe even a purchase.
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ModKuraika26 October 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Dismal tone, terrible effects (for that time), cheesy acting. One of the worst films I have ever witnessed and never wish to view again. Seems like the film was made on a pocket change budget, I will give the director credit for trying, but this is a gigantic failure of epic proportions. Not scary, nor intimidating, nor intriguing, nor artistic in any sense of the terms. I urge everyone to steer clear away from this garbage. I wanted to stop the film as soon as I saw the stabbing (which looked like he was stabbing a pillow) scene but my tenacity to always watch from start to finish overcame me. I regret doing so.

The movie depicts a little girl cutting her brother free from his binds after their mother's lover tied him up. The boy then murders the man in front of a mirror, and the mirror is haunted by the man he killed. Loving this so far, eh? Over time a shard of the mirror causes weird phenomenon among those it is closest around, ending with their impossible and cheesy demises. In the end, they run it under a faucet after a priest has blessed it, turning it into holy water, and apparently ridding the curse from the shard or some other such nonsense.

But wait... Earlier in the film, a boy had stepped on an alternative piece of the mirror and it got stuck on his shoe, and at the end of the film, it lets up. As they walk away into the bleak conclusion, the other piece unconvincingly glows red. Dun dun dun, I guess.

This movie is terrible, I hated everything about it, the premise, the acting, the effects, the ending, everything. It saves itself from a 1/10 only because... while it is dreadful, it is original.
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A Great Supernatural Slasher
Krug Stillo31 May 2003
Warning: Spoilers
SPOILER ALERT!!! `A grisly post-'Exorcist' shocker long overdue for re-release.' Dave Hughes - Samhain

`The Bogeyman raises way above the usual level of 'Halloween' clones.' The Aurum Film Encyclopedia of Horror

The Bogeyman is a welcome combination of two genres; the slasher and the supernatural. Released in the early eighties when the former of the two subgenres were produced by the dozens, this brave twist on the slasher flick was original even though the actual film is not. Directed by Rainer Werner Fassbinder protégé, and former actor, Ulli Lommel, who had previously show his capabilities with his film 'Tenderness of the Wolves', The Bogeyman is an effective, interesting, if somewhat cheap horror film.

A young boy named Willy is tormented by his mother's hulking lover. He is tied to his bed but is cut free by his younger sister, Lacy. Overcome with fury, Willy takes the kitchen knife from his sister and wanders to his mother's room seeking revenge on his tormentor. What follows is a scene reminiscent, but not nearly as gruesome to one in Roman Scavolini's Nightmare. The mirror remains the only witness to this murder besides the children and their mother and too keeps the secret hidden, until twenty years later.

Willy and Lacy have grown up on a farm with some relatives, he has not said a word since the night of the murder and Lacy feels guilt for having cut him free all those years before. The day they receive a letter from their mother, who is apparently at Death's door, Lacy begins to suffer from horrific nightmares, being tied to a bed half naked then stabbed by an unseen figure. Her husband takes her back to the old house and whilst he discusses matters with the new residence of the house Lacy wanders into the bedroom where the incident took place. The startling reflection of her mother's lover stairs at her from the mirror, a stocking over his head, his muscles prominent beneath his tight vest. Lacy smashes the mirror in a fit of hysteria, unleashing the evil spirit from the mirror his twenty years of imprisonment. Needles to say, the ghost therefore is not in the best of moods.

Now the freed spirit can penetrate our reality wherever a shard of the mirror maybe. Lacy's husband, disbelieving his wives story - `This is nothing but a bunch of fantasies going on only in your head!' decides to bag the pieces of the mirror and take it back to the farm. The true nightmare then begins to unfold as the angry ghost uses a variety of instruments (scissors, cutlery, pitchfork and a garden hose (?)) to kill off most of the secondary cast, cue lots of POV shots and heavy breathing on the soundtrack.

