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Sex & Nudity

  • For the entire second half of the film a female character wears only a long shirt. Her bare legs and part of her upper thighs are shown.
  • There is a small reference to a character having taken an "oath of celibacy". (It is implied that said character is among a group of species highly desirable to humans.)

Violence & Gore

  • A few characters are stunned by crackling electricity, but not seriously injured.
  • A few scenes with very mild "space violence". Ships being vaporized by an electrical storm projected by a menacing space cloud and a few explosions on the ship. The Enterprise is attacked by the same kind of electrical storm attack, but the ship's advanced energy shields manage to ward it off, but the Chief Engineer warns that those shields cannot withstand another attack as a second shot approaches.
  • One scene with a transporter malfunction that vaporizes two Enterprise crew members. Partially onscreen, however their deaths are heard offscreen.
  • One character is shown with blood coming from a burned hand but he is quickly treated.


  • 2 misuses of God's name.
  • 5 instances of "damn".
  • 3 uses of "hell".

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The vaporizing of spaceships and their crew may be frightening.
  • The earth is said to be at risk of being destroyed when several orbs are placed in orbit around the planet.
  • When the transporters on the Enterprise suffer a catastrophic malfunction, the two characters being transported distort into grotesque shapes and scream in agony as they vanish. The voice of the technician at the other platform confirms that their mangled bodies returned and lived for a brief moment.

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