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Tom Selleck's Finest Hour
Big Movie Fan27 May 2002
Boy, do I love 80's shows. They had everything-action, women in bikinis, bad guys, cool cars, they had the lot.

In my opinion, this series was Tom Selleck's finest hour. Magnum P.I. lived in a mansion in Hawaii where he had to put up with Higgins who was looking after the house for Mr. Masters. Both had respect for each other obviously but they were always getting on each other's nerves and Magnum also had to put up with two dogs-Zeus and Apollo if my memory serves me correctly-who didn't like him at all.

Of course, like most 80's heroes Magnum had a cool car which he used to parade around Hawaii solving all types of cases involving crooks both small-time and big time. Magnum used to investigate the cases and then engage in a good old fight at the end.

All in all, a good show. And who can forget Magnum's shirts?
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Great Show
mm-3930 May 2003
The first couple of years the show had too work the glitches out. Once they got the formula right this was an entertaining show. There were some memorable stories, I like the one with his quarterback friend Darcy. This show had a budget that todays producers would salivate at. A Ferri, a chopper, a mansion, and great locations. Tom Selick grew as an actor in this series, and the 80's over the style is missed with todays shows. Who care's who gets voted off the island, or people making out in the bathroom on the show Friends, I rather watch a show with production vaule, professional actors, directing, and some fun. Time well spent on A&E
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T. Magnum and the life of a slacker
kingsizemars17 November 2005
Magnum, where can I start? well, during a summer of inactivity and unemployment I stumbled across this gem on daytime TV, after just one episode i was hooked, the powerful theme and the twitch of the eyebrows,I rearranged my schedule (job centre appointments, job interviews etc, etc) to fit in around Mr Sellecks greatest moment, it got so bad that I had the theme on my phone and would get my friends to phone me, they never understood but when genius enters your life what can you do? I watched the repeats recently and felt alive again, I think there's a bit of Higgins in us all! I even remember falling off my sofa when Bruce Forsyth turned up on a game show Rick was on, if only modern television met such high standards
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Sagging PI! Not!
gazzo-24 January 2000
This show is a lotta fun, A and E started running it of late, and tossed in a Magnum Marathon New Years weekend. Very good! Love the 'Raiders' spoof episode, everything with Orson Welles making a cameo at the end(the Real Robin Masters, by the way..), Sinatra's guest starring role, TC and Rick, etc. Higgins was well played by a Texan if you can believe it too.

They do NOT make them like this anymore-what is the closest you can think of? Nash Bridges? And even that isn't up to par compared with Magnum. Fine cast, great locale, humour, etc. by all means, watch this on A and E if you get the chance.

*** outta ****, one of my faves from the '80s.
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The very best on TV - ever.
marcos242 October 2002
Magnum,P.I. was and will remain the best TV series ever. It had it all: action, humour, tragedy and characters you believe in. No TV series will ever reach Magnum,P.I.'s quality. To all who have been involved in the creation of this fabolous icon of the 80s: Thank you!
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The Heir to Rockford
Sargebri14 May 2004
Magnum to me is pretty much the logical heir to Jim Rockford in the fact that many of the same themes that were so prevalent on Rockford were on this show. Magnum to me was an ordinary guy who got caught up in extraordinary situations just like Rockford, but unlike Rockford Magnum still had many of the trappings of glamor that were associated with other detective series (ironically, Tom Selleck made several guest appearances on "The Rockford Files" playing the too good to be true Lance White). The other thing that I think made him endearing is the fact that he pretty much had a regular guy persona even though he was living in the lap of luxury and even though I wasn't as big a fan of this show as I was "Rockford" I can still see why this show was a classic.

