The Warriors (1979) Poster


David Patrick Kelly: Luther



  • Luther : Warriors, come out to play-i-ay.

  • Luther : [clicking beer bottles together]  Waaaarrrrrriiiorsss, come out to pla-ay!

  • Riffs leader : You Warriors are good. Real good.

    Swan : The best.

  • Swan : Why'd you do it? Why'd you waste Cyrus?

    Luther : No reason. I just... like doing things like that!

  • Swan : You still looking for us?

    Masai : [looks at Luther]  We've found what we're looking for.

    Luther : [cowering]  No. No... It wasn't us. It was them. It was the Warriors.

    Masai : You Warriors are good. Real Good.

    Swan : The best.

    Masai : The rest is ours.

    [Swan nods his head in agreement as the Gramercy Riffs let the Warriors pass] 

    Luther : [as the Gramercy Riffs descend on the Rogues]  Nooooooo!

  • Cropsey, Rogue Lieutenant : [Luther just made a phone call and is excited]  Well?

    Luther : Some two-bit outfit almost got them, but they bopped their way past.

    Cropsey, Rogue Lieutenant : We can meet them at the 96th street station.

    Luther : Yeah, platforms probably crawling with cops!

    Cropsey, Rogue Lieutenant : Cops are trying to rack up every gang in this town!

    Luther : Yeah, you and me included.

    Cropsey, Rogue Lieutenant : How come you're so happy about this?

    Luther : I'm having a good time.

  • Candy Store Girl : Hey, what about the money you owe?

    Luther : [shouts]  FOR WHAT?

    [Throws the stolen candy bar on the counter] 

  • Luther : There he is! That's him! That's... the Warrior! He shot Cyrus!

    Cleon : Man, you crazy! I din't do nuthin'!

    Luther : We saw 'im!

    Cropsey, Rogue Lieutenant : Yeah, that's him.

    Luther : He's the one! He's the one! The Warriors did it!

    [starts charging Cleon] 

    Luther : The Warriors did it! The Warriors did it! The Warriors did it!

  • Cropsey, Rogue Lieutenant : [at the candy store]  We set?

    Luther : We're set alright. Somebody should pick their ass up. The Riffs sent out the word. They want 'em alive. We don't.

    Cropsey, Rogue Lieutenant : Sooner someone grabs 'em, the better.

    Luther : What's the matter? Ya afraid the Warriors are gonna shoot their mouths off before they get wacked?

    Cropsey, Rogue Lieutenant : Yeah, right! I'm worried! I just don't want the Riffs down on my head!

    Luther : No sweat. They're lookin' for the Warriors, remember? We can do some lookin' too... Oughta make you feel better.

  • Luther : [pointing a gun to Swan as he demands a final showdown between the two]  One on one? You're crazy. You're dead, all of you, and you know it. You're dead.

  • Luther : Stay right on their ass!

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