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Ray Winstone: Carlin



  • Carlin : Right Banks, you bastard! I'm the daddy now, next time, I'll fucking kill ya!

  • Carlin : Vegetarians? I've shit 'em...

  • Mr Sands : Carlin! Carlin!

    [Carlin stands to his ground] 

    Carlin : Sir?

    Mr Sands : Ok, Carlin. You're really for it this time. Banks and Richards have both named you. You get 3 years for this, scum.

    Carlin : I don't know what you're talking about, sir.

    Mr Sands : You fuckin' well know, toe-rag. I run this wing. I'm not letting it disrupted by a back-street villain like you. You'll sign a statement downstairs.

    Carlin : I've got nothin' to say. I'd like to see the House Master.

    Mr Sands : You will, Carlin. You will.

    Carlin : And the governor, sir. I've got a witness.

    Mr Sands : Shit witness. I'm having you lad. You banged that officer at Roly. You must have thought you walked quietly away from that one. But he's here. He's me. He's every fucking screw in this borstal. Every one of us. Come on!

    [prods Carlin] 

    Mr Sands : Fancy taking a poke at me? Come on, big man.

    Carlin : I've banged no screw, I retaliated. There was two of 'em, kicking the shit out of me.

    [Mr Sands slaps Carlin] 

    Mr Sands : Well, retaliate here. Come on!

    [Mr Sands slap Carlin again] 

    Mr Sands : I'll have you.

    [Prods Carlin] 

  • Carlin : [noticing Archer's bare feet]  You don't do yourself no favours, mate.

  • Mr Sands : Carlin?

    Carlin : Yes, sir?

    Mr Sands : What happened to yer face, Carlin?

    Carlin : I fell, sir.

    Mr Sands : Where?

    [Carlin tries to talk but Mr Sands interrupts him] 

    Mr Sands : Quiet! Speak when I tell you! Somebody hit you, eh? Answer, somebody hit you.

    Carlin : No, sir.

    Mr Sands : We know about you, sunny. Who was it?

    Carlin : I fell sir. On the stairs. Wasn't used to the concrete steps. Me own fault.

    Mr Sands : I want none of yer tricks here, laddy. Understand that?

    Carlin : Yes, sir!

    Mr Sands : Any more of this and yer in trouble, real trouble! Understand?

    Carlin : Yes, sir.

    Mr Sands : Well move yerself, you light-fingered guttersnipe! Move!

    [Carlin moves] 

    Mr Sands : Yer on governor's report!

  • Carlin : Where's ya tool?

    Baldy : What fuckin' tool?

    Carlin : This fuckin' tool!

    [Carlin slips bar out of his sleeve and hits Baldy with it] 

  • Archer : [Carlin offers Archer a sausage]  No strings?

    Carlin : Get it down you, sharpish.

  • [Angel, Davis and Carlin are all lined up against a wall] 

    Mr Sands : Right. I'm Mr. Sands, this is Mr Greaves. I'm the senior officer and I run A wing. I run it. Right, Carlin?

    Carlin : Yes, Sir!

    Mr Sands : I come down very heavy on anyone who doesn't grasp that fact. Right? Right?

    Carlin : Yes, Sir!

    [Mr Sands walks up to Angel] 

    Mr Sands : Angel, you're in a single room. Some of the lads are what you might call..."prejudiced". You're well advised to keep yourself to yourself. It's your first borstal, innit lad?

    Angel : Yes, sir, apart from the Scrubs...

    Mr Sands : [interrupts Angel]  Forget the Scrubs! The holiday's over.

    Mr. Greaves : Move!

    [Angel moves] 

    Mr Sands : Davis, you were foolish enough to run away from an open borstal and you'll soon be wishing you were back there. You're in a single room. Now move!

    [Davis moves] 

    Mr. Greaves : [at Davis]  Move it!

    Mr Sands : [at Carlin]  Carlin, you're in a dormitory. Now, move!

    [Carlin moves] 

    Mr Sands : That's it! In there, on the left.

    [Carlin goes to the dormitory on the left and stops. Mr Sands walks in] 

    Mr Sands : [points at an empty bed]  That's yours, Carlin.

    [Carlin moves to the empty bed] 

    Mr Sands : You know the ropes and you know why you're here. I'll jump on you from a great height if you so much as breathe. Got that?

    Carlin : Yes, sir!

    Mr Sands : There's a lad, a big lad called Pongo in that bed. He heard you were coming. Now, grab that bumper and get to work on that floor. I wanna shave in it!

    [Carlin grabs the broom and scrubs the floor. As he scrubs the floor, Mr Sands deliberately drops Carlin's gear] 

    Mr Sands : Carlin?

    [Carlin stops momentarily] 

    Mr Sands : We don't leave our bed space in that condition in here. Make up your bed and your gear away. On the double!

    [Carlin puts the broom away and unpacks his gear] 

    Mr Sands : Next time, you're on report.

  • [Banks wakes up Carlin and slaps him] 

    Banks : Right, Carlin. I run this fuckin' gaff and yer dead if you come any of it 'ere!

    Carlin : Leave off, will ya? I don't give a fuck who the Daddy is. I don't want trouble so just piss off and let me get on with me time, all right?

    Richards : We'll give you time, ya bastard.

    [Banks punches Carlins, jumps on his bed, headbutts him and continues to punch him] 

  • [Carlin walks in to the lounge and takes three snooker balls from the snooker table and puts them in an extra sock. The two people playing snooker look confused] 

    Carlin : Carry on.

    [Carlin continues moving and stands at a corner. Richards is kicking Woods] 

    Woods : [to Richards]  Ah! Leave it out, Stripey! I ain't hurting you!

    Richards : Yer in my bleedin' way!

    Archer : Oi!

    Woods : It's all right, Ben.

    Richards : What's up with you, weirdo? You want stripin' do ya? You might get left alone 'ere, but I'll cut you to bleedin' ribbons if I get any of yer poxy lip 'ere!

    [Carlin whacks Richards with the sock containing the snooker balls. Eckersley tries to report this to Mr Sands but Carlins orders him not to] 

    Carlin : Back, grass! I said, get back, shit head.

    [Eckersley backs off, Carlin kicks Richards and returns the snooker balls] 

    Carlin : Yeah, well, carry on.

  • [after Eckersley framed Davis for 'stealing' his radio, Carlin gives Davis some advice when speaking to the governor] 

    Carlin : Look, just tell the governor he lent it to you and you're weighed off. You're going to get time in the block this time, mate. It's just a matter of how long. So whatever you do, don't antagonise the old bastard.

    Davis : Yeah, it's not looking fair, though, is it?

    Carlin : Here, are you listening to this, Archer?

    Archer : Yeah, but I don't know what it means.

    Carlin : [to Archer]  Bleedin' fair!

    Carlin : [to Davis]  Did you do time in the block at Butlin's Borstal?

    Davis : No, I didn't.

    Carlin : Well, you're gonna get it here, mate, and so am I. You just keep your mouth shut and sit through it. If you cause trouble, they'll belt the shit out ya, and you don't seem like the sort of bloke who's gonna stand a lot of their bastard handouts.

    Archer : Watch Tasty Reg down there. He's a winner. A fully pledged humanitarian with a BA in hatred.

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