And another thing, it wasn't just Selleck. This show could also be seen as an ensemble with Roger Moseley as T.C., Larry Manetti as Rick and, of course, John Hillerman as the stuffy Higgins all giving wonderful supporting performances.
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The Best Show Ever!
Cajungirl17 January 2001
I loved watching this show in the '80's as a teenager and still love watching it today. Every time a cable station picks it up for syndication, I'm a devoted viewer. Sometimes I'm even surprised by not recognizing a particular episode. Like today on A&E, they aired the 'The Legend of the Lost Art' episode which I don't think I've ever seen. The show never did lose it's edge with great humor, story lines, beautiful scenery, and not to mention wonderful actors. I don't think they'll ever be a detective show that will compare. I hope it lives on in syndication forever.
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I know what you're thinking...
susansweb20 October 2002
...that I would bash this show. Well I can't. How could one forget Magnum's psychic link when he went to England or when he gets stranded on the island that doesn't welcome visitors or the all time worst one: the Ivan and Cookie episode. Ugh, for years just saying "cookie" with a Russian accent would make me laugh. Yeah, the episodes that were marked serious were pretty bad but the light-hearted ones more than made up the difference. Magnum's trip to L.A., the treasure hunt, Higgins and Magnum's feud, Magnum as a hotel detective, the P.I. award that didn't matter to him because he wanted to solve the murder of the French detective that he didn't even like, were great stories. That last episode was particularly good as a lot of the more fun guest stars of the past participated. Candy Clark's Leslie should get special mention as the best of all the guest stars as the hooker that means well but doesn't listen to anyone. As for the regular cast: all good, although Larry Manetti sometimes came across a little amateurish. But this would have meant nothing if the main star wasn't any good. And Tom Selleck was good. He makes me believe that Magnum can look at a video of T.C.'s kidnapped daughter and figure out where she is being held from the reflection of an apartment building in the glass behind her. Yes, Tom Selleck's performance is what makes me watch Magnum P.I. whenever I get the chance.
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more than a t.v. show
viscorob27 October 1999
Why do I like this t.v. show? First of all Tom selleck is not an actor, he is Magnum P.I. (unforgettable the episode where is lost in the ocean and risked to be eaten by jaws) Second point: Higgins is a perfect characterization of british irony. Third: Hawaii. Fourth: Ferrari. Is that enough?
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I've always Believed That Heaven is That Place where "Magnum" is Being Played Continually without Commercials !
elshikh430 September 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Sometimes I review lists of the greatest 10, 20, or 25 American TV shows in history, and when I don't find (Magnum P.I) in one, I say maybe the makers of this list are : so poor to not watch it, or so pathetically dumb and fool to forget it, or watched it and refused to include it (folks I don't want to know at all!)

(Magnum P.I) is the best of its kind. Simply the action, the comedy, and the drama. It had completely what made it the standard to measure any other similar work : good characters, fresh atmosphere, touching moments, big production, great writing, sensitive cinematography, genius music, top notch acting, cinematic direction, and memorable 164 episodes that were never bad and just perfect all the way.. (Maybe one concerning Higgins's twin, and a few else but HEY, they're humans after all).

(Magnum) for me means 2 eras in my life. The first when I was a kid at the 1980s and (Magnum) was the assured ride of fun. The second one was after I've studied cinema and writing scripts, that when I discovered how this show had it all, so every episode of the reruns was such a lesson about how to make a classic work and a great amount of entertainment too. The thing about it is that it embodied cleverly what I believe the ultimate formula : some fun + some seriousness. It's not wholly a show about nice detective in Hawaii who punches the bad guys, kisses the fine babies, and plays the saxophone badly in between; actually he is that yet with more.

It was a lovely book of wisdom with catchy thoughtful lines, instruction about friendship, manifesto about deformed generation that could overstep its tribulation anyway (in fact the show was against the Vietnam war mostly, and with it scarcely to please all I think), a chance to be a down to earth hero, learning that life is invaluable, despite anything you must solemnize it, and how living careless and well is the best revenge out of anything ! See, whether it shows a rainy night or shinny day, it can represent the beauty of both with contemplating also.

