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It's supposed to be a LIVE action Road Runner Cartoon!
drew17511 November 2004
You people have completely missed the point of the movie! When Kirk Douglas falls off the cliff, or off his horse, he is not intended to be hurt! Didn't you get it when he painted a tunnel on the big rock, and Arnold and Ann PASS right through it? Then when Douglas tries it, he runs splat into the rock! It is a very funny comedy! COMEDY being the key word here. Arnold has some great lines in this movie as does Ann Margaret. This is your classic Saturday Morning Wile E. Coyote/Roadrunner cartoon done in a live version. Don't worry so much about the acting, and just enjoy the movie.

Also, Ann Margaret is NOT 63 in this movie, and she is VERY hot looking in it. And even at 63, she is still somewhat hot!

If you have this movie and Brain Donors, you have yourself a fun day ahead of you!!
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Dudley DooRight versus Wile E. Coyote for Jessica Rabbit
bkoganbing25 May 2008
I'm not quite sure why Kirk Douglas took the part of a live Wile E. Coyote in the film villain other than to say that he had now tried the slapstick comedy genre. But in this case the frustrated coyote is not matched up with the beeping road runner. His adversary is Dudley DooRight in the person of Arnold Schwarzneggar, the Handsome Stranger. Yes folks, that's his character name.

We've got a third cartoon character in the mix, Ann-Margret doing a prototype of Jessica Rabbit. Annie's really showing off the stuff today with bosoms akimbo, she's got every member of the cast panting after her with the exceptions of Strother Martin who is her father and still sees Daddy's little girl and Arnie whom she pants after, but who doesn't show the slightest interest.

The bulk of the film is taken up with Kirk as villainous Cactus Jack and his horse Whiskey, doing their best to stop Arnie and Ann and rob them of a large sum of money from banker Jack Elam to Strother Martin. It's here where all the comparisons to the road runner cartoons take place.

I'm sure Kirk Douglas liked the change of pace, burlesquing his own western image. And he had a tough assignment because the majority of his scenes are alone and the dialog was spoken to his horse. Maybe Mr. Ed should have been cast in the role.

If anybody noticed the name of the horse Whiskey is the same name that Kirk Douglas used for his horse in his acclaimed Lonely Are The Brave.

Lest you think that because this is a road runner film the ending is a road runner ending. Let's just say that Jessica Rabbit has her needs and priorities as well.
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hilarious film, just like Roadrunner
barryaus10 July 2004
Almost like a Roadrunner cartoon, but live action. Pretty much all the clichés you can think of, including names such as "Handsome Stranger" for the handsome stranger played by Ah-nold, and "Charming" for the beautiful heroine.

Frankly, IMHO, Kirk Douglas's horse was the star of the movie. While watching it with friends I said, "I love that horse." I think that animal should have won an Academy Award. (I think there is a "Patsy" award for animals, actually)

Probably best to see this one with friends. Probably pretty boring to see it alone, but where friends can feed upon each other it is wonderful.

None of Kirk Douglas's implements did come from the ACME company, though :-)
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...And THAT'S a two-by-four.
Hey_Sweden11 April 2017
Are you looking for sophisticated humor? Subtlety? Nuance?

I didn't think so.

If what you desire is an outrageous Western spoof made in the mold of Road Runner / Wile E. Coyote cartoons, then "The Villain" is certain to tickle your funny bone.

Kirk Douglas is top billed as the title character, alias Cactus Jack Slade, an outlaw who screws up time and time again. He's determined but incompetent. He really is like that famous cartoon canine, what with his spectacular lack of success.

Cactus Jack is hired by crooked banker Avery Simpson (Jack Elam) for the purpose of screwing over a miner named Parody Jones (Strother Martin). Parody isn't dumb, though, utilizing his sexpot daughter Charming (Ann-Margret) and the ramrod straight Handsome Stranger (Arnold Schwarzenegger) to make sure that a critical payment reaches its destination.

