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2 Jan. 1988
Skin Deep
After seeing Howard flirting with a much younger woman, Nancy begins considering having a face lift.
23 Jan. 1988
Take Back Your Mink
Richie hits the big money which lands Jan in a mink coat. However, is his sudden success short lived?
6 Feb. 1988
Daddy's Little Girl
Jan has hopes of reuniting her divorced parents but there is one hitch in her plan, her father is newly engaged.
23 Apr. 1988
Ginger and the Senator
Ginger's efforts to campaign for her favorite senator make front-page news when she's photographed sitting on his lap.
30 Apr. 1988
Healings, Nothing More Than Healings
Sonny becomes an instant hero after saving a choking victim by administering the Heimlich maneuver. Meanwhile, Nancy and Howard contemplate taking separate vacations.

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