I liked the main formula of the characters : a brain (Higgins), a muscles (TC), a heart (Rick), and one got all of that temperately (Magnum). Not to mention the distinct relationship between (Higgins) and (Magnum), it develops from English gentleman vs. straight American, to severe father and rebel son, to friends, very different friends yet resemble each other and learn from each other, with keeping all the previous symptoms runs on and under the surface. That was unique and creative as nearly the whole thing.

(Tom Selleck) was like the show itself : funny but can masterly be serious, for instance I'll never forget his performance at (Memories Are Forever)'s 2 parts where he assured how strong actor he is, and how deep Magnum can be as a character and as a show.

Here is a show that can feed my eyes, my heart, and my brain superbly just about every time. It marked an era. And at the advertisement for it as DVD, you would hear a voice saying "it's the 1980s", I think it can define not only the era, but the best of it. That's a work wanted to present something better with every step ahead, and didn't satisfy with only being a funny pastime. In one word ..I love Magnum. As a child's memory, and as a grown-up's mania. I've always believed that heaven is that place where "Magnum" is being played continually and without commercials too ! So, when I made a list of my own for the best 10 TV shows ever, I found no competitor on the first rank but the greatest "Magnum, P.I.". It's an immortal moment of ecstasy which gets a certain mode to put you in the mood. It equals a "Magnum opus" for me. If only every show has something from it, we would have better ones that can last after watching in our sentiment as well as our brain.

P.S : I wrote elaborately a review about this show's magical elements through one of its most important episodes (4 # 1 : Home From The Sea), which you can find at its own page.
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italians love Magnum PI
candido-dotto11 April 2004
Warning: Spoilers
I spent my youth watching 80's tv series like A-team, Riptide, Hazard,Harcastle & McCormick, Miami Vice...but Magnum PI is absolutely my favourite one!I have to be honest and tell you that i was almost crying when he died in the movie. It's unbelievable that, despite the end of series 16 years ago, there are so many fans yet. So i would greet you everybody and keep in touch. PS(1) i've heard of a incoming movie with George Clooney as magnun pi: obviously he is a great actor, but Magnum PI without Tom Selleck is not the same thing! PS(2) Is there anyone who know Tom Selleck's address where i can write for an autograph? Thank you all, ciao
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Best series of the early eighties
Alex-37219 November 2002
Magnum P.I. was the best series of the early eighties. Sometimes the stories were weak (too often, especially in the 2nd season), and the acting hokey, and in the first season the production values were laughable.

However, if it had even an ok storyline, the performances of TC, Rick, Higgins and especially Tom Selleck would emanate with charm, humor, and often believable action.

However, what was most memorable (especially for me, stuck on a horrifyingly dreary school routine), were the open seas, the open skies and general tropical landscape. And of course most importantly, every week a crime or mystery would be solved.
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never watched it, now i love it
spacedisco17 February 2007
During it's initial run in the 80's I never cared for or watched Magnum. Oh I caught a few episodes here and there and even remember when a friend of mine (Ronald Lacey) got an offer to do an episode back in '83. But it just wasn't the kind of show I had any interest in.

Now, thanks to re-runs on KDOC I've somehow come to look forward to every episode, like most good TV it's the characters and the believable chemistry between them that grows on you. It's true as one reviewer pointed out the comparisons between Rockford Files (which I also love) It's more than just the flawed anti-hero, always getting into trouble, in debt, etc it's a realistic ensemble of characters who all love to hate each other. And Tom Selleck's whiny demeanor really starts to grow on you
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The best performance by a guest star....
suzangrace5 January 2004
Warning: Spoilers
I have watched from the day it started, to the day it went off the air. Many episodes affected me deeply (Lily, death of Michelle, killing the corrupt officer, etc.), but the episode that touched me the most was the one in which Frank Sinatra guest stars as Mike Doheney who is looking for the killer of his lovely grandaughter. I cried my eyes out as he stood at her grave in the end of the movie. It was very moving. I felt Frank Sinatra once again pulled off an excellent performance. He was excellent!

Just thought I'd pass it along.