There are two sequels with great originality in their titles, Revenge of the Bogeyman & Return of the Bogeyman. I've only seen the first sequel which, like this film, also appeared on the Video Nasties list in the UK. Revenge of the Bogeyman had the potential to be a great sequel, using the 'Hollywood on Hollywood' background where Ulli Lommel plays Mickey the film director, being pressured to make a film about the events that occur in The Bogeyman. Unfortunately half of its running time is wasted recapping footage from the first film as Lacy (played once again by Lommel's then wife, Suzanna Love) relates her story. The deaths scenes in this sequel are asinine to the point of parody, featuring murders via corkscrew, barbecue tongs, garden hose (again), ladder, shaving foam (I s*** you not) and an electric toothbrush (!).

Lommel was also responsible for 'Brainwaves' (again starring Suzanna and Nicholas Love, with Hollywood veterans Tony Curtis and Vera Miles) and 'The Devonsville Horror', which featured on a double bill with The Bogeyman, released by Anchor Bay. It was also re-released by VIPCO in an 'uncut', dodgily widescreened version.
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surprisingly it didn't suck as much as it should have,
disdressed1212 August 2009
surprising because Ulli Lommel was involved in writing directing and producing this thing.i didn't realise Lommel was behind it until i got it then figured what the hey.i mean how bad could it be,right.after all,i managed to see at least some of Lommel's other travesties,B.T.K and Black Dalia.those were putrid.The Boogeyman however,is has interesting story,some decent performances,and some unusual music/sound is readily apparent a low budget production,but i could watch it all,without having to pause to vomit,so that's classic by any means,but still...for me The Boogeyman is a 5/10
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The Mirror Cracked from Side to Side
BaronBl00d29 July 2005
Just plain ridiculous film that opens with a three-year old girl and her slightly older brother being asked to stay outside while mom and boyfriend have some fun. Children spy on lovers and then boyfriend ties boy up. Sister gets huge knife to untie him and brother does the next most natural thing...he stabs the lover repeatedly whilst in bed with his mother. Guess what happens next? Yep, the movie goes forward 20 years. Haven't we seen something like this before? Yep, John Carpenter did it in Halloween and a parade of cheap imitators followed. No different here. But what is different is that this film is at least unique in what it asks its viewers to believe. We just don't have some psychopathic killer from the this film, the young girl is grown up with a child living with husband, some of his family, and the brother who is now mute due to his terrible past. She begins to have recurring nightmares when a letter is received by her mother asking to visit. We never see the mother in the film. The heroine goes with husband to the old house. She sees the man her brother killed in a mirror, smashes the mirror, and releases him to the world as some bloody, crazed, asthmatic killer. When you see a sliver of the mirror, he is there. When you see a shiny bit of mirror focused in your direction, you cannot escape him. He, now after just being a guy killed in an exposition piece, is "the Boogeyman." Why? Anyway, this is where the film really gets bad, and though I could rant for hours about what's wrong, I will confess that this film had me in stitches for some of its bloody awful scenes. The first time we see a sliver we hear this loud heart beating and very heavy breathing. Director Ulli Lommel doesn't want any chance that we might not know that sliver means this invisible predator is about. A girl sticks scissors in her throat and a young boy, not knowing his sister is dead, puts his head in window and yells "watch out for the Boogeyman" and then the asthmatic sound track comes on and the window shuts down hard on the kid's neck. It was such a poor, ludicrous scene that I just broke out laughing. Other scenes were just as humorous. The fishing scene has a sliver somehow miraculously jammed on the kid's boot, and while he is fishing it goes all over the place(the reflection that is)including an abandoned house and a car a goodly distance from the house in a wooded lot. What was the kid doing on the dock...Riverdance? The ending scenes are equally bad, and this film, for me, just had no credibility. It has an interesting premise, a deadly mirror, but there are obvious cheap elements stolen from Halloween, Amityville Horror(there is a priest in this too), and other like films. Suzanna Love "stars" as Lacey the young girl. She is the director's wife. Horror veteran John Carradine plays a brief role as a psychiatrist and gives one of his more restrained performances.
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A movie about a killer mirror. You heard me!
Horror Banana-nanza22 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
So, what could I classify this movie as? Well, it's a mash-up movie. A mash-up of Amityville Horror (using a house that looks identical), Halloween (a child POV stabbing scene) and the Waltons. The story is, as kids, Lacy and Jake had a mom that was less than nurturing. Her boyfriend is trying to have sex with her and the kids are looking in through the window, apparently locked out. So they get punished. Makes sense. The boyfriend wears a stocking on his head, and then is stabbed by Jake, a-la Michael Myers.

