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  • Wong Fei-Hung (Jackie Chan) is a mischievous, yet righteous young man, but after a series of incidents, his frustrated father has him disciplined by Beggar So (Siu Tin Yuen), a Master of drunken martial arts.

  • The father of Wong Fei-hong, who has been attempting to teach his son kung-fu, but has found him too disobedient to teach and decides to send him off to his uncle, a cruel and torturous master of the 8-Drunken Genii kung-fu. After much suffering the son comes back to rescue the father from an assassin.

  • Wong Fei Hong is sent to train under his uncle, a wine guzzling master famous for crippling his students. Desperate to escape this brutal teacher's cruel regime, he flees but is confronted, humiliated and beaten senseless by a hired assassin. Angry, ashamed, hungry for revenge, the wayward Fei Hung returns to his drunken master.

  • His nickname is Naughty Panther, so earned because of his lack of discipline. Constantly clowning around when he should be learning Kung Fu, his father sends him to live with and study under his uncle - a sadistic Master with the reputation of crippling his students. Meanwhile, a rival landowner places a price on Fei Hung's father's head... and an assassin answers the call.


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  • Although a talented martial artist young and mischievous Wong Fei-hung or Freddie Wong continually causes trouble by refusing to continue with his training and rebels against an overbearing assistant martial arts teacher despite being the son of the extremely respected martial artist Robert Wong. While hanging out with his friends he makes advances on a woman to impress his friends, and is beaten by her mother as a result; his shame is compounded when these two are later revealed to be his visiting aunt and cousin. Freddie also assaults the son of an arrogant businessmen named Mr Li who insulted and beat a poor man trying to sell his jewels. Mr Li and his family arrive for revenge and Freddie is beaten by one of the subordinates.

    As punishment Freddie's father arranges for Beggar So to train his son in martial arts. Beggar So has a reputation for crippling his students during training so Wong flees from home in an attempt to escape his punishment. Penniless, he stops at a restaurant and tries to con a fellow patron into offering him a free meal. As he was about to leave after his meal, he discovers that the man is actually the owner of the restaurant. He fights with the owner's lackeys in an attempt to escape. An old drunkard nearby is drawn into the fight and helps him escape. The drunkard turns out to be Beggar So, the Drunken Master. Beggar So or known as So Hi

    Beggar So forces Wong into his brutal training program me. Wong flees again to avoid the training and runs into the notorious killer known as Thunderleg) by accident. Thunderleg is known for his "Devil's Kick", a swift and deadly kicking style which has never been defeated. Wong provokes and challenges him to a fight and is soundly defeated and humiliated. He makes his way back to Beggar So and decides to commit himself to the Drunken Master's training program.

    The training resumes, however after Freddie actions result in Beggar So getting attacked by a martial artist known as the bamboo king a guilty Freddie apologies to Beggar So for his actions. Impressed Beggar So reveals his secret style of martial arts, a form of Drunken Boxing called "The Eight Drunken Immortals.". The training exercises were simply to allow Freddie to develop the stamina to cope with the drunken boxing art and Beggar So decides Freddie is ready to be trained in this form. Freddie masters seven of the eight styles in a training sequence with the exception of the eighth immortal the Drunken Miss Ho's as he feels that her style of fighting is too feminine.

    Meanwhile, Thunderleg is contracted by Mr Li to kill Freddie father after he interferes with Li business affairs. Wong's father fights with Thunderleg and is defeated and injured by him. Wong and Beggar So arrive on the scene on time and Wong continues the fight with Thunderleg. Beggar So promises not to interfere in the fight. Wong employs the new skills he has learned and outmatches Thuderleg's kicking style. Outmatched but impressed by Freddie new skills, Thunderleg resorts to his secret technique, the Devil's Shadow less Hand, which is too fast for Wong to defeat. Wong confesses that he did not master the last style so Beggar So tells him to combine the seven styles and create his own version of the last style. Wong follows the instruction and discovers his own unique style of Drunken Miss Ho, which he uses to defeat and kill Thunderleg, earning the respect of his father in the end.

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