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7 sexy swinging Sixties' sketches
Chip_douglas3 February 2004
While some of the segments are no more than 5 minutes long, others never seem to end. All of them star Nino Manfredi and feature people obsessed with sex in one way or another. It stays relatively tame until the final sketch, from which the movie gets its title.

`La Diva' A fashion model brings an injured man to hospital. Naturally the doctors only have eyes for her and most of the other patients forget about their pain and jump out of bed to ogle her. 5 out of 10

`Processo a Porte Chiuse' A chicken thief tries to defend himself in court. Effectively a 5 minute monologue by a cross eyed Nino. 4 out of 10

`Ornella' The obligatory transvestite sketch.'Ornella' receives news that his pen pall (who is unaware of Ornella's true gender) is coming for a visit and pretends that Ornella is his sister. This segment goes on longer than necessary and fails to deliver a satisfying ending. 3 out of 10

`Il Guardone' The funniest bit is also the shortest (and the only one without any dialogue). It concerns a near sighted peeping Tom and features some great Sixties music. 7 out of 10

`L'ultima Vergine' A young woman suspects the phone company man of being a vicious criminal. Nino deadpans all the way through. A bit repetitive but not too long. 5 out of 10

`Motrice Mia' A married man has an unhealthy obsession with trains. Quite a clever and disturbing little sketch featuring a solid buildup and some funny lines after the cat is out of the bag. 6 out of 10

`Vedo Nudo' A fashion editor starts to see naked women everywhere he goes.This one-joke sketch is just an excuse to put in as many flashes of female nudity they could get away with in 1969. 'Blow Up' like fashion models and Nino's Sixties bachelor pad ad to the fun but it takes to much time to resolve itself. 5 out of 10

Average: 5 out of 10
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Nino Manfredi = grande talento
ramito-117 September 2017
Not his most famous film, but combine his talent with director Dini Risi and you can't go far wrong. One other user left a review and my reactions were different, so I am writing this as a point of comparison.

1) La Diva. The star-worship satire hits the spot here, with the great Sylva Koscina playing herself, a movie star whose presence distracts Dr. Manfredi from his duties. 7/10

2) 'Processo a Porte Chiuse' Short and hysterical, this caused a scandal on release. The other reviewer got it wrong - this is not about a chicken thief! The dialect is thick, but Manfredi's impression of how he was provoked is priceless! 9/10

3) Ornella. A sensitive, repressed Manfredi meet the man with whom he has been sharing tender letters under the guide of a women What could have been crude is in fact a surprisingly tender sketch and holds up even today. 10/10 Best in the film!

4) Il Guardone. Short Peeping Tom sketch with a great pay-off! 8/10

5) L'ultima Vergine. So dated that it ruins the fun - almost. 5/10

6) Motrice Mia. Kinky and creative! 8/10

7) Vedo Nudo. OK, he sees nudes. We get the satire; the culture has gone tittie-crazy and so has Manfredi, who has to go in for a cure. Could have been great at half the length, but it really drags. 4/10
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