Fast forward to, uhm, the future. Jake is now a mute, who collects knives and has a pet tarantula. I'd definitely want a mute guy who killed as a child to collect knives. Probably great for therapy.

Speaking of therapy, John Carradine shows up to half-act his way through another paycheck, as Lacy's psychiatrist. She has flashbacks of the murder and starts acting like a demon, to which Carradine responds, "Ok. You can wake up now." Unfazed. What a bad-ass.

So at this point I was wondering, how did this become a Video Nasty? I've learned my lesson from listening to Lampyman101's Youtube reviews of the Video Nasties that most of the time, the DPP had no clue what they were doing when prosecuting movies. And for a little while, this seemed like the case. Then, all at once, chaos and mayhem.

Lacy's husband takes her to the house the murder took place in, which is inhabited by an apple munching girl and her siblings, one of which being an obnoxious little brat who you prey, sickeningly, will somehow get killed. Lacy sees the mirror and starts having flashbacks, so she smashes it with a chair, and her husband inexplicably puts the pieces in a bag to put back together at home and hang on the wall like some sort of prize.

This apparently unleashes the demon inside the mirror, who promptly rips the shirt off of one girl and forces her to stab herself, then slams the window on the neck of the obnoxious kid (mini-cheer!), then smacks the remaining girl in the head with the bathroom mirror. So we go from no violence to boobs and violence run amuck! Huh.

So what we have is a killer mirror movie, a mirror which has a heartbeat similar to the demos of Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon." It tries to kill Jake using a pitchfork but fails miserably. Lacy's husband puts the mirror together but a piece gets stuck on his son's shoe, just as he and Lacy head to the lake to fish.

So now what we have is a killer mirror shard movie. And some random disposable teens, one of which is wearing a "Triumph" tee shirt. Yeah 80's! He's unfortunately killed by a flying knife, which his girlfriend then french kisses. It has to be seen to be believed.

So Lacy comes home and is almost raped by the demon mirror, as her kid wonders towards the over-sized well the family keeps in the back yard. To recover, she locks herself in a dark lit room. Seems logical to me. At this point, out of nowhere, John Carradine's character reappears, basically to say, "This script is ridiculous! I refuse to believe anything that's going on in it!" So a priest shows up, just as Lacy's family is being killed by pitchforks and garden hoses. The mirror gets a piece of itself lodged in Lacy's eye, and makes her talk like a demon. She hits the priest in the back, causing massive head bleeding (?), but eventually, the mirror is ripped off the wall and thrown into the well where it explodes.

Oh yeah. And Jake, predictably, says a few words and is no longer mute. Wait...didn't he kill someone? What happened with that? Uhm...

So this movie is a train wreck. I can only recommend it to "Nasty" fans or fans of weird, bizarre 80's horror. _________________________ For all of the Horror Banana's reviews, visit
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Better movie than the 2005 version
chrichtonsworld8 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
By accident I found this version when looking for Boogeyman (2005). The fact that this was an Eighties horror that I had not seen before was an instant reason for me to watch it right after I discovered it.

