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  • John Cleese -- the centurion -- was a teacher at his old prep school before becoming a Python. So he thought it might be fun to write a scene where someone was getting a pretty harsh grammar lesson.

    If you listen to the DVD commentary track for the scene, Cleese talks briefly about the inspiration for the scene, which also included some of the grammar lessons he got from his old, harsh British teachers. Edit

  • Part of it is the historical concept of rebellion against the Roman Empire and their often harsh rule over the Jews' homeland. Various groups would form and plot regularly to overthrow Rome and take back their homeland.

    The Pythons added a modern sort of twist: in 1960s London there were many socialist, anarchistic and communist groups who opposed the British government. According to the cast members on the DVD commentary, these groups would spring up in short periods of time, debate endlessly about how they'd function and operate -- hence the scene where Reg's group asks "What have the Romans done for us??" or their discussion at the arena when Brian first meets them. The English factions would then splinter into smaller groups when their political ideologies became apparent and they'd begin to quarrel and even argue violently with each other. What the Pythons found funny about it was that these groups plainly hated each other more than the British government. Edit

  • No. Life of Brian is a comedy film written, directed and largely performed by the Monty Python comedy team. There is a book of the film with pictures from the production and the full script. Many decades later, a book Life of (Brian) Jesus (2011) written by the film's editor was released, and it gives insights and anecdotes about the film and argues that Life of Brian is the most accurate Biblical Film ever made. Edit

  • La notte (1961) is not related to Life of Brian in any way, shape or form. That's why it's funny. Edit



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