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Sex & Nudity

  • A wife reminds her husband they are on the plan to escape a rape accusation.
  • We see a woman's totally naked breasts in full view during one scene. It is very short but her breasts are shown in detail. (at about minute 47)
  • A young boy looks over at a young girl's behind as she walks past him. She later tells him she likes coffee 'black, like my men'.
  • A character reads a magazine called 'Modern Sperm.'
  • There is a newsstand magazine section labeled "Whacking Material" with various seductive magazine covers, including a few naked women on the covers. This scene is brief and you have to look close to see the naked women.
  • A character reads a magazine with pictures of scantily clad women.
  • We see a woman's breasts shaking (fully clothed).
  • A woman inflates an inflatable pilot. The scene is comedic but the joke is that it looks like she's giving him oral sex.
  • A man asks a child a series of stranger and stranger questions, eventually asking if he's "ever seen a grown man naked."
  • Two characters have an affair (in comedic effect) in flashbacks.
  • There are some sexual signs in the airplane, there is a sign with an outline of people having sex with a red X over it (much like a no smoking sign)

Violence & Gore

  • A hysterical woman is slapped by several fellow passengers, followed by a line of others ready to assault her with objects like a baseball bat, a gun, and a wrench (all to comic effect).
  • All of the Violence in this movie is played for laughs.
  • People commit suicide by hanging, by lighting themselves on fire, and by stabbing themselves (none graphic) after having to listen to a boring story (this played out for comedic effect).
  • Comic punching.
  • A bloody heart bounces across a desk
  • There is a very quick sight gag involving the use of feces as a comic prop. No humans or animals are seen or heard producing or interacting with the feces.
  • A man is stabbed in the back as part of a gag. There is no blood or gore, and the protruding knife handle is a fairly obvious prop.
  • Two girls fight, including hitting each other with chairs, glasses, bottles, before one throws the other across a bar.


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A man sniffs glue.
  • Many characters throughout are seen smoking cigarettes.
  • A character frequently states that he plans to stop smoking and drinking, but continues to do so.
  • A man uses amphetamines in an abusive manner.
  • A woman briefly snorts cocaine.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Many gags contain stereotypes against many ethnic groups. These were not considered to be a problem in the past, yet may be considered offensive to some audiences today.

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