The film is an acquired taste for sure but it is far better than given credit for. However it does take some doing to get into the story that seems to be more of a psychological thriller than horror at first. But then after we get introduced to some supernatural elements that made things real interesting. Only you never quite sure what is going on exactly. Since things are shown in a way that could be interpreted in multiple ways. And in this case that vague and abstract approach is what makes The Boogey Man very effective. Normally I have a low tolerance for this kind of thing. But the approach in combination with the story is what makes this film quite fun. This is one of those movies where telling the plot would spoil and reveal too much so I won' go into it. Although I do implore that you will keep an open mind since the film does require it a little.

I do have to inform you that this film has no connection to The 2005 Boogeyman whatsoever. Nor is this based on the short story written by Stephen King. (I know that there is an adaptation of that story has been made in 1982 which I have been trying to get my hands on but has proved to be a rare film to find.) Still if I had to make a comparison I can say without a doubt that The Boogey Man is the better movie of the two. It has more of a story and there are genuine thrills and scares. Boogeyman 2005 has very little to no thrills I find appealing in a horror film. The Boogey Man also shows that practical special effects can beat CGI any day. The main draw for me was the atmosphere. It simply clicked with me. I honestly had zero expectations but was pleasantly surprised that this film had managed to draw me in. Like I said if you keep an open mind you are in for some real nice surprises. The only letdown in this movie is the horrible acting from some characters. Only it's not of a level that it will stand in the way of enjoying the film. So do give this one a shot especially if you are tired of contemporary horror.
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mirror, mirror on the wall
movieman_kev10 April 2008
Ulli Lommel directed this rancid little horror film about a couple of kids who kill their neglectful mother's abusive boyfriend. Years later the now grown kids, the boy now a mute man, the girl now a somewhat hot woman, return to their childhood house to find that the bedroom mirror has become possessed by the evil that it witnessed all those years ago. Poor poor Ulli, he's to horror films as Uwe Boll is to video game adaptations and while this film is miles above the utter drivel he'd later churn out, that's a sad testament to how awful he's gotten at writing rather than a praise of this one. As apart from one bizarre yet amusing death sequence, this movie is simply unwatchable.

My Grade: D-

Where I saw it: Fearnet on Demand
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Nightmare...don't think so.
Ky-D2 October 2005
More like a languid summer day dream. Boring story, limp film making, bad acting...just not much to brag about here.

A young girl witnesses a murder and gets traumatized and her brother goes nuts and an evil spirit has possessed a mirror and...ah who cares? Most viewers won't even finish it anyways.

Cheap production values do nothing to help a story in dire need of an interesting event...any interesting event. Nothing about the script is put together well; from the dialogue to the plot "twists" it is all amateur stuff.

Acting is on par with the script (ie: it sucks). It is clear why none of these thespians ever moved onto bigger better things. The only noteworthy player is the lead actress, who while not even remotely a good actor is at least quite attractive.

The only positive element in the film (or the opposite if you are a moralist) are the murder scenes. Cheesy though they may be, they are packed with plenty of running crimson and have an unpleasant kind of sadism to them, even including some pointless sexual tones.

What we have here is a bad film that gained notoriety by being black listed in England as a video nasty and would have (should have) disappeared long ago if moral purists would have just left it alone.

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Oh my God, did this movie suck or what?!
andreas_14_994 September 2006
Normally I wouldn't even care to comment on a totally ridiculous movie like this one, but I felt compelled to do it this time. I can't stress enough how bad this movie is. It lacks in almost every aspect of film-making. There's no end to the reasons why this movie sucks! But just for fun, here are a few: The plot was stupid, the acting terrible, the cutting extremely bad...and the list goes on and on.