All you really need to know about "The Villain" is this: special guest star Paul Lynde plays an Indian chief named Nervous Elk. And that's what you can expect in this gleefully goofy, comically sadistic, politically incorrect comedy with gags-a-plenty. Other guest stars include Foster Brooks as a drunken bank clerk, Ruth Buzzi as a damsel in no distress, Robert Tessier as an Indian sidekick, "Mashing Finger", and singer Mel Tillis as a stuttering telegraph agent (Mel also sings the three theme songs).

Kirk is hilarious as a bumbling bad guy, for whom you do feel rather sorry. Ann-Margret is tantalizing as the decidedly horny Charming, who lusts after Handsome Stranger. Arnold is appropriately sincere, and dense, as the supposed hero. Some of the supporting roles are really rather brief (you don't see Martin for long). The ones that tend to steal the show are Lynde, and a horse named Ott as Cactus Jacks' not so loyal steed, Whiskey.

"The Villain" is not always terribly funny, but when it works, it's a riot. There's even a classic "painted tunnel" gag in the Wile E. Coyote tradition!

Directed in style by Hal Needham of "Smokey and the Bandit" and "The Cannonball Run" fame.

Seven out of 10.
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The best Road Runner / Wile E. Coyote remake ever!
scornelius-118 September 2003
Both Kirk Douglas & his horse 'Whiskey' should have both gotten an oscar for their performances in this movie. Arnie was at his best and Ann-Margret did Ann-Margret, perfectly. I could watch this movie over and over. This movie will live on as a cult classic forever. If you watch it once, you better be prepared because you're gonna want to watch it again and invite everyone over to join you. It's that type of movie. Long live Nervous-Elk!
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incredibly stupid fun
MartinHafer3 August 2005
This is a perfect film if you just want to turn off your brain and have a good laugh. I was amazed at how low rated this film is--perhaps too many people take this film too seriously! This was never meant to be high art, but more like an extended live action version of a Wiley Coyote versus the Roadrunner cartoon. There was so much similarity, I half expected that this film would be sponsored by ACME.

Kirk Douglas is the hapless bad guy bent on killing the more than amply endowed Ann-Margret (you'll see what I mean if you watch the film) and the incredibly dumb hero played by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Again and again and again his dopey schemes fall flat until the movie comes to a very unexpected and funny ending.

While I will admit this is more of a kids movie, adults can enjoy it too provided they don't think too much and just sit back and watch with an open mind.
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An amusing and hilarious Western that is a sort of live-action equivalent of the cartoon series
ma-cortes31 July 2019
Diverting Western satire in which there are several nutty characters and improbable happenings . Fun Western parody in which satire goes on and on the same premise . This wacky spoof is packed with mayhem , lots of silly laughters and great entertainment and fun . Most of the laughs and sight gags galore work acceptably well ; humor is also bold and intelligent with a myriad of imaginative but well-known sketches . Demystified as well as amiable Western was one of a group of diverse characters changed the concept of this particular genre each bent on disproving a popular myth , yet tinged with humor , spoof and combining with anti-heroes , crazy Indians and many other things . A funny spoof of B Western that is almost live-action Roadrunner/Coyote and his disaster-prone cartoon , it is the fastest fun in the west! . Here Douglas plays the inept highwayman Cactus Jack who is assigned by a corrupt banker , Jack Elam , to take a vital cash from the couple Margret/Arnold to its destination only rebound on himself . But incompetent Cactus mugs his way through a routine series of flops and he repeatedly fails to to get the loot . Along the way Cactus keeps attempting to abduct the damsel in distress and she is helped by a drippy , miscast Arnold Schwarzenegger who keeps rescuing her .