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This was the show I wasn't going to watch!
hondo55116 June 2006
It's happened over the years at least a few times. Something becomes so popular that I decide it just can't be anything worthwhile, and then I find myself doing a complete 180. This guy Selleck was too good looking in an old Hollywood way (Clark Gable), his voice seemed an octave too high for a man of his size and looks, so damn many women were positively orgasmic when they talked about him and women are notorious for going after some really shallow males, and the few times I caught a scene or two flipping through channels, he seemed smug, or at least that's how I perceived him. And then one Thursday evening there was nothing on the network channels and nothing on any cable channel and I flipped on CBS just as Magnum P.I. started. It was the first two hour episode that introduced Michelle and had a spectacular gunfight at the end on the streets of Little Saigon. My two favorite movies have always been Rio Bravo and Casablanca, and this episode seemed to be an updated melding of the two. Like Duke in Rio Bravo, Magnum had loyal friends to back his play as he tries to set things right when no one else will help him, and like Bogie in Casablanca, Magnum has an ill-fated love affair he is going to have to give up to a higher duty. And then there was the gunfight at the end. After years and years of so-called do-gooders trying to get violence off the TV, and somewhat succeeding, there was a real hero like Duke or Bogie, who wasn't going to apologize for putting a few well deserved .45 slugs into a few bad guys. Women liked Magnum because he was so charming and good looking and mischievous like a little boy. I liked him because, like Duke and Bogie and Gable, for all of his faults, he was a man!

The show seemed too good to be true, a good looking old Hollywood sort of guy who carried my favorite pistol and wasn't adverse to using it, a show at times filled with humor, sometimes filled with drama, and Magnum, like Selleck, was just the sort of guy you always wanted for a friend in good times and bad. And then the next season or so there was the two hour episode that introduced Magnum's and T.C.'s old Soviet torturer and nemesis from Vietnam, Ivan, who just happened to be on the islands for a long weekend to "look up some old friends" and assassinate a world leader. Magnum and friends have to relive their haunted unresolved past in Vietnam, prevent an assassination, not only in Hawaii but also in other areas of the world, and seek justice and retribution when the powers that be can not put Ivan in jail. In the final 30 seconds of the show, Magnum with his .45 became as powerful an image on screen as Clint and his big .44, even it was only a curved 23" TV set!

I remember reading an article that discussed the types of TV shows popular during certain Presidential administrations. There was the straight forward, safe, family values sort of programs that reflected Eisenhower's quiet dignity in the '50s. In the early '60s during the Kennedy administration, Jack and Bobby's determination to right wrongs over missiles in Cuba or in mob-controlled unions gave us The F.B.I. and Robert Stack as Eliot Ness in The Untouchables. Later, having shamefully abandoned Vietnam for purely political reasons, our Presidents like Nixon and Ford and Carter seemed rather impotent, like the always wimpy Alan Alda (Hawkeye) in M.A.S.H., and the always intimidated and beat up James Garner in The Rockford Files. Reagan got into the White House and suddenly his no nonsense, straight shooting philosophies, his search for right and wrong and black and white, and his jovial sense of humor was reflected in Thomas Sullivan Magnum or Magnum P.I. And just as suddenly TV had, in Selleck and Magnum, as good a character, if not better, as anything Hollywood had come up with for the larger screen in the previous 20 years.

Today I have four seasons of Magnum P.I. on DVD, and whenever I want something to watch and can not decide on something from my library, I pull out the private investigator in Hawaii and go back to a time not all that long ago, when life seemed somewhat more clear and safe, and certainly younger, and a tall man in a Tiger baseball hat and Hawaiian shirt, with a red Ferrari and a Colt .45 auto, went out to do the decent thing and right the wrongs of the day.