In the beginning I actually thought it could turn out to be pretty decent, but man was that a mistake! So my advise to you is to seriously avoid this one, nothing is to gain by watching it. I only tortured myself to watch the whole thing, because I have this principle of seeing a movie in its entirety once I've started it.
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the revenge of an murdered man through an cracked mirror
psychodaemon12 February 2002
i've actually heard this one is scary... was i misstaken this is pure b movie, but its not even cool as many b movies can be this is not a cult movie... its not worth the time watching it even... lame plot and lame scenes... like how evil is it with an cracked mirror that spreads evil in its reflection? like in the middle of the day on the beach, a little part of the mirror reflects upon 4 people along way on a beach and 2 of them gets killed by the evil from the mirror by an levitathing knife... pfff. BORING!

nah off to put on something good like the beyond by fulci or somethingelse instead..
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Excellent shocker!
HumanoidOfFlesh10 January 2002
A concentrated evil power coming by an evil mirror wreaks havoc with the inhabitants of a small American farming community."The Boogeyman" directed by Ulli Lommel("The Devonsville Terror")isn't just a generic slasher film.It borrows some elements from "Halloween"(1978)and "The Exorcist"(1973),but it's very creepy!There are some gruesome death scenes,the film includes also mirror symbolism,childhood trauma etc.This is pure horror without any humor,so check it out!Recommended!
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Neat little film with an interesting pulp horror premise
InjunNose18 April 2017
"The Boogey Man" won't change your life, but if you've got eighty minutes to fill on a lazy summer evening, you could do a lot worse. The story revolves around pretty, charismatic Suzanna Love and her brother, who suddenly find themselves tormented by memories of a traumatic past. When they were children, the brother killed their mother's abusive lover...who comes back to haunt the siblings in just about the oddest conceivable manner. Derivative in spots, with a few subpar performances, but Love ably carries this relentlessly eerie film; horror icon John Carradine has a cameo as a psychiatrist who tries to convince our heroine that there is a rational explanation for the increasingly strange events in her life. Not the stuff of classics, but pretty good of its type.
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Interesting concept but falls flat
acidburn-109 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I remember viewing this movie many years ago, and to be honest I just didn't get it, after seeing the previously banned sticker on the front of the video, well I just wanted to see it at the time and then forgot about it after a while. But recently I decided to give this movie another chance to see if my taste has changed through the years, seen as though I have matured as I got older and watched this movie again with an open mind.

The start of this movie is very interesting and the further storyline does take an interesting turn, but it does lag in some places as it takes way too long setting up the haunted mirror story line off the ground and dwells too much on the past and once the supernatural element kicks in, it does start to deliver (well on some parts). The good points though are the death scenes and set pieces are very effective, but sometimes clumsy and dated by today's standards.

But to be honest the bad points do way out the good points in this movie, as it does try to go way over the top and perhaps becomes a little bit too ambitious, okay the idea is interesting like with the vengeful spirits but then it seems the director doesn't know what to do from there on, like bringing in a priest doing a exorcism in the third act of this movie, which to be honest I just felt like switching off and apart from a very few decent performances, this movie is mainly hampered by bad acting and the obviously really low budget that shows through with some poorly shot scenes and lack of humour instead opting for pure exportation.

But the performances do save this movie, Nicholas Love gives a pretty good unhinged performance as Willy, despite lack of dialogue he still makes it work, something not many actors could do. Ron James gives an adequate performance and Suzanna Love brings depth to her role and plays it convincingly without going over the top.

All in all "The Boogeyman" is not a terrible movie, it's certainly ambitious given the subject matter, but it doesn't quite shine, but it does have some decent qualities but not enough to earn a status as one of the slasher gems that came out during this era.
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Film Budget...$800...Special Effects Budget...$12.47
nomoons113 August 2011
I had been waiting a long time for this one. It had been told to me that it was one of the better horror films of the early 80's. Yeah...I don't think so.

First thing you notice is the budget...or...the lack there of. This one wasn't even a "B" budget. Ah and those special effects. I mean no special effects. They musta paid the actors with coupons from the local Safeway. The sad part is that they blatantly rip off 2 good horror films and kinda rip off 1 excellent one. The opening credits eerily sound like a re-worked "Halloween" score. The farm house later in the film has a very similar look to the Amityville Horror one. Those 1/4 windows and all. Towards the end you see she kinda starts to act like the girl in The Exorcist.

