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9 Jul. 2006
Miss Marple, Series II: The Moving Finger
Poison-pen letters destroy lives in an English village.
28 Jun. 2009
Hercule Poirot, Series IX: Mrs. McGinty's Dead
The murder of Mrs. McGinty is an open-and-shut case, and no-one doubts the police have arrested the right man. Except Hercule Poirot.
26 Jul. 2009
Miss Marple, Series IV: Why Didn't They Ask Evans?
Final words of a dying man, lead Miss Marple and friends to investigate a dysfunctional family that has many secrets.. The film's story line is taken from a work of detective fiction by Agatha Christie, first published in the UK in September 1934 and in the United States in 1935 under the title of The Boomerang Clue. This is from season 4.
30 Aug. 2009
Inspector Lewis, Series II: And the Moonbeams Kiss the Sea
A painting savant with feelings for a free-spirited young lady lives in a group house at a college. Murder rears its ugly head and Lewis and Hathaway have to solve the case.
27 Jun. 2010
Miss Marple, Series V: The Blue Geranium
A cruel, superstitious woman dies of apparent fright after her fate is foretold by a medium. Miss Marple, however, is convinced of foul play when another death occurs.
7 Jul. 2010
David Suchet on the Orient Express
There is no plot, this is a travelogue/description of the actual Orient Express trains and trips and services/decorations/passenger treatment and comfort meant to guide viewers to an understanding of the train and it's handling of passengers. David Suchet is filmed on the train as our host and conductor.
11 Jul. 2010
Hercule Poirot, Series X: Murder on the Orient Express
When snow on the line causes the Orient Express to grind to a halt somewhere in Bulgaria, a man in the Calais coach is murdered. But who was this man?
29 Aug. 2010
Inspector Lewis, Series III: Counter Culture Blues
Lewis and Hathaway investigate murder among the members and the entourage of a once-famous rock band.
19 Sep. 2010
Inspector Lewis, Series III: Your Sudden Death Question
A weekend-long quiz event is disrupted by murder.
26 Sep. 2010
Inspector Lewis, Series III: Falling Darkness
Over Halloween, a psychic is murdered, the first of a series of horrific events.