This comic Western is a kind of live-action similar to Roadrunner and Wile E Coyote , Kirk Douglas-alike . A farcical and disconcerting comedy-action in which there are laughs , slapstick , noisy action , thrills , entertainment and amusement . This is an enjoyable film but repetitive and director Needham , apparently lost in the continuous gags , resorts to hackeyed camera trickery , including a truly offensive denouement . The picture is wonderfully amused and agreeable and it has its moments here and there . Trio protagonists : Kirk Douglas/Ann-Margret /Arnold Schwarzenegger are complemented by a nice support cast such as : Foster Brooks , Ruth Buzzi , Mel Tillis ,Jack Elam , Strother Martin . Furthermore , Paul Lynde as Nervous Elk and Robert Tessier as Mashing Finger steal the show as two deadpan , amusing and uptight Indians . The twisted screenplay besides having more than its fair scraps of funny lines ,throws up sympathetic roles . The formula deals to enhance the comics observations of the western originated on the decade 60 , being continued by the following filmmakers : Andrew McLagen and Burt Kennedy with ¨Support your local gunfighter (one of his better spoof Western)¨ , ¨Support your local sheriff¨ (his highpoint) , ¨Dirty Dingus Mcgee¨ and director Michael Gordon with ¨Texas across the river¨ ; a bit later on , Mel Brooks directed the indispensable ¨Blazing saddles¨ , a surrealist , extreme and gross-out spoof with the ordinary bunch of loonies and loopies .

The motion picture was regularly directed by comedy-action specialist Hal Needham , who attempts to lift the comedy with quick-motion sequences , but having flopped in the States . Hal Needham was a stunt , second unit director , producer and director who made some successful films , being Burt Reynolds his fetish actor . Hal directed hits and flops such as : Cannoball run , Cannoball run II , Smokey and the bandit I , Smokey and the bandit 2 , Megaforce , Hostage hotel , Stroker ace , Rad , Body slam , among others . rating : 6/10, acceptable and passable .
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Great movie
ibrahim-189 January 2007
You've got kids and you want the whole family to have good time. This is the right movie for you. This movie is simply hilarious. It's like watching the road runner or a sequel of Yosemite Sam and Buggs Bunny. Your kids will probably watch the movie several times and every time they're feeling bored or have nothing to do.

In this film Kirk Douglas gets squashed by a rolling big rock, he glues himself to the railroad, he falls in a ravine, he tries to run through a painted tunnel on a Mountain and he glides along a rope stretching between a tree and the mouth of his own horse.

I bet your kids are even gonna talk about it when they're grownups and they'll make their kids watch it too.

You've never seen Kirk Douglas or Arnold playing similar roles to this.

I certainly recommend it.
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Good Fun
Lamia76096 September 2001
I can't understand why most people think every movie is trying to be Citizen Kane. I mean I love steak, but I would tire of it if I had to eat it every day. Sometimes you need pudding. This movie is pudding..not much substance but tastes great while it's in your mouth. I hadn't thought about this movie in ages until I was reading a bio on Arnold. This movie is a live action cartoon. It's goofy, silly and other adjectives that end in y, but it's fun to watch. It's especially fun to see it on those Sunday afternoons when nothing is on, but car racing and fishing. (With the advent of cable this has become a rare occasion, but I think most people will agree that even with 150 channels it's still hard to find something you want to watch.) If you get a chance to see this movie and don't take yourself too seriously you will have a good laugh.
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Worth a look, trust me.
concad4419 July 2003
This movie is horrible, its true... but there is so much worth seeing, if not only to see Arnold Schwartzenegger in a western. The opening scene alone took me completey by surprise and the stuttering telegraph operator is a must-see. The bulk of this movie is painful and youve seen it if you seen any Looney Toones cartoon, but I haven't laughed that hard at a movie in a very long time. Not to mention, Ann-Margaret is freaking hot.
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Wile E. Coyote live
USS_Ranger_Vet31 August 2006
Kirk Douglas, playing the title character of Cactus Jack, demonstrates his great ability to work in a comedy as he becomes the personification of Road Runner's nemesis, Wile E. Coyote. True, lovers of Road Runner and "Beep, Beep" will be left out because he isn't there. But, for those who watch just to see Wile E. get his comeuppance time after time, this is hilarious. This has all of the gags that have made it so much fun for us "older" folk watching the old cartoons. In fact, my 16 and 10 year old daughters love watching this one over and over.

A plot line is added with the beautiful Ann-Margret vamping like mad with Arnold Schwarzenegger as they are pursued by Cactus Jack. You should consider being with your kids when they watch this. It is full of innuendo and Ann-Margret definitely shows off her ample endowment and even a brief display of her legs.