I guess the only good thing to come out of this was Suzanna Love. She did a pretty good job with what she had to work with.

If this one is one your "to see" list and your on your death bed and this one is on your mind that you shoulda saw, trust me, you didn't miss a thing.
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This movie has some serious issues.
Vomitron_G7 June 2011
Well, if you're a die-hard horror fan, then watching "The Boogeyman" is worth it. But also, there's some serious stuff wrong with this movie. It seems like Ulli Lommel watched more than one good horror movie before he made this, but he didn't quite know how to make one himself. Here are some random movies that crossed my mind while seeing "The Boogeyman": "Halloween" (1978) (the opening-scene), "The Amityville Horror" (1979) (man, that one house almost looked like a replica), "The Exorcist" (1973) (throw a bit of possession and a priest in the mix) and "Suspiria" (1977) (those colourful lighting techniques towards the end). All good movies, but "The Boogeyman" is such an oddball mixture, that it's even hard to pinpoint where exactly it all went wrong. There's pacing problems, the suspense build-up feels wrong somehow and there are definitely some huge, inexplicable leaps of logic.

But the mirror-angle was pretty cool and original. And most killings are a lot of fun! I've never seen a girl first rip her shirt to shreds with a pair of scissors for the sole sake of revealing her breasts, and then plant the scissors in her neck in a quite bloody fashion. And what about that 'longest kiss you've ever seen'... Pretty hilarious! And the ending is a colourful hoot too.

Whatever happened to Ulli Lommel? Where did it go wrong? I've seen two movies by him now and at least "The Boogeyman" was entertaining (albeit, very likely not for the reasons Lommel imagined at the time). But one of his recent efforts, "The Tomb" (2007) was one of the worst pieces of crap – pardon my French – I've seen in the last few years. Anyway, to all (younger) horror fans who are ready to go back in time a bit and delve further into obscurity, "The Boogeyman" is one you might want to pick up at a certain point. Although there's much better stuff to be discovered too, of course.
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Apparently the filmmakers didn't think "The Guy With Panty Hose On His Head" was a scary enough title
happyendingrocks4 September 2010
Warning: Spoilers
This derivative little mess has a few things going for it, but ultimately crumbles under the weight of its own flimsy logic and silliness.

Quick plot summary: A little boy murders his mother's abusive boyfriend, who somehow turns from a cruel jerk into a demonic evil spirit that returns years later to get revenge on the now-grown boy by killing random characters who have nothing to do with the murder. The malevolent force's path of vengeance is a bit hard to follow, especially since the focal point of the film is the boy's sister, who didn't actually participate in the killing. The murder is precipitated by the boy being tied to his bed as punishment for watching mother and boyfriend make out. It's important to note that before said make-out session, mother puts her pantyhose over boyfriend's head, which he continues to wear throughout the make-out session (safe sex was apparently practiced much differently in the early 80's). Sister cuts brother loose with a knife that he then uses to kill Panty Hose Head. The killing happens in front of mother's bedroom mirror, which captures Panty Hose Head's essence and blesses him with the ability to travel to any mirror he wants, possess people, and force them to stab themselves with scissors. His unexplained transformation also imbues him with telekinetic powers that allow him to execute strangers with clever death tools like a window sill and a car door. Did I mention that he goes on to possess sister and make her talk like Linda Blair? That's also very important to the story, so I'm sorry it took me a minute to share that. Some other stuff happens, and there's a little boy with a piece of broken mirror supernaturally bonded to the bottom of his shoe, and that phantom shard glows and pulsates and kills off a couple of ancillary characters by forcing them them to French kiss each other. Also, the now-grown brother tries to strangle some woman whose only purpose in the film is to be almost strangled for reasons unknown. There's a therapist in there somewhere too, but other than setting up a scene where sis does her Blair voice, I'm not sure why he's there either. Oh, and a chunk of glass from a shattered mirror vibrates and cuts the fingers of anyone who picks it up, but instead of letting go of the glass and not getting cut, the multiple people who pick up the glass choose to keep bleeding and shaking while they try to fit the piece back into the broken mirror. Oh, and a shard of this glass affixes itself to one of sister's eyes, which glows red or green depending on something that's never explained, and then she levitates and makes her husband bleed out of his eyes, but it turns out he's fine and the blood we see coming out of his eyes is actually just a couple of smears on his face in the next scene. And then a mirror gets thrown into a well and promptly explodes. This isn't a very quick plot summary, is it? Let's just stop there.

