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Season 1

29 Jan. 1980
Too Many Fiances
Betty, wanting to to give going to war something to keep their hopes up, gets engaged to several servicemen. But when one of them comes back and wants to marry her, she has to find a way to tell him, she had no intention of marrying him.
5 Feb. 1980
Frankie Gets Drafted, Almost
When Mr. Coolidge is drafted, Frankie goes with him to the center. But when Frankie is mistaken for Mr. Coolidge, he decides to go in his place.
12 Apr. 1980
Growing Pains
Edith's younger brother shows up and she has Frankie and Betty take him out and all he wants is to make time with Betty. He then tells Edith he's going to enlist and she tells him not to but he says he made up his mind. So she tries to get Betty to convince him not to.
8 Aug. 1980
Internal Injury
Edith and Betty are volunteering at the hospital. When a vet who's injured and is currently paralyzed is told by the doctors he should recover but doesn't do anything. And Betty caters to his every whim while Edith tries to get him to stand up.

 Season 1 

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