Mel Tillis is the telegrapher. Here, he gets paid for what he worked so hard to eliminate - his stutter. Foster Brooks does his inebriated schtick as the bank clerk. Paul Lynde is the chief of one of the most inept tribes of Native Americans ever filmed. They can't even keep the blankets on their saddles. Finally, Jack Elam puts in a short piece and is his usual dastardly self. For my money, Jack was one of the best western character actors to grace the screen.
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A true live-action Roadrunner cartoon!
randyjabel14 May 2005
If you like goofy-funny movies, this is a classic that will keep you laughing! Ann-Margaret plays the gorgeous Charming Jones, who recruits the help of Handsome Stranger (a VERY young Arnold Schwarzenegger) to escort her as she transfers her inherited fortune. Wealthy Avery Simpson, played by Jack Elam, wants her inheritance, and hires has-been cowboy Cactus Jack Slade (Kirk Douglas) to rob her. Slade, along with his horse Whiskey (the REAL star of this film!), keeps you in stitches with his Road Runner antics as he makes countless attempts to get the loot. This film is completed with the appearance of other stars that tie it all together, including Paul Lynde, Foster Brooks, Strother Martin, Mel Tillis, and Ruth Buzzi (just to name a few). A great film for anyone who enjoys comedy westerns!
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grahamsj33 December 2002
Warning: Spoilers
This film is hilarious. Everyone in it obviously had a great time making the film and it shows! Kirk Douglas, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ann Margaret (whew!) and Paul Lynde are all wonderful! A short appearance by Foster Brooks is great. But it's Kirk's horse, Whiskey, that steals the entire show. What a horse! The film is written a lot like a Saturday morning Roadrunner cartoon and the bad guy (Douglas) has his book of dirty tricks just like Wile E. Coyote. And the tricks often backfire (even down to the glue on the railroad tracks and the tunnel painted on the mountain side), a la Coyote with hilarious results! However, there isn't a single "Beep, Beep" in the film. This is a great way to spend a couple hours if you need to laugh, and don't we all? Don't miss this one!
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Live action Road Runner cartoon!!
Frank-979 April 2003
I first saw this movie in the theater when it was originally released. I had NO IDEA what it was about and I was kind of puzzled at first by it...then I really got into it and laughed uproariously throughout!!! Every crazy Road Runner gag is hauled out and used...and it works!!! Totally silly, totally nonsensical...but very very funny!!! How can you go wrong with a movie that has Paul Lynde as an Indian named Nervous Elk???? Leave your grumpiness at the door...get into a goofy mood and enjoy this flick!!!
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Ok, I get it, it isn't everyones cup of tea...
freddie22626 January 2019
But wouldn't it be nice if it was. I saw this movie as a teenager at the drive in, when it first came out. Never laughed so hard at a movie in my life, and hard pressed to find one even now. I guess it helps I grew up on road runner cartoons, and the old Bugs bunny and Daffy Duck, before the PC police made Tom and Jerry friends, remember, they used to chase each other, Elmer Fudd shot Daffy more times than I can count... and it WAS FUNNY..... And so is this movie, in the very same way. I feel sorry for those who can't let off a good belly laugh watching this movie... Very sorry.
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leahshunter2 June 2004
An excellent family film! This film is one that needs to be seen more than one time to catch all the one liners. However, if you are looking for an action film, this is not it.

If you don't think a film is good without sex, this is not for you.

If swearing is what makes a movie for you, don't get this one.

Howoever, if you are looking for a clean way to entertain the entire family & like Wile E Coyote, try this one. I ended up buying 2 copies of this film after my son wore out all the rentable copies in our town. We love it!
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Interesting idea, lame execution
IndustriousAngel30 December 2016
Cactus Jack has all the ingredients for a cool comedy - Hal Needham at the helm, capable actors (Schwarzenegger can be used very effectively in comedies), gorgeous settings, fun costumes and a nice soundtrack - but after an OK start things get more and more repetitive, predictable and, simply, tedious.