George Clooney or Vince Vaughn as Magnum P.I.??? You've got to be kidding!
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I want to be Magnum!!
dataconflossmoor7 July 2007
I think everyone wanted to be Magnum!! Tom Selleck was hilarious as Magnum PI!! He drove around the coolest car, all the women loved him, and he was a master of dodging in and out of precarious criminal situations in an effortless and likable way! Picturesque Hawaii was another positive aspect to this series!! I visited Hawaii when I was a senior in high school!! In my opinion, it is the most beautiful state in the union!!! Tom Selleck is a fabulously famous movie star now, but I always associated him with being "Magnum" the totally cool detective!! "Magnum" is one of my favorite shows in all of television!! Tom Selleck is a friendly type of actor who has a huge following!! "Magnum P.I." was so popular because your average guy had a definite identifiability with Magnum!! The helicopter scenes were classic, and the athletic interludes of Magnum being the ultimate man, left a very favorable impression on the television audience!! Let's face it, Tom Selleck was the best part of "Magnum P.I." without question... beyond a shadow of a doubt!! I give this show an extremely high rating!! 10 out of 10 is the least of it!
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A great TV show then and now.
newhavencoliseum1 July 2008
I actually happened into the first airing of the pilot episode by pure chance of changing the channels. I was in 10th grade at the time. I faithfully watched Magnum P.I. through its eight season run, and completely enjoyed everything about the program. When a teacher at High School couldn't get his door unlocked, we used to say to him "work the lock, Magnum. Don't look at the dogs" and he would throw the whole class out to "the bullpen" as he called "study hall". Anyway, I remember at one time CBS had "Wednesday's Heroes" Mike Hammer at 8pm, MAGNUM P.I. at 9pm and The Equalizer at 10pm. Anyway, after Magnum P.I. ended after season eight, I did not faithfully follow any TV show every week until "The Shield" premiered on FX! I have purchased Magnum P.I. DVD Sets for season's 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and 8. I enjoy watching the show as much now as I did when it originally aired. It is something to see that there were no cell phones and no internet information superhighway while the show was on. This is an excellent TV show from the 1980's that has aged fairly gracefully.
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Meet Mr Detective 80's Friendly!!
edwinalarren7 July 2007
Everyone loved Tom Selleck as the mischief making private investigator Thomas Magnum... This cavalier Casanova who always had teenage boy intuitions via his tiny little voice was the ideal guy, he got to drive a Ferrari, the women thought he was so good looking and athletic, and the male T.V Viewers had an overt admiration of Thomas Magnum's innocent chicanery! Always thwarting Higgins, he was the type of guy everyone wanted to be just like!! This was Tom Selleck's big break, he was a soap opera star before "Magnum" and even a contestant on "The Dating Game" ... "Magnum" is what put Tom Selleck on the superstar map, and since "Magnum" he has been tremendously successful as a big box office movie star!! People identify "Magnum" with Tom Selleck, and love the show because of him!! So did I!!
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Scenic & Well Produced, Written, & Acted
DKosty1233 January 2007
John Hillerman & Tom Selleck are a perfect balance to each other to anchor this series. They play off each other very well & even though Sellick used this as a springboard for his entire career, Hillerman is most often remembered for this show. The island setting for this show & the photography are top notch.

Glen Larsen & Donald Bellisario both have done great work in many series with varying degrees of success. Both have had hit shows besides this one, & sometimes not so successful. You don't think of Ba Ba Black Sheep & Battlestar Gallactica when you think of Bellsario/ Larsen, but of Quantum Leap, Knight Rider, Qunicy & Jag among others. Both men were born in the mid 1930's which puts them in the same class.

They have nothing to be shamed of in their work on this series which ran a very successful 164 episodes in the 1980's. The shows hold up pretty well even after all these years. This show was no small part of a successful CBS group in the 1980's. Catch it when you can, as I recently caught the pilot 2 hour premiere on a rerun.

