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Season 1

27 Jan. 1980
Pilot: Part 1
Fast talking conman EL Early Leroy "Tenspeed" Turner hooks up with straight arrow suburban professional Lionel Whitney (who just happens to have a black-belt in Karate and was an Olympic Games pistol shooting competitor) to form a mismatched buddy private detective team.
27 Jan. 1980
Pilot: Part 2
As Nazis and mobsters pursue Lionel for the diamonds E.L. planted on him, the accountant convinces the ex-convict to come up with a scam that'll get the criminals arrested.
3 Feb. 1980
The Robin Tucker's Roseland Roof and Ballroom Murder
Lionel takes on his first case, tracking down a missing girl on behalf of a millionaire. But he soon discovers that the millionaire wants her dead, and others start dropping dead round her.
10 Feb. 1980
Savage Says: There's No Free Lunch
Lionel falls in love with a female client, who has hired him to find who is trying to kill her. Meanwhile, E.L. tries to duck a former partner from his past.
2 Mar. 1980
Savage Says: What Are Friends For?
A stockbroker and friend of Lionel's hires the detectives to investigate two men who are having him make investments with negotiable bonds.
9 Mar. 1980
The Sixteen Byte Data Chip and the Brown-eyed Fox
E.L. is smitten with Lola Marshall, a beautiful dancer who hires the partners to find her missing brother, a computer programmer who was used in a scheme to liquidate a tax evader's company against his will.
16 Mar. 1980
The Millionaire's Life
E.L. gets his old partner, Mike McGill, to run a scam to pay Lionel with con money to keep the agency afloat. However, the fake crime that they set up uncovers a real one, and the crooks will do anything to keep it quiet.
23 Mar. 1980
Savage Says, 'The Most Dangerous Bird Is the Jailbird'
A lounge singer comes to the partners for help against a crazed gangster.
30 Mar. 1980
It's Easier to Pass an Elephant Through the Eye of a Needle Than a Bad Check in Bel Air
E.L. is busy running a real estate scam on an Arab sheik when his nephew B.L. arrives in town. The boy has stolen a numbers runner' book and has convinced the crook that E.L. has it.
30 May 1980
Loose Larry's List of Losers
E.L.'s tough new parole officer wants to put him away, and the partners go after someone who wants to kill the officer to convince him otherwise.
6 Jun. 1980
This One's Gonna Kill Ya
When Lionel investigates the 40-year-old murder of a woman, people start shooting at the partners.
13 Jun. 1980
The agency's cleaning woman is Russian royalty and a desperate Russian professor wants her so he can obtain a jeweled dagger from her.
20 Jun. 1980
The Treasure of Sierra Madre Street
A judge hires the agency to do a background check on a criminal feigning insanity, but the partners soon discover that she's not what she seems.
27 Jun. 1980
Diamonds Aren't Forever
The partners try to impress Lionel's parents and get involved with diamond thieves.

 Season 1 

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