The idea of doing a real-life version of a LooneyTunes cartoon is interesting, and Kirk Douglas really tried to breathe some life into his Wile E Coyote, but the dynamic and rhythm are way off - most gags last about five times as long as in the cartoon if not longer - and stretching such a 7 minute cartoon to feature length without adding anything at least resembling a decent story or interesting characters makes Cactus Jack nearly painful to watch.
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From the Vaults of the Forgotten...
Harpoon92415 May 2020
Pre-Conan Arnold got involved in some real weird stuff, but perhaps there was none weirder than the Villain which, as others have noted, was really made to resemble a live action Road Runner Cartoon. How they talked Kirk Douglas into this one I'll never know.

I saw this movie at the theatre in 1979, but I'd forgotten it even existed. Not many people saw this movie, so I'll assume the 71 other people who reviewed this title were there with me. My biggest memory of the film- Arnold's ongoing gag with his seven shot six shooter. He had it made special. I'd watch this for old times sake if it ever came up, but I don't think this movie has seen the light of day for 40 years.
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Douglas Fan
Rocking_Newf21 January 2004
First when I seen this film I nearly cracked up,Kirk has filled the role as usually , Fanastically. Always admired his sick sense of humour. I see Micheal has follwed his footsteps like his movies aswell But where did Kirk get that Horse? I think he was the real star of the movie that stolen the spotlight.
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Unbelievably crap
martincd7512 August 2001
According to the book "The films of Arnold Schwarzenegger" by John L. Flynn: "One of the worst films of the seventies, The Villain was an overextended, tedious and crudely embarrassing spoof of the western genre." And this is nothing but true. Incredible, how any movie studio could let this kind of crap be released. This movie is trying to make a Roadrunner movie come to real life, but whereas the Roadrunner movies were very funny, this is only extremely embarrassing. It tries to be a comedy, but not even one second of it is funny. The only reason I watched this all the way to the end is that it has Arnold Schwarzenegger in it, in one of his earliest and lesser known parts. Only if you are an Arnie-devotee, this makes an interesting curiosity. If you're not, there is no reason to waste one-and a half hour of your life to watch this.
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Loved it as a Kid, disappointed as an adult
DavidAUllery25 January 2006
I had fond memories of seeing this film with my father when it first came out. So, naturally I rushed to the checkout with it when I saw it available on video a few years ago. Once home I sat slack-jawed and bored watching it with my wife.

Now, don't get me wrong there is some humor in it but it is so telegraphed that you are done laughing (usually on the inside) when the punchline or sight gag is finally delivered. Also, I love all the actors in it (espeically Ann Margaret..hubba, hubba). How could it go wrong with such great actors? Don't know; movies should be more than the sum of their parts (actors, special effects etc...). But if this movie had just had a quicker pace it would have been much better (and shorter).

Maybe my liking it as a kid was because I was spending time with my dad, and not because of the movie itself. Oh, well, maybe I'll watch it with my children some day and see if they enjoy it with me.
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Meep Meep!
mmallon423 November 2014
Kirk Douglas and Arnold Schwarzenegger did a movie together? Yeah, I couldn't believe it at first either. But that's only the tip the iceberg of bizarreness that is Cactus Jack. It's also a live-action Road Runner cartoon! So let's sum this up: "One of the all-time Hollywood greats and the granddaddy of cheesy action movies team up for a live-action road runner cartoon." How did this movie bypass me for so long?

Douglas (in remarkable shape for 61) wasn't as a big a star as he once was by the 1970s, so did he take this role due to lack of superior film offerings or was he not ashamed to show that he had a sense of humour about himself as the inept, out of his league outlaw Cactus Jack Slade. It's also worth noting the relationship he has with his horse named Whiskey parallels to that he shared with a horse of the same name in a previous Kirk Douglas film Lonely are the Brave from 1962 - with the one difference being that the Whiskey in Cactus Jack acts in a cartoonish, anthropomorphic manner.