The first show introduces Hillerman & Sellecks characters & the motivation behind the feud they always have during the series run. There is always plenty of eye candy for the guys, to go with the other natural great scenery. Always plenty of action for the detective fan in this show too.
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As Time Goes By . . .
P_Cornelius16 April 2004
Hard to believe that Thirty-something Tom "Magnum" Selleck will soon be 60 years old. While Magnum was an entertaining series and a great post-Vietnam twist on the disillusioned P.I. of post World War II America, Selleck's best P.I. role, for my money, actually came as the anti-Jim Rockford, Lance White, on The Rockford Files. THAT should have been a series--in fact, I think it was originally intended to be one. Still, a decade long run as Magnum is hard to beat. Magnum was quality TV--far and above the likes of the A-Team, an unfortunate comparison I've seen made by other viewers in this commentary. Needless to say, today's dreck on TV can't touch Magnum.
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Fantastic fun
HORROR_FAN_121 September 2002
Magnum P.I. is a blast from the past and its doing a current re-run on channel 5. What a fantastic series with drama humour and the rest. Just brilliant. Higgins steals the show I think but Tom Selleck is still excellent in this. 10/10.
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The great Thomas Sullivan Magnum.
saculnamron2 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
*may contain spoilers*

I vaguely remember watching Magnum as a child and liking it then.

Recently I bought all four available season sets and fell in love with it all over again. What is there not to like? The cast gel together so well Larry Manneti (Orville "rick" wright) is brilliant. Roger E Mosley is TC and John Hillerman is Higgins. Higgins always pretends to be irritated to death by Our Thomas but he does care (honestly) The stories are engaging and I just love tom Sellecks narration. I like the dark overtones of the fact that these Vietnam Vets are still coming to terms with their experiences.

Favourite episode? the season 4 opener "Home from the sea " Magnum is thrown off his surf ski in an accident and forced to endure hours in the water. Cue heartbreaking childhood flashbacks. Will Higgins, TC and Rick get to him in time?. speaking of which all three are getting a funny feeling that something has happened to Magnum.How long can a person tread water for?

"I've got to do this for Dad"

This show had action, Tragedy, Romance, one hunky guy, beautiful scenery,a great cast , humour and a lot of touching moments. One of my favourite shows ever.
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Great TV series, even after being out of production more than a decade.
dkjkrob4 August 2000
This TV series has it all - sexy guys, adventure, humor... tragedy. This show continues to attract new fans, even after it's been off the air for more than a decade - the appeal is timeless. The scenery is to die for; there's many a fan who's dreamed of moving to Hawaii after seeing just a few episodes. The actors are excellent, and the character development is top notch: almost every episode reveals something new about someone.

Surf, sun, and Selleck - there couldn't be a better combination, and once you add the rest of the superb cast and plots that are truly interesting, it's an unbeatable, even after all these years. =)
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The greatest TV show ever made
macrini20 April 2001
It's sad that Hollywood never gave Selleck a quality movie project to star in, as he's one of the nicest actors alive. Stunningly handsome, charming, intelligent, what more could we ask for? In an alternate universe he'd have the same fame and fortune as Harrison Ford and Mel Gibson.

At least Tom will always have this masterpiece as a legacy to be proud of. During my childhood on the island of Oahu my parents got to meet the cast of Magnum at the actual "Robin Masters" estate, check out the real Ferrari, and play with the Dobermans (Zeus and Apollo). Sure, we met other celebrities, but nobody (show or movie) will ever match the sheer coolness of this series.

The saddest tragedy of Selleck's career (besides being contractually booted out of the Indiana Jones role by CBS executives) is that blockbuster novelist TOM CLANCY is a huge Magnum P.I. fan and has always wanted to re-launch the show into a series of big-screen theatrical movies, but the execs at Universal don't believe there's enough of an audience to make this a worthwhile investment. AUGH!
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I guessed right! { and so did a lot of others!}
badger-375 April 2001
I saw the "pilot" for the Magnum PI series at the Preview Theatre on Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles CA. It must have been in late '79 or early '80. We were all waiting in line, expecting to give our opinions on new commercials and such. A man started asking which of us liked detective series and what did we watch on TV. He chose a dozen of us, and offered us each $10 to watch a new planned TV series, "Magnum PI". After the screening was over, we were asked for our reactions. None of us recalled having seen Tom Selleck before, but we all liked the film. I told the man in charge that I thought he had a hit show and a great new star. The easiest $10 I ever made!
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