Nearly everything about the film is borrowed from far superior works. The arbitrary title seems like an attempt to cash in on the success of Halloween (this is made even more obvious when you see the familiar "child's hand gripping a butcher knife" camera shot at the beginning). The pointless insertion of a priest who comes to investigate the strange happenings is an obvious nod to The Exorcist, as is the afore-mentioned voice our lead heroine adopts throughout the film. Even the house most of the film takes place in is only a coat of white paint away from being a doppelganger for the infamous Amityville Horror estate.

The film builds slowly, but since the clunky execution of the plot isn't all that intriguing, the meager splatter thrown at us for a payoff isn't nearly enough to justify the journey there. You'll probably decide this whole affair is nonsense long before you get to the goriest scene in the film, wherein our previously discussed clergyman gets repeatedly stabbed in the back by kitchen cutlery... which causes fountains of blood to flow from his scalp (?!).

On the plus side, there are some nice atmospheric touches, so even though there isn't any real tension to speak of, the film LOOKS like it should have some. The cast seems to take the goofy material as seriously as they can, so the performances are all serviceable. Plus, the music is pretty nifty.

Aside from that, you probably don't need to spend 80 minutes trying to make sense of everything I've discussed here. If you do, the door is blatantly left open for a sequel, so you're probably committing yourself to an additional 80 minutes as well. Life is far too short, so let's just say I watched this movie so you don't have to and leave it that.

As for Boogey Man 2: The Return Of Panty Hose Head, you're on your own there.
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Howard Grant Rules
howardgrantrulz30 June 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I have to admit that Howard Grant is my idol....he portrays the deviant man with the stocking over his head only to have his life snuffed out instantly by his lover's kid.

What gets to me is that the lover doesn't even bother to budge as young Willy stabs him repeatedly....the lover seems to take all the blows in stride and dies in style.....

Howard Grant gave a fantastic performance as 'the lover' a twisted boyfriend who bound and gags his girlfriends kid before resuming their 'compromising position' in her bed.

Obviously it is not something that you see everyday....a man with a stocking over his head....and getting killed by his girlfriend's kid. It is quite obvious that Willy was traumatized by the whole incident 'that night'.

That is why 'that night' is not something to be discussed freely with Willy because it was the end of 'the lovers' life. and the end of their relationship with their mother. Obviously she shows no pity or remorse or compassion as her beloved 'lover' ties her son to the bed and gags him as she stands by the doorway drinking heavily.

Now I can truly understand why Willy was rendered mute 'ever since that night'.
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Nightmarish horror of "that night" haunts.
Michael O'Keefe20 June 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Ulli Lommel writes and directs this creepy old-fashion horror flick. A young girl witnesses her brother kill their mother's abusive sadistic boyfriend. Lacey(Suzanna Love)and her brother Willy(Nicholas Love)twenty years later live with relatives on their farm. Willy has never spoken since "that" night. Lacey has married and has her own son, but she is still haunted by the happenings of "that" night. It seems mirrors trigger flashbacks with both siblings. Bringing a mirror from the children's old home to the farmhouse unleashes some strange supernatural activity. Anxiety steadily builds as you would want a horror movie to. Not exactly predictable; and that is on the plus side as well. But most of all I really enjoyed the spooky electronic musical score that brings back memories of THE EXORCIST. Also in the cast: Ron James, Llewelyn Thomas, Bill Rayburn and Gillian Gordon.
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About As Bad As It Gets ***Review/Comments Contain Spoilers***
Chad Kuhns29 May 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Boogeyman is such a mashup of clichés and moments from other horror films, it's almost hard to review without touching on each of the films it tips it hat, or steals form, depending on your point of view. However, In the interest of time, I'm going to try and not concentrate on those films, rather on Boogeyman itself.