I'm also not sure if much of Arnold Schwarzenegger's line delivery is supposed to be intentionally or unintentionally funny in the role of the male bimbo Handsome Stranger as he is oblivious to the sexual advances of Ann Margret's Charming Jones. The scene in which Handsome narrates a flashback about when he tried to stop a bunch of runaway horses from injuring women, children and old men while trying his hardest to emote cracks me up.

The main problem with Cactus Jack is that the jokes are very hit and miss, from well-timed gems to moments of head-scratching awkwardness. At 85 minutes it's already a short movie but even then it could have trimmed down to meet the requirements of its high concept premise. The roadrunner inspired gags are undoubtedly the highlight as Jack pulls props and elaborate setups out of thin air. By far my favourite gag is the classic painting a tunnel onto the side of a rock; having this gag in a cartoon is funny itself, however, I find having it played out in live-action is even funnier in the sense that I couldn't believe they were doing a live-action rendition of this joke, having me pondering if that the carriage would really go through that painted tunnel.

On the other hand, other slapstick gags in the film don't make a whole heap of sense even within the film's cartoon world nor appear to have a clear method as to what Cactus Jack is trying to do in order to take down Handsome Stranger and Charming. Likewise, Cactus Jack is not a film that is particularly well-directed although a sleeker project would have less charm. This is the type of film I can watch more than once based purely on its novelty value and I'm happy it exists, even in its very flawed state.
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Lots of laughs and good clean zaniness.
headhunter464 December 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I had many laughs while watching this movie, and if you come to it expecting a comedy you will laugh too.

Very mild spoilers but not enough to ruin the movie for you.

Just think of it as a grown up, live action version of Wile E. Coyote and the roadrunner. The gags are hilarious.

It helps if you already know the actors from other serious movies they did prior. To see them cutting up and saying oddball comments is really funny. This is Arnie Schwarzenegger's first film.

I have to salute Kirk Douglas for being willing to land in the dirt, slide down the road eating dust by the ton and take a dunking in the river just for laughs. I don't remember how many times he got dirty in the making of this movie but I bet he had a riot of a time doing it.

He had that goofy, ridiculous grin on his face every time he pulled one of his pranks, and of course they all failed. He was a hoot to watch.

I had rented this movie a couple years ago and thought it was great. A few days ago I got lucky and found a new DVD at Shopko for a mere $10. I watched it twice in the first four days.

There are so many sneaky little jokes that you won't catch them all with the first viewing. And watch the signs too, they sometimes have trick or joke messages.

This is one of those movies that many people can watch again and again without growing tired of it.

Little things like the train that pulls into the station is different than the one the people boarded and the chief rides a huge plow horse while his second in command rides a little donkey are among the subtle jokes.

Cactus Jacks' horse has some great gags too. That is one smart horsey, you'll see. Fact is, I think it is smarter than Jack.

Arnold plays a naive character who makes you groan and laugh at the same time, while Ann Margret is just gorgeous and she appears to be having great fun in this movie.

There is some breathtaking scenery of wide open spaces that remind me of Utah.

Overall good fun. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
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A good old fashioned entertaining movie
shirldagirl7611 February 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Cactus Jack is one of the most laid back mindless watches that you can enjoy over and again. Arnie does no action and is playing a typical meat-head with a heart. He is naive and when offered a piece of Anne Margaret(Miss Purdy) hes to thick to respond. Kirk Douglas and his horse Whiskey are the villains and comic relief. They fall foul of one another trying to get back at each other for their last battle. A good example of this is when Douglas jumps on Whiskey and tries to outrun the law but Whiskey just sits down. Totally fun but probably the best part of this movie is when the villain finally catches his prey and is asked by Miss Purdy what he is going to do The Villain says he is going to take the loot and ravage the girl she jumps into The Villains arms. How many movies have you seen that has sexual innuendo without the sex scene, humor and the badger getting the girl all with a strong cast. Top Movie.
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Dopey but fun....
byron-1164 February 2020
It's strange to watch Kirk Douglas in this cartoon-like wacky movie, but even stranger to watch Arnold it...... It certainly is a dopey film, but it's fun !
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