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James Remar: Ajax



  • Ajax : I'll shove that bat up your ass and turn you into a popsicle.

  • Swan : You recognize them?

    Fox : Orphans. So far down they're not even on the map. Real low class.

    Swan : Numbers?

    Fox : Full strength: maybe 30?

    Vermin : Thirty. A lot more than eight.

    Ajax : Not if they're wimps!... and I'm sick of this running crap.

  • Cowboy : [winded, running from the Baseball Furies]  I can't make it.

    Ajax : Are you sure?

    Cowboy : Yes, I'm sure...

    Ajax : Well, good! I'm sick of runnin' from these wimps!

  • [as they all observe the subway station] 

    Ajax : Come on, what kind of chickenshit crap is this.

    Cochise : Yeah, come on? We're here, what are we waiting for?

    Fox : The train would help! Unless you wanna go up there and get jacked on an open platform.

    Cochese : Bullshit man, there ain't nobody in the street.

    Ajax : He's right! We're acting like faggots!

    [a bus with bright headlights approaches] 

    Swan : Just keep talking.

  • Ajax : Maybe you're all just goin' faggot.

  • [repeated line] 

    Ajax : Fuckin' A!

  • Snow : It's the Turnbull A.C.'s.

    Cowboy : Think they forgot about the truce?

    Vermin : No shit!

    Ajax : Those lousy skinhead fucks!

  • Cleon : I know that a lot of you aren't too happy about going out on patrol. Just just remember this, out of a street family of 120, plus affiliates, you were chosen for this expedition. That makes you special. Now, here's the line up: Swan, second-in-command, war chief, stay by me. Snowball, you're the music man. Cowboy: soldier of the middle. Vermin, you're the bear. You carry the tokens and the bread. Rembrandt, you got the stuff? I want you to hit everything in the city. I want the people to know that the Warriors were there.

    Ajax : That'll just slow us down.

    Cleon : Ajax, you're just soldier. Try and keep your mouth shut! Fox: scout and memory man. Run ahead and tell us all we need to know. Cochise, you're with Ajax, soldier of the middle; heavy mother. Now just remember this, there's a truce on. So, don't go around flexing any muscle unless I give the order. Okay? Let's roll!

  • Cochise : When you're president of the biggest gang in the city, you don't have to take any shit.

    Ajax : Ah, fuck him!

  • Cleon : [Deleted introductory scene, day time. A girlfriend walks over to Cleon, who is sitting on a bench. As the camera follows her, we see Coney Island - and a huge wall which has 'Warriors' painted on it]  ... What are you doing here?

    Lincoln - Cleon's Girl : I came to say goodbye.

    [Cleon waves] 

    Lincoln - Cleon's Girl : I don't like it, Cleon.

    Cleon : You don't like what?

    Lincoln - Cleon's Girl : Going up to this meeting.

    Cleon : You ain't going, so don't worry about it.

    Lincoln - Cleon's Girl : I'm worried about you going. I've got a feeling. I don't want you getting messed up with something heavy, not way up in the Bronx. You've never even been up there.

    Cleon : [puts on his "head-covering," for lack of a better term]  This conclave is gonna be a big item.

    [His girlfriend looks away, and - we cut to the next scene. Cleon is now standing and addressing the other Warriors] 

    Cleon : ... I know a lot of you aren't too happy about going on patrol. Just remember this. Out from a street family of 120-plus affiliates, you eight were chosen for this expedition and that makes you special. Now here's the lineup...

    [as Cleon reads his choices, the camera focuses on each of them] 

    Cleon : ... Swan, you're the second-in-command, the war-chief; you stay by me. Snow, you're the music man. Cowboy, you soldier the middle. Vermin, you're the bearer; carry the tokens and the bread. Rembrandt, got the stuff?

    [Rembrandt produces a spray can] 

    Cleon : Now, I want you to hit everything in the city. I want people to know that the Warriors were there.

    Ajax : That'll just slow us down.

    Cleon : Ajax, you just soldier and try to keep your mouth shut...

    [moving on] 

    Cleon : ... Fox, you're the scout and memory-man; you run ahead and tell us all we need to know. Cochise and Ajax, you soldier the middle; you're the heavy muscle...

    [to all eight] 

    Cleon : ... Now just remember this. There's a truce on, so don't go flexing any muscle unless I give the order.

    [Ajax seems displeased] 

    Cleon : Okay? Let's roll.

    [as surf-music plays, the Warriors stride up the boardwalk and into the distance, on this sunny afternoon. Cleon and his girlfriend follow, walking behind everyone else] 

  • Swan : [Deleted introductory scene in the subway]  ... What's bugging you? You got a problem?

    Ajax : Yeah, I got a problem. I don't like what we're getting into. This whole thing stinks.

    Swan : We're going in there just like all the other guys.

    Ajax : Just because some jerk named Cyrus wants a conclave and a truce, doesn't mean that it's a good thing. I'm sick of hearing about Cyrus.

    Swan : You listen, that's the way it's going to be. And you're going to soldier, just like everybody else.

    Ajax : Sure thing, Warchief.

    [We cut to the film's normal opening, which shows the Wonder Wheel at night] 

  • Ajax : Oh, you'll get it. But I like it rough!

  • Ajax : [to Swan]  Since when are you a fuckin' diplomat?

  • Mercy : Hey, what about me?

    Ajax : Well, what about you?

  • Cochise : [on subway, after escaping Turnbull ACs]  Yeah, well we made it, and in a hour, it is C-I! The BIG Coney!

    Ajax : You got it. Gimme that fist, buddy!

    [high fives Cochise] 

    Cochise : Yeah! WHEEE!

    Swan : When we get there, that's when we made it.

    Cochise : Hey no sweat, War Chief.

  • Swan : If you get separated, make it to the platform at Union Square. That's where we change trains.

    Ajax : I only got one question. Who named you leader? I got just as much right to take over as you.

    Fox : It was Cleon's choice, Swan's war chief.

    Ajax : Well, right about now, Cleon's most likely got a nightstick shoved halfway up his ass!

  • [the Warriors successfully made it on the train at the Gun Hill Road subway stop just seconds before the Turnbull A.C.'s storm an attack on the gang] 

    Cowboy : [cheering]  Whoo! All right, Warriors!

    [cheering continues] 

    Vermin : Them cats were some desperate dudes.

    Cowboy : [laughs]  Hey, so was we!

    Ajax : But even fight, we can take 'um!

    [cheers continue as Snow smiles] 

    Ajax : Bunch of chicken-shits!

    Cowboy : Those cats didn't look too chicken-shit to me.

    Vermin : Me either.

  • Swan : [caught outside the subway by the Baseball Furies]  Maybe we better take off...

    Ajax : Yeah, right...

    [they run] 

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