From this point on there ***will be spoilers*** Boogeyman is a film about a brother and sister, Willy and Lacey, how grow up in an abusive and sadistic home, with their mother, and her lover. One night, after being bound and gagged to his bed, for watching his mothers elicit affairs with her lover, Lacey brings him a knife and cuts him loose. Willy then goes into his parents room and proceeds to stab his mothers lover to death, while Lacey looks on, viewing the events from the reflection in a mirror.

The film then picks up several years later, Lacey now with a son and husband, Willy a mute, living on a farm. Lacey and Willy are both haunted by the memory of the murder of their mothers lover, and it is brought to the surface after receiving a letter from their ill mother.

Willy seems somewhat unstable, never speaking, and collecting knives very much like that which he used to kill with as a child. In an attempt to prove to Lacey there is nothing to fear anymore, her husband takes her to their childhood home. There,Lacey takes a look into the mirror which she saw the murder, and beings to see the ghost of her mothers lover. She destroys the mirror, and her husband, in a strange move, decides to take the remnants of the mirror home and piece it all back together.

We then discover that the mirror was containing the evil spirt of their mothers lover, and now that the mirror is broken, the spirit has been released, every piece of the mirror cursed with the ability to cause anyone who looks at or touches it to either kill themselves, or be killed in very strange, random ways.

This film, in concept, has an interesting premise, but it fails terribly from an execution standpoint. To begin with, the acting, with the exception of the always great John Carradine, is universally bad.

The first 30 minutes of this film seem to be filmed almost entirely to recreate the opening minutes of Halloween. Most notably, with the children peering in to their home from a first person perspective, to the first person shots of a young boy holding a knife...even the inital murder itself is shot in a way that seems not so much to take cues from Halloween, so much as it simply copies it.

The second half of the story becauses a supernatural slasher of sorts. The broken pieces of the mirror, glowing read whenever they come into contact or in the vacinity of anyone. The death scenes, while attempting to be creative, often come off looking rather cheap, and all to fake at some points. I know this film was made on a small budget, but all the better reason to rely on the suspense of the kills then trying to exectue shoddy death scenes.

It seems as though Ulli Lommel wanted the pieces of the mirror to seem like their own character in a sense, jumping off the frame, often finding themselves to the most convenient of locations. The presence of a heartbeat when the mirror pieces take hold of their victims is a nice touch, but is throne off by the sporadic inclusion of the sounds of heavy breathing, often from a first person perspective, again using the Halloween formula, but out of place when there is no person with which to associate the breathing to.

However, what pulled me out of the movie, and I don't mean to nitpick, was the music. The music in this film is all over the place. At times it feels as those it is taken from other films, or has suffered at the hands of bad editing. Ominous music seems to play most often at moments in the film where no suspense or tension is being built, leaving the music strangely out of place. It often switches from a heavy synthesizer sound, to a Halloween/Exorcist sound, heavy on a piano. The music also suffers in that it often ends so abruptly throughout many scenes, often times making it seem as though the scene had been editing or cut in some strange fashion.

I applaud the the director for using a unique storyline, it is not often that a film combines both the slasher and supernatural element without losing everything. However, plot holes, along with the mentioned poor acting simply make the film feel awkward and clumsy, sadly falling to typical clichés and a rather unsatisfying ending.

For Horror and 80's Enthusiasts only. I doubt the casual moviegoer will find much here to